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74AC datasheet, 74AC circuit, 74AC data sheet: FAIRCHILD – Quad Buffer with 3-STATE Outputs,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. 74AC Quad Buffer With 3-STATE Outputs. The AC/ACT contains four independent non-inverting buffers with 3-STATE outputs.. Features. Order Number. See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 5 of this data sheet. ORDERING INFORMATION.

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A subreddit for practical electronic engineering questions: Commercial stuff selling, paid work etc. Electrical installation work and parts, home lighting inc.

Buying and general tech. Not sure if your question is on topic? Ask the mods before posting. Off topic questions, and those fully answered in the Wikimay be removed. High voltages are potentially dangerous. If in doubt 74ac152 an expert. Extra rules apply to questions on vehicle electronics – please read before posting.

74AC125 SOP14

You must categorize your question by clicking the ” add tag ” flair button after posting it. Please check all tag descriptions before choosing one. Help with circuit design: Please also read the last paragraph of the Embedded tag. Questions on use, specifications, buyng spares and maintenance. No generic ‘which is best’ and ‘where to buy’-type questions please.

Modifying an electronic circuit or product at component level. Not for general ‘modding my PC’ etc. First, check out our list of national and global suppliers. Use this tag if you need help sourcing electronic components or parts related to a circuit build or repair.

Please tell us roughly where you live – especially if you are looking for a local supplier! We cover designing or repairing solar-related electronic circuits control and management systems. Electrical wiring home, industrial: Fixing a commercial product. Note the dedicated subreddits below eg: For domestic electrical stuff, try: General electronics theory eg: OK, go right ahead; you ARE ‘troubleshooting’! Is it a modular system such as: Identifying an electronic component in an electronic assembly.


You can also add a flair tag for your username with your area of expertise by clicking on the “edit” button at the top. Electronic musical instruments design and repair: Commercial buying, selling, consulting jobs: Hifi hookup and buying advice: Lighting, audio, wiring, fixing etc. Home audio repairs especially for vintage gear: Household electrical wiring, connectors and fittings: Solar Ask here if designing or repairing your own electronic control circuits.

For general setup questions, ‘how tos’, specifications and what-connects-to-what etc. Construction, mods and powering: Embedded Will this programmer fry 3. Looking to run an ATMegap at 3. And the data sheet for the RFM69W: So, this means I have both the RFM69W and the programmer hooked into the same rows on the breadboard. This programmer has a switch that toggles whether or not it should power the target with 5v – this will obviously be toggled off, as everything on the breadboard will be powered with some external 3.

Look at the schematic for your programmer. The “power target” switch exists for this purpose. If set to “no power,” then you can let your target board supply VCC ostensibly 3. Looks like you could cut the trace under JP1 and set the switch to “power target”.

Then the programmer would be completely powered by target. Then it would probably work fine down to 3. Would level shifting be a concern in this situation?

74AC datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

With MrSurly’s theory, I’d be powering my circuit with external 3. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your statement or the suggested solution. I’d be powering my circuit with external 3. By doing this you are only powering the buffer chip from 3. The rest of the programmer still runs at 5V. Thus if you power the buffer chip from your circuit the maximum allowable input voltage for it is 3.

74AC125 Datasheet PDF

To quote from the datasheet of the buffer chip: The device may not function or be operable above the recommended operating conditions and stressing the parts to these levels is not recommended. To sum it up: The programmer appears to have a design flaw. Using it to dagasheet non-5V targets as intended by the designer might make it destroy itself. Got it – thanks for the clarification! Yeah, the guides are lacking. I imagine the switch disconnects the 5V USB but what do the data pins output?


I actually use this setup in a device we’ve designed at work. I’ve programmed a few dozen eatasheet with a 5v dragon isp without issue. Not saying it’s 74av125. Just saying I’ve done it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. AskElectronics subscribe unsubscribe 44, readers users here now A subreddit for practical electronic engineering questions: On datashert questions only – see Rule 1.

Construction Physically implementing a design e. Design Help with circuit design: Meta Related to this subreddit. Modification Modifying an electronic circuit or product at component level. Parts First, check out our list of national and global suppliers. Also datasheeg advice on electronic component specs pinout, equivalents, timing, signal levels etc. Project Idea Scoping out an idea based on electronic components. Theory General electronics theory eg: You want the ‘Repair’ tag.

What is this Identifying an electronic component in an electronic assembly. Electronics Design – specialist subreddits Audio construction: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands vatasheet communities.

AskElectronics submitted 10 months ago by Tylerlee Want to add to the discussion? This is an intentional feature of the programmer, though it’s not well-documented. But really 74AC is a really poor choice for level shifting.

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