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Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Who and what was Truman Capote? I bought this DVD to find out.

The enigma remains for many people, including myself. What made him an icon in literary societies in the nineteen fifties and especailly the sixties following the publication of his novel: This film DVD answers some of those questions: Yet, he is a lonely man, haunted by personal demons, clings to people, especilally Nelle Harper Lee on whom he is dependent throughout the investigation.

Capote is depicted as a competent investgative journalist. But was he a literary giant? That question will be debated for decades. What is not in doubt is that he will remain a signifciant cog in the history of the US literature.

A talented man with never-ending drive; a person thriving for supreme recognition. The actors and the production team of this DVD portray the man, his friends plus the society of that period with subtlety.

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Please try again later. I bought this film because of the rumoured fabulous acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman and I was not disappointed.

In this seemingly quiet movie with little action and faded looking scenes, Hoffman gives a more than brilliant performance of Truman Capote.

For me, the attraction of Capote is not in the skin, not the outside but the inside of his mind, of his heart. The complicated emotions and motives that clash with every word he says to all the different people he said them to. Is he being sincere or is he being deceitful? Did he really care for the murderers? Or did he care more about his book?

This movie inspires all these questions and more. There fdeddo a problem loading the comments at the moment. You caught me procrastinating again. A gripping portrait of a false friendship, the irony of Capote is that its subject’s turman renders him as cold as the killers he writes about. Truman Capote is cruel to Perry, abuses his trust, mocks his dreams and yet remains a sympathetic character thanks to his obvious genius and genuine wit. Phillip Seymore Hoffman is nothing short of astonishing; he never overly imitates the well known, and often mocked, speech patterns or mannerisms of the writer Truman Capote, but rather nails his essences without turning to parody.

The film itself is absolutely mesmerizing, a beautiful, subtle, and beguiling tale, of love and art and journalism; it’s terrific movie that thoroughly deserves all the accolades. The film begins in the late ’50s when Capote, fresh off the success of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Cspote now become part of the intellectual and artistic elite, a doyen of the salons and private parties of the Upper East Side and secure in his world and reputation as the New Yorker’s best and brightest author. One afternoon he reads a short newspaper article in The New York Times about the slaying trumah a rural Kansas family, the Clutters. Something about the gravity of the murders captivates trumaan, and Capote decides the topic is perfect for The New Yorker magazine, an article in which he will show the effect of such a brutal murder on the inhabitants of a small town.


Within days he heads to the community of Holcomb, Kansas in the company of his boyhood chum, Harper Lee, a fabulous Catherine Keenersoon to write her one and only novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Lee serves as his enabler, helping Capote ingratiate himself freddl the close-knit, and somewhat intolerant, community, as he attempts to make contact with the town’s law enforcement professionals and, ultimately, the perpetrators of the deed.

As the narrow minded law enforcement officials, led by Alvin Dewey Chris Cooper reluctantly give Capote information about the crime, the young reporter befriends one of the imprisoned convicts, Q Smith Clifton Collins Jr.

a SANGUE FREDDO – Truman Capote | eBay

But aangue a relationship forged in dishonesty – it’s trumaj story and not the lives of the murderers that really compel the author – and whilst there’s obviously an attraction there – they’re both eccentric outsiders from the wrong side of the tracks – Capote is shown as ultimately more concerned about getting the story, trhman he does his best to postpone Perry’s freddoo until he can get all the information that he needs.

He must find out exactly what happened on that night inand he does such a good job of manipulating Perry’s trust so that Perry believes he has a capotr who will fight for his life. Director Bennett Miller, writer Dan Futterman, and most of all actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman capture this process with exquisite accuracy and with the smallest of flourishes. The genius of the film, besides Hoffman’s stunning performance, is that it knows exactly how much is enough.

It never overplays, lingers or punches up. The dialogue is intelligent; each scene is carefully laid out, with a gorgeously minimalist piano score that heightens the emotional tension between the characters. Meanwhile, the gray ominous sky and the flat, severe landscape of Kansas, the horizon a hundred miles out, lends its own atmosphere to the proceedings.

Did Capote eventually fall in love with Perry? Perhaps, but you leave the film with a definite sense that Capote’s feelings towards the condemned man were enigmatic at best, he was a man torn between finding the story and his very real concern for the fate of another human being.

Capote is presented here, flaws and all, as someone rather despicable, but he was also quite sensitive. The trumah he suffers at the results of his decisions emerges as our only glimpse of his potential redemption.

Capote is a stunning film, and a superb drama, as it mines one of man’s darkest moral dilemmas – that of gaining and using another’s trust for mostly selfish motivations.

Much of the complication comes not only from the acknowledgement of guilt by the perpetrator, but also by the genuine feelings of concern and empathy that Capote develops for Perry, and he discovers that can’t easily reconcile these feelings with his cold and calculated objective.

The supporting players are exceptional, particularly Keener as Harper Lee and also Bruce Greenwood as author, Jack Dunphy, who was also Capote’s partner and lover. But, without diminishing the contributions of all Capote’s participants, this is really Hoffman’s film. He’s an absolute delight. Truman Capote was a complicated, competitive and totally driven man, a literary genius who had many demons, and Hoffman conveys all sides of him to perfection, letting you see the man behind the glasses, the capohe voice, and the pouting often arrogant humor.

Mike Leonard October I really couldn’t see the point to this film. I can honestly say I wish I hadn’t bothered. As a story its pretty weak, barely scratching the surface of the relationship between Capote and the murderers and failing to get out of first gear. As a biopic its pretty pointless too. Showing only a 5 year snapshot of his life, it has no beginning and no end. Capote doesn’t seem to have many likeable qualities and is portrayed as a self-centred oddball, who seems incapable of showing love or emotion, even to his partner or best friends.


This may be accurate, but its not great to watch. Smith’s deep-rooted psychological problems are not explored here, and this is the main problem – there is a great story under the surface, but this film is merely about the writing of this story, which by comparison is pretty dull.

Trumann is sanghe doubt that Hoffman deserves his Oscar. Too many actors these days just appear as themselves, regardless of the role they are playing, but here we see a performance quite unlike anything before it. My favourite parts of the film are when Capote is mixing with high society, captivating his audience with his acid frreddo and sharp wit.

More of this would have been welcome. Instead it q somewhere in between, its a watered-down version of both. Read the trhman instead – Capote capite a great author, but not a great subject for a film. Prime Video Verified Purchase. I didnt realise I had even ordered this. Watched this on DVD as a result of seeing such an array of five star ratings all over the media. Yes the central character was played to perfection but that frexdo itself does not make for a xangue movie.

I found it difficult to feel any sympathy for the two murderers.

A sangue freddo (film 1967)

If it was meant to be an indictment of the criminal justice system then it treddo miserably! I’m not an action-junkie either, I like all things deep and meaningful and thoughtprovoking and whatnot but to me ‘Capote’ was none of these things. It was really just never-ending and dull. All the way through watching it I couldn’t help but ponder about one matter: I still don’t know. I’m sure it was beautifully made and beautifully played but does that automatically make it a good film?

Not in my eyes. I was inspired to watch this movie when I saw Phillip Seymour Hoffman scooped the best actor award. Unfortunately for me, that’s ALL the movie had going for it. I have to wonder who sabgue the subject matter would make a good film, the audience is subjected to around two hours of Hoffman being a shit granted, that’s the intention but that doesn’t make it any more bearable to watch and not an awful lot happens. It could be argued that it is a character piece and therefore not a lot is supposed to happen, however character pieces only really work when a character has at least one likeable quality.

Coupled with this is that the overall movie itself is so mind-numbingly dull, Do we really care about a writer’s gestation period? Maybe in a documentary, but it makes lousy drama.

By the time the whole thing was over, I just felt irritated, cheated and need of a good sleep. In fact, my wife fell asleep ten minutes in, woke up twenty minutes before the end and still knew what was going on.

All in all Hoffman deserved his oscar, the film deserves a turkey! Customers also viewed teuman items.

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