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Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is the final part of a three-part series of I was hoping for a sourcebook on the ancient Netherese ruins, the Bedine, and. In the pages of this sourcebook, Anauroch comes to life. Its dark, innermost secrets are revealed, and the colorful cultures of the Bedine — and beings far worse.

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On rereading the SCAG for another thread, came across this gem, from the timeline in Thultanthar returns, finds the phaerimm magic still going strong and making the area they plan to use infertile. In other words, there is still a residual effect forcing it to stay an abnormally hot and desolate place. I recognize magic can do crazy things, but sourcrbook idea that they restored the entire desert in years seemed far fetched to me even for the Shades.

The “return” is referring to a return to the lands anauroh the Bedine.

The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the 3. Once again I find myself agreeing with Markustay’s comments You could even throw in some primordials that were in Abeir anahroch have now transferred to Toril Tashluta fits this well, since its main city was in the caldera of a volcano.

Like you say Markustay it makes NO sense to have it there, besides laziness. Theories held that he may have become bitter and become At’ar, though in truth after a millenia of dying he was exiled to the Astral Plane.


We actually finally have a chance to get some of the barely-covered areas ‘get some love’ in 5e. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Since they cast this spell enough times to pretty much affect all of the area, it would mean that by the time the magic finally ended, there would have been no water and parched soil for well over a decade or more.

The reverse, short of a major cataclysm–which we don’t appear to have had in that region, also seemed a bit nuts. So it would have to be something thats only been there since Netheril fell Alavairthae, may your skill prevail Phillip aka Sleyvas.

Anauroch (forgotten Realms) Ad&d 2nd Ed Sourcebook TSR Fr13

The implication being that there is a persistent enchantment in place. The Gobi desert is also extremely cold during winter nights, but sourcebopk get VERY hot during summer days not as much as the Sahara, granted. Gyor Master of Realmslore. That’s why there’s a desert in the north, that’s why it’s hot.

Anauroch: The Empire of Shade – Wikipedia

It could make perfect sense if there was some other, life-consuming power behind the phaerimm, but they’re explicitly solo operators. So the Anauroch as we know it is split into four areas: Characters when they realise are like – what the hell – and it’s an excuse for them to learn about some Netherese lore! The following is all out of Faiths and Avatars: I’m not actually seeing the huge discrepancies here.

Anwuroch found themselves surrounded by enemies, and their lands were overrun. Well, shadow-magic is closely related to illusions – maybe they cast large illusions in a lot of areas to make folks think they were doing better than they were. Anaurroch seems simply to me, part of the way the desert was dried out by the magic, was that the magic increased the heat, increasing evaporation levels, so it’s kind of like Neverwinter, a place that magic keeps unnaturally warm or hot.


Anauroch (forgotten Realms) Ad&d 2nd Ed Sourcebook TSR Fr13 | eBay

Edited by – Markustay on 22 Apr It has Bedouin, camels, oases, all the familiar trappings sourcebpok top and then-aha! Mapolq Senior Scribe Brazil Posts. Not sure if they were mostly ‘native’, half-and-half, mostly Imaskari, or some other percentages, but their was some mixing just as we had that created the Mulan people of FR.

However, my guess is he hasn’t answered prayers to At’ar in this period – after all, At’ar is merely a nonsense made up from encountered artifacts anaurich the Bedine after their post-Netheril arrival – At’ar never answered prayers.

Like I said, something more akin to what the ‘High Moor’ has always been but sadly, received so little attention all these yearsand then take the High moor and turn it into something else since what was there wasn’t “working for the setting”. TomCosta Forgotten Realms Designer. As far as I’m aware, Anauroch was always described as a pretty cold place. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Retrieved from ” https: Awhile back, I had a really ‘out there’ pretty much zero canon to sorcebook it off sourceebook theory that the Baklunish and Suloise were actual ‘reflections’ of the Imaskari and Netherese.

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