June 19, 2020

In October 23rd at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report ” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded. document and in our past and future filings and reports. refers to change in Italian IT Market spending yoy (Assintel expectations). Assintel estimates on market performance +%. The Group reported higher revenues and margins as compared with.

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At the national level, Italy has implemented some initiatives to improve the situation of women in decision-making position. For sure, the Golfo-Mosca Law is the most important one. In the event of non-compliance, a progressive warning system can culminate in the eventual dissolution of the board. In the framework of the EXPO, an interesting initiative has been launched: The selected ideas will have a special booth at the Expo and they will be promoted thought all the social media.

In the context of this research, what should be learnt from this initiative is the visibility given to women: The project aimed at promoting balanced representation of women and men in economic decision making: Although specific information on women in middle management positions is lacking, the report28 contains a collection of Best Practices of how to support female leadership in business.

Because maintaining a good work-life balance is one of the main challenges for women in middle management, companies could support them by developing specific work-life balance policies.

Italian private companies have put many initiatives in place to facilitate the work-life balance:. An enterprise in Montecchio, Piemonte a region in Northern Italy gives to their employee a free baby-sitter.

The employees under 35 have the possibility to send an SMS to the company baby-sitter who will be ready to take care after their children straight away.

The main objective of the company goes beyond this initiative: Thanks to this initiative all the women working in the same office and with the same responsibilities and charge, can exchange their working hours as they want to follow their family schedule.

It allows women to have more flexibility and therefore to be more productive. Moreover, other important Italian companies have implemented specific policies to promote more women to middle and top management:. Their objective is to find the best possible solutions to gender matters: Autogrill has conducted both a study and a survey on the quality of the working life among the employees.

They have then analyzed the percentage of women and men working in assintdl and top management. Since the results were not satisfying in terms of gender equality at decision making level, the company introduced new policies oriented toward conciliating family and working life, especially for those women going back to work after maternity leave.

Cariparma is an Italian bank, that has launched in a specific training program for their women employees who want to accede to leadership positions. A number of projects have been recently implemented in Latvia to promote gender equality in decision-making positions. The main objective of the project was to promote balanced representation of women and men in economic decision making in Latvia; however, also other objectives have been reached.

The Sustainability Index is a management tool developed on the grounds of global methodology, to help Latvian companies to establish sustainability and corporate responsibility. In the focus was specifically on gender equality issues, and the criteria were the composition of employees and decision makers, the pay rates of both gender and companies main policies in terms of gender equality.

A number of companies have developed plans to address gender diversity in general. Some have developed more specific plans to improve the proportion of women in management careers and in middle zssintel. A few are mentioned below. Its board has equal male and female representation, and equality and diversity is the one of the main values of the company. Neste has developed special measures to promote equal wages for both genders, and they pay special attention to the work-life balance of its employees.

The Latvian branch office Swedbank, a banking company of Swedish origin61has developed support measures for sasintel with small children and for work-life balance, such as the possibility to have flexible working hours and remote working as rpeort as in-company facilities for children and babysitters. Half of middle managers at the operational level are women. The Romanian government, civil society and companies have lately implemented a number of projects and programs to promote women in management careers.


A few are described here.

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

The National School of Women Managers aimed to reduce gender imbalances on the labour market in Romania at 20009 level in business and social policy sectors by developing a training assuntel exclusively for women, by providing support for those who want to start a business, by providing career planning services and care for young children and by promoting success stories of women in different sectors of activity. Since women have benefited from this project, this successful approach should be carried forward in the future.

The program also assists companies in developing gender diversity programs while supporting public policies aiming at enabling women access to decision-making positions. This project brings with it the most emblematic best practices of middle management: Lower middle managers can lack of this specific skills: Specifically, the project promoted the share of information and transnational best practices; training for a thousand managers; consulting for private companies and awards for those which developed policies to conciliate professional and family life.

Carrefour is the first retailer to be certified at international level for its efforts to promote equal opportunities in the workplace. The company implements organisational repotr to promote a better work-life balance; specific training for women; wage equality policies and social dialogue.

A few are described below. One of the latest agreements, which have been signed, was on 21 st of January The pact says assinetl in the next four years these 31 companies will implement special policies in order to have more women in decision-making positions. This is a pioneer venture in Spain and one of the main agreements between repoet Governments and the entrepreneurial sector to boost equal representation of men and women in middle and top management.

The idea was to provide women who enter the program with specific training to give them the right skills to jump to top management positions. It aims at changing the situation of the boards of directors of private companies in Spain by signing collaborating agreements with private enterprises.

To participate, women must have had at least 15 years of expertise and they must have held a responsibility position within their company. This year, 80 women who are currently in middle management are expected to reach high level of decision-making position thanks to this program. In order to achieve this main goal, AFAEMME identified the obstacles for women to get access to these positions in 5 Spanish regions and which measures could favor an easier incorporation of female qualified workforce into responsibility posts.

The main obstacles identified were: The main measures proposed were: Assinrel can work from home starting from the sixth month of pregnancy and they have flexible hours and economic support during childbirth. The company specifically wants to promote more women in top management, and it is working on the aspects that see women stuck at middle management level such as difficulty to get a promotion and poor visibility.

In rreport first three years of its implementation, more than women in middle management have been trained with business and leadership advices, and have been guided by internal. In order to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership position, the government nominated Lord Davies of Abersoch to conduct a research on how it could be possible to remove obstacles for assintdl participation on board. His recommendations say that listed companies in the. In October the first monitoring report of the review actually shown that little progress have been made: The new version of this Code contains 10 new provisions, which go from launching initiatives to support women to sharing of best practice and running awareness programs within their own firms.

This repor practice could serve as a good example specifically for women in middle management. This should happen both at higher middle management and at top management recruiting Think, Act and Report provides a simple step-by-step framework to help companies think about gender equality in their workforces, particularly in relation to recruitment, retention, promotion and pay.

The campaign encourages companies to: So companies have to identify any issues around gender equality, collecting and considering relevant data from across the company. Finally, it is worth mentioning the TOP 50 list which is published from the Times every year. This list reveals the organisations that have best demonstrated that gender equality is a key part of their business strategy, and the last one has been published in April This practice could be considered very important because, since the list is publicly accessible, everybody can see which are the leading companies regarding gender equality in the UK.


Therefore, it is like a domino effect: Eni oil and gasEnel electricitythe Post Office and Terna national grid system. The female presidents, who were all deemed very qualified in wssintel public opinion, are recognized as inspiring role models for other women. In this section we will look at Italian-based or Italian-founded large companies not part of these large international groups that have developed specific plans to advance women through the managerial ranks.

Many of the reported good practices below were developed and implemented during the time the quota law was being prepared and debated.

It is clear that the quota law has had an unprecedented effect on companies to develop policies and tools to address the underrepresentation of women in management positions.

Valore D is the first Italian association40 of large companies to support the development of women’s leadership. One of its activities since is to offer a month training to women on boards of Italian listed companies.

Best practices

In collaboration with executive search reporh Egon Zehnder and international law firm Linklaters the training prepares women assinteel be effective in their role as board member. It focuses on developing the necessary competencies and capabilities. Companies also take part in the program and identify internal potential candidates.

The training includes sessions of team mentoring, expert sessions on the functioning of the board responsibilities, tasks reporg, networking events with other board members and skill-building workshops on networking, self-empowerment.

From — women from business, culture and politics will be training through this program to take on board roles at listed companies. Autogrill, Unicredit and Eni have joined the Valor D program. Unicredit is an Italian-based listed banking group, and one of the largest banks in Italy, with aroundemployees worldwide.

This means the company does not yet comply with the requirement of having at least one-third female board members.

Assinfel accordance with the law, the company will have to propose women board candidates at next Shareholders Meeting in May The company is actively building a pipeline of talented women.

The company introduced an international Gender Balance Program specifically dedicated to developing a more gender balanced leadership pipeline.

In addition it provides specific guidelines for HR processes and practices that prevent gender bias and aim at creating a level playing field for all employees Setting targets is a first step, but implementing tools and policies and measuring outcomes are as important to ensure targets are reached. Unicredit assinntel created a system of transparency reporting on this topic on their public website: This Gender Balance Monitoring Dashboard measures the impact of the local initiatives in the Group and enhances the efforts to promote gender balance.

A specific program to increase women in leadership positions has been developed in Italy. The program consists of the identification and monitoring of career progress of high potential women to make sure they become part of the leadership talent pool. So-called Leadership Lab for Inclusion sessions for male and female managers was organized.

Salone del Shanghai – BYinnovation sustainable development

Other general gender initiatives focused assinhel raising awareness of the value of diversity and fostering cultural change. Its members are 30 outstanding female entrepreneurs in e.

Autogrill is an Italian-based company in food and drink services for travelers, with almost 50, employees worldwide. The program acts as an extra channel for employees to learn new skills and enhancing organizational competencies.

Because more experienced mentors share their experiences, organizational competencies are being strengthened too.

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