June 17, 2020

Dataman Chip Search results for Atmel 93C Pins: 0. Technology: Unknown. Manufacturer: Atmel (). Datasheet (PDF): Unavailable. gsxrk6k7 atmel 93c66 hi ppl, i have a suzuki motor bike that don?t start, no signal from the fuel pump and no intaque buterflyes movement. Atmel 93c66 3-wire Serial EEPROM Memory 8pin DIP 93c66PC AT93c66 | Business & Industrial, Electrical Equipment & Supplies, Electronic Components.

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93C66 Datasheet

If you power the 93C66 up, you must keep the S chip select line low, at init the 93C66 is in Write Disable mode you cannot write yet Here a diagram on how to connect the 93C66 to an AVR microcontroller: You can make for example a table with the instructions-data. Here the instruction set from the datasheet: The first instruction you must transmit is the EWEN instruction, this enables writing without executing this instruction you cannot write write protected any data to the 93C66when the 93C66 is write enabled, you can write your data to it.


The transmission works as follow: First make the S chip enable line high clock must be lowthen set the right data on the D pin, now give one clock clock rises, causing the transmissionnow the first bit is clocked in the 93C66, this is the startbit.

Next shift the other bits in the 93C66, when this is happen the 93C66 is write enabled. Your email address will not be published. Latest Projects from our site. 9c66

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