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decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, in the case of finasteride (Bull the Avieis ® product, available in , . De acordo com a bula do Avicis, 17 alfa–estradiol acelera a ação hair solution of % alpha–estradiol versus 2% minoxidil topic hair. T weekly T

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BR, filed on Nov. This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which has high affinity to androgen receptors in dermal papilla Wiedemeyer K. Although the genes have not yet been identified, it is known that there is a genetic predisposition to the onset of alopecia, which is present in varying degrees, locations and ages. The non-surgical treatment of androgenetic alopecia consists mainly of three drugs: Such treatments have variable effectiveness among individuals.

Not all respond in the same manner to the above mentioned treatments, moreover, the interruption of the treatment leads to the return of the hair loss. Inthe effect of endogenous peptide angiotensin- Ang- or Asp1-Arg2-VAL3-Tyr4-Ile5-His6-Pro7 was reported in the prevention and treatment of alopecia in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It is worth mentioning that the route of administration used in patients was subcutaneous. In mice, the Ang- was evaluated by the subcutaneous route, as well as a topical formulation of the peptide in carboxymethylcellulose.

However, this study did not prove the efficacy of topical formulation, when applied to intact skin. Finally, it a topical formulation of Ang- was not claimed in this patent application.


The beneficial effect of Ang- in alopecia can be attributed to their vasodilation action on blood vessels Santos et al. The vasodilation of arterioles present in the dermis improves irrigation of the hair follicles, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen. Discovery and characterization aicis alamandine: Among these analogues, there is Alamandine, a peptide analog of Ang- with replacement of amino acid Asp for Ala in the N-terminal position of Ang- This endogenous peptide has vasodilation action similar to that of Ang-but binds a different receptor that of Ang- Lautner et al Discovery and characterization of alamandine:.

A novel component of the renin-angiotensin system. This suggests a possible synergistic action between Ang- and alamandine.

Other inventors have claimed formulations of Ang- and analogues, in cyclodextrin, liposomes and biodegradable polymers U. The structure of skin is quite complex, composed of three layers: The epidermis is a stratified avascular layer, the outermost layer of which is called the stratum corneum.

This consists of thick layers of dead cells, and is considered the main barrier to passage of substances through the skin by limiting the cutaneous and percutaneous absorption of substances.

The dermis is a highly vascularized layer containing the sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair follicles and nails. The subcutaneous layer is composed mainly of fat, forming a thermal and mechanical barrier Barry, ; Bouwstra et al. Substances can pass through the skin appendages such bhla hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat secretion ducts through transcellular route or between intercellular route the cells of the stratum corneum Barry.

Novel Mechanisms and devices to enable successful transdermal avucis delivery. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. Drug Delivery Reviews, vol. Some strategies have been used to increase the transport and absorption of substances through the stratum corneum: Lipid vesicles penetrate into intact skin owing to the transdermal osmotic gradient and hydration force Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, vol.

Ethosomes—novel vesicular carriers for enhanced delivery: Journal of Controlled Release, vol. The ultradeformable vesicles are prepared using specific combinations of phospholipids aviis surfactants, yielding sufficiently deformable vesicles, which have the ability to cross pores considerably smaller than its own pore size.

The authors claim that these vesicles when applied topically under non-occlusive conditions, bupa cross penetrate the skin spontaneously promoting transdermal absorption of encapsulated drugs Cevc G, D Gebauer, Stieber J, Schatzlein A, Blume G. Ultraflexible vesicles, Transfersomes, have an extremely low pore penetration resistance and transport therapeutic Amounts for insulin across the intact mammalian skin.


Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, vol. Cevc G, Blume G. New, highly efficient formulation of diclofenac for the topical, transdermal administration in ultradeformable drug carriers, Transfersomes. However, there is controversy in the prior art whether this system could avicos applied to any drug Elsayed et al.

El Maghraby et al. A recent study using calcein as an intermediate molecular weight hydrophilic drug model shows that ultradeformable vesicles promote a reduction of transdermal passage of the hydrophilic drug in vitro and in vivo and do not act as carriers of the drug through the stratum corneum Bahia et al.

Therefore, the effectiveness of ultradeformable vesicles appears to depend on the particular physicochemical properties of the drug and its compatibility with the composition of the ultradeformable lipid vesicles.

Ubla, in the case of a hydrophilic peptide such as Wvicisone can not anticipate a priori the effect of ultradeformable vesicles. Benson, H A, Elastic liposomes for topical and transdermal drug delivery, Curr. Another potential advantage of vesicular systems avics their ability to accumulate in the hair follicle, which could increase the concentration of the active principle specifically at this location Li and Hoffman, This property also can contribute to enhancement of the action of the active principle encapsulated in the prevention or treatment of alopecia Li, L.

Bulas de Remédios – Todas Bulas de Remédios.

Topical liposome delivery of molecules to hair follicles in mice. It is noteworthy that the present invention demonstrates for the first time the Ang- and its antagonist, D-[Ala7]-Ang- or A Santos et al. Characterization of the new angiotensin antagonist selective goes angiotensin- Evidence that the actions of angiotensin- is mediated by specific angiotensin receptors Brain Res Bull, vol 35, p. Thus, as was found in the prior art, it is concluded that: Other limitations frequently reported in these treatments are the onset of chronic irritation after application of minoxidil bjla lotions of a-estradiol and decreased libido in the case of finasteride.

Therefore, no prior art topical formulation of Ang- is found in the prior art with proven efficacy in inducing hair growth and with potential for treatment and prevention of alopecia.

As an example, there is the hirsutism. Hirsutism is the presence of an excess of abnormal hair growth in women in areas that are common to the growth in males only Rittmaster, R. Medical treatment of androgen-dependent hirsutism. Insulin sensitizers for the treatment of hirsutism: Metab,93, Quality of life of hirsute women.

Furthermore, avkcis the years, hair is now considered superfluous. The Egyptians were the first to use sandalwood paste, clay and beeswax, ingredients that would be used for waxing, which is still used today. Over the years, the culture of shaving has evolved: It is observed, therefore, that, throughout history, women have removed hair to make them more attractive. Now, men are also adhering to this fashion for the sake of hygiene and ease Available in: Thus, new depilatory methods now have emerged to get rid of avicos normal growth in certain regions of the body using aggressive methods of hair removal with waxes, laser and others, which are time-consuming, must be used frequently and also generate high costs.

Aimed at solving the problem of hirsutism in women and also to free women and men of the need to resort to hair removal, a formulation containing the receptor antagonist Mas A was developed, which is innovative for the market since a prior art formulation containing receptor antagonist Mas for inhibiting hair growth is not found.

Thus, in the present invention, topical formulations have aviccis developed with proven efficacy in controlling growth of hair and potentially for the treatment and prevention of alopecia; and a formulation with efficacy in inhibiting hair growth. One can point out the following advantages of these technologies: The data represent the hair growth of mice with induced alopecia after treatment with cyclophosphamide, with or without subsequent topical treatment.


The data represent the size of hair follicles in mice with induced alopecia after bla with cyclophosphamide, with or without subsequent topical treatment. The formulation consists of an aqueous suspension of Ang- or analogues thereof in the bkla of lipid vesicles avifis phospholipid and surfactant.

The surfactant is added to the aqueous phase in a concentration ranging from 0. Vesicles of variable sizes produced by rapid extrusion procedure. To demonstrate the ability of the formulation to promote peptide absorption into the skin and regulation of hair growth, Swiss mice were shaved on the dorsal region and specific regions were selected for application of different formulations.

The vehicle consisted of vesicles formed from phosphatidylcholine and sodium cholate. The treatment was performed with 4 doses applied topically at intervals of 2 days. The different groups received the formulation of Ang-the formulation aicis the Mas receptor antagonist A and the vehicle.

Nine days after the beginning of treatment, the fur size of the animal was measured in the region of application of the formulations. According bulz the results, the formulation of Ang- significantly stimulated hair growth compared to vehiclewhile the A formulation significantly inhibited the growth.

The data showed that animal hair growth after chemotherapy-induced alopecia was zvicis higher in groups that received topical formulations of Ang- and alamandine daily application for 30 days compared to the group that did not receive topical treatment.

Thus, it was found that the formulation for promoting the absorption of peptides on the skin and ensured its biological effectiveness, which indicates their great potential in the prevention and treatment of alopecia. The formulation consists of a suspension of lipid vesicles of gauged qvicis consisting of a mixture of phospholipid and surfactant in the presence of peptide.

The ethanolic solution was injected into the aqueous solution using a syringe attached to a needle, and the resulting suspension was kept under magnetic stirring at room temperature. The aqueous solution was composed of 0. After formation of the suspension, the size of the vesicles was calibrated by repeated filtrations 5 times through a bkla membrane with xvicis 0.

The size distribution of the vesicles avidis the formulation was characterized by dynamic light scattering Zetasizer, Malvern, UK.

The vesicles had a mean hydrodynamic gula in the 80 to nm range, with a polydispersity index of less than 0. The formulations of Ang- and bbula A antagonist, prepared as described in Example 1 were evaluated for their ability to modulate hair growth in avicsi.

The evaluation of the efficacy of the formulations was performed using Swiss mice, males, 8 weeks. There were three groups of 4 animals that received the composition of the Ang bulx, the formulation of the A or vehicle comprising the suspension of vesicles without peptide. The animals were anesthetized and their backs shaved to remove the hair. Nine days after the beginning of treatment, hairs were taken for length measurements with a caliper in the avicid where there was application of the formulations.

The results, shown in FIG. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of topical formulation of Ang- in inducing growth of hair in mice.

Alfa estradiol (avicis) preço – B2B Empowerment

The fact that the formulation A inhibits hair growth suggests that the receptor Mas mediates the action of these peptides. This experiment proves that the formulation promotes the absorption of peptides on the skin and ensures its biological effectiveness, indicating the high potential of the formulation of Ang- in the prevention and treatment of alopecia and formulation of growth inhibition in A hair. After 30 days of treatment, animals were sacrificed; samples of hair and buula were collected from the treated region.

The results for the size of hair, shown in FIG.

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