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Ferdinand August Bebel (22 February – 13 August ) was a German socialist .. is the socialism of fools” (“Der Antisemitismus ist der Sozialismus der dummen Kerle”) is frequently attributed to Bebel, but probably originated with the . Bebel’s book, Die Frau und der Sozialismus (Woman and Socialism), provided a programmatic platform for the socialist women’s movement. Between . Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 5 by August Bebel. Woman under socialism by August Bebel. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec.

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Between andthe year of the beginning or World War I, Woman and Socialism came out in over fifty edition and had been soozialismus into over twenty different languages. The first English edition was published in Unlike many of his fellow male comrades in the frsu movement, Bebel believed that women are equals to men and should have the same economic, social and political rights and duties.

He was the son of a Prussian non-commissioned officer in the Prussian infantry, and was born in military barracks.

August Bebel: Die Frau und der Sozialismus | Antiquariat | Deutsch | Print | Praxis

After being rejected from voluntary military service, Bebel moved back to Leipzig to work as a master turner, making horn buttons. Upon his move to Leipzig inBebel became interested in politics and joined the Leipzig Workers Educational Association, one of the many self-help groups that formed during the s and s.

Groups like the Leipzig Workers Education Association were usually formed and lead by liberal, reform-oriented middle-class leaders and focused on helping working class men to develop a core knowledge of social issues as well as practical skills to discuss those issues, such as public speaking.


Radical working-class members of these groups challenged the apolitical nature, intended by the leaders, and made them a place of intense discussion frua controversy. Bebel was attracted to Marxism because it gave him hope for a change to the better.

Bebel and Liebknecht were elected in the Reichstag too. In order to repress the growing popularity of socialist ideology the German government implemented the Anti-Socialist Laws, sozialiskuswhich were in place until These laws banned all socialist groups, meetings and publications and led to the persecution and imprisonment of uhd of its leaders, members and supporters.

During the s and s, Bebel was imprisoned for a total of four and a half years for insulting the monarch, distributing unapproved leaflets, denouncing militarism and treason.

However, the Anti-Socialist Laws allowed socialist to run for office, including Bebel. Contrary to the aims of the German government, the repressive nature of the Anti-Socialist Laws did not weaken German socialism. Additionally, another loophole in the laws allowed candidates to run for election in multiple districts, therefore Bebel was often a candidate in multiple districts. While imprisoned because of the Anti-Socialist Laws, Bebel wrote Woman and Socialism, a book discussing the plights of women from economic, political, social and psychological perspectives.

In Woman and Socialism was published and became the most educational text for working class women.

The book had a major impact on working-class women, not only had someone finally written about them, but the person that wrote about them was one of the two leaders of German socialism.

In Woman and Socialism, Bebel explains that women were doubly disadvantaged in capitalist society: In Woman and Socialism, Bebel voiced his support for a wide array of feminist demands, such as the active and passive universal jnd for men and women on all levels, the right to equal education and enter universities, practice professions and the right for married women to own their own property and to initiate divorce proceedings.


In fact, many of his demands were seen as extreme and extended past the beliefs of most feminists of the day.

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Woman and Socialism offered a more distinct view of the socialist future, suggesting directions for action and pointed to methods by which proletarian women could free themselves from their unsatisfactory position. August Bebel remained the leader of the SPD until his death in He was regularly elected in the Reichtagswhere he criticized the politics of the German Emperor, its government and the conservative majority in the Reichstags for its imperialism, militarism and support of capitalist exploitation of the workers benel several speeches.

In the Novemberrevolution that ended the First World War in Germany, forced the Emperor into exile and created the Weimar Republic, German women finally got the right to vote.

Bebel and the SPD were the first to demand this right for women. August Bebel and his book Woman and Socialism Women in European History, ed. soziaalismus

Renate Bridenthal, Susan M. Stuard, and Merry E. A postcard of August Bebel speaking to members of the Reichstag, Berlin. The cover of the The slogan on the poser reads: Equal Rights — Equal Duties.

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