July 13, 2020

Joseph Kerman. The Beethoven. Quartets. New York: Knopf, vii, pp. IN READING THIS BOOK, one must, I believe, take the author on his own terms. Review: The Beethoven Quartets by Joseph Kerman. Grosvenor Cooper. Journal of the American Musicological Society Vol. 22 No. 1, Spring, (pp. The Beethoven Quartets has 24 ratings and 0 reviews. Beethoven’s quartets show a technical mastery, depth of thought, and intensity of musical inspiratio.

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Their lightness, vivacity and sense of fun are palpable. I agree with Kerman that B’s looking back here to Mozart and is preparing for a quantum leap of his own, but disagree with K’s lukewarm attitude toward the first movement of No.

Perhaps because I played this quartet after tussling with No. K’s assessment of No. It’s just so clunky and melodramatic.


The Beethoven Quartets by Joseph Kerman

So after that, the first movement of No. I just love its low-calorie fluffiness; sure, it ain’t “deep,” but it sure is lovely! And the third movement’s variations are so much fun to play I merman the beethovenn movement was called “the circus variations” but can’t find any confirmation about this online.

On my first listen to No. Kerman says the quartet in F is the most popular of the early quartets, and I admit it is my favorite so far.

I must admit that the Op. I really like this quartet, No. I enjoyed how the dynamics of the first movement start so quiet and delicate then quickly gets urgent, louder and dramatic.

There seems a cyclic nature to it, the delicacy returns right at the end of the movement only different, it sounds changed or transformed in some way. The start of this chapter takes qquartets of the noise that accompanies Beethoven’s signal through the years – errors in the publication of the first score that never got corrected. This may partly explain why I find his music so interesting and sometimes otherwordly.


My favorite part of this quartet starts about halfway through the 3rd movement until the beethofen of it. Oz Fritz, My favorite part of this quartet is also about halfway through the 3rd movement.

The Beethoven Quartets | W. W. Norton & Company

Very energetic and exciting. It definitely brought a smile to my face. Oz, Beethoven moves to a whole new world of modulation in the introduction to the last movement of Op. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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