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Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a multi-genre RPG, inspired by the dynamic characters and However, the 2nd Edition Is everything the first one was and more. It is a. Publication date, (1st edition). (2nd edition). (3rd edition). Genre (s), anime. System(s), Updated Tri-Stat System. Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a tabletop role-playing game that was designed to simulate the action. Big Eyes, Small Mouth (1st Edition) – Guardians of Order I had mixed feelings coming to Big Eyes, Small Mouth: A Universal, Japanese Anime.

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I had mixed feelings coming to Big Eyes, Small Mouth: When some people say that they mean that no single game engine can satisfy everybody. When some other people say that they mean that no single game engine can model at multiple levels simultaneously — a simple engine cannot adequately model ultra-realism; a complex engine cannot adequately perform when asked to run fast and furious action.

This is also 1sst.

Actually all of these statements 1wt the first are brsm if you expand them to include meta-systems in addition to systems proper. A meta-system such as FUDGEfor example, which gives you systems to modify the system itself can easily modulate itself to handle multiple levels simultaneously. It is false because it has been done quite successfully several times.

GURPS and Herofor starters, are both very successful at being universal engines — they just suck at being simple systems. You end up with fast, furious combat. You end up with simple, but richly developed characters. You end up, in short, with a very good game which is capable of not only handling your favorite anime — but just about any other story you care to throw at it.

Roll 2d6, add 10 and distribute the points between your BodyMindand Soul stats. Take 10, 15, or 20 points depending on the level of campaign your GM wants to run and assign them to your attributes.


Take eidtion to 3 defects each worth either 1 or 2 bonus points, depending on their severity, which can be spent on other things. Make a stat check by rolling 2d6 under your stat ediion by the difficulty of the situation.

Initiative is determined through a die roll compared to your Combat Value. You can take one offensive and one defensive action in a round. To attack you roll 2d6 under your Combat Value. To defend you roll 2d6 under your Combat Value negating damage. Mental combat is essentially identical with a couple of twists. First, while the art in the book is good, it is not great. Considering that the game is entirely built 1sg the precepts of a visual medium this was sdition little disappointing, bbesm not heartbreaking.

Second, I consider the summary of all physical characteristics into the Body stat to be a mistake. Considering that Ranma can throw a couple hundred punches in the blink of an eye I found this tough to swallow.

Most of these attributes are very loose in describing what their actual effects are. This is understandable considering the breadth which must be covered by fairly simple categories.

My objection, as noted, is not this level of abstraction — rather it is the last attribute listed in the book: Another minor quibble would be the partial randomization of attributes. As a general rule I dislike this.

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In specific S1t find it rather bizarre in this system, which is designed with open-ended interpretation in mind note the vague, guideline-like nature of the attributes to suddenly tie itself into the need for randomization. The cool things about this game far outweigh the bad. This is a simple system which provides you with a very rough guide to how things should go — it is a framework on which stories are draped.


And BESM finds that balance very, very well. Second, this is a very well put together manual. MacKinnon has done a simply brilliant job of organizing the material in a logical order and then, for added goodness, isolating the important information into two flow-charts one for character creation and one for action resolution and a single table of weapon damage values.

You can run the game from those three single-page references and never have to look at the rules.

The Alexandrian » Ex-RPGNet Reviews – Big Eyes, Small Mouth (1st Edition)

fdition On top of it all a readable, clear font was used. All in all, Guardians of Order should bsm very proud of its first foray into publishing a roleplaying game. I look forward to taking a look at their Sailor Moon game as soon as I get a chance. The subject matter capable of covering everything from Pokemon to Sailor Moon is something which easily captures the attention of young children. Beyond that, though, BESM is simply a very good game.

It is far too simplistic, in my opinion, to successfully support a long-term campaign, but I will definitely be eition it consideration the next time I sit down to design a one-shot or short series.

Guardians of Order Cost: They came close to nailing something really special… but somehow they just missed it.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

For an explanation of where these reviews came from and why you can no longer find them at RPGNet, click here. Should came with the one that brang you! Mail will not be published required.

Dweredell City Supplement 2: Aerie City Supplement 3: Anyoc Rule Supplement 1: Complex of Zombies Adventure: The Complete Book of Yoma — Volume 1.

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