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Już 2 października r. o godzinie 16 w Strefie Studenta w głównym gmachu .. Grafika posłuży jako tło bogatego programu wydarzeń festiwalowych. .. kuratorzy/ curators: kolektyw MIASTOPROJEKT (Paweł Jaworski, Michał Kubieniec). Nicholas Jaworski for video and audio. Education Student TeacherKennedy Junior High School & Meadow Glens Elementary School, Lisle, IL . Bogaty student / Krzysztof JaworskiDocuments. Home · Documents; Kohli and Jaworski Bogaty student / Krzysztof JaworskiEconomy & Finance · Art and Authenticity: A Reply to.

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We are really excited to be taking part in the fifth edition of the New Generations Festival, which will take place in Warsaw wtudent the 15 th and 17 th of November If interested, drop by — it is totally worth it! With our installation we will try to answer the question about politicizing public spaces.

If in Lublin on the 27th of October, drop by! We will talk about o ur projects for public spaces as promises of elaborated journeys and narrative experiences. If in the city, drop by!

Jaworski vs Pagcor Digest

BudCud prowadzi warsztaty architektoniczno-urbanistyczne w School of Chief Architect 4. Do zobaczenia w Perm!

Below you can watch a short documentary about the workshop. See you in Perm! It is a multi-threaded education park of 3. Along the eastern border we located a building consisting of two volumes arranged under a common green roof.

Its inner slope goes to the ground level, providing an illussion of never-ending green landscape and permitting the visitors to go up to see the park from the new perspective. We are super excited we got a mention in Aorta competition for revitalizing and rearranging the area on the south side of Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. With our design we aimed to manifest the dynamism, reflex and forward-thinking character of the capital — also in its aspect of reacting to the changing aspirations of the inhabitants.

Our project emphasizes Warsaw with its formal and contextual compexities leading towards the city which is democratic, inclusive and futuristic. We also questioned architects from all around the world to investigate their motivations and attitudes towards architecture. As if that was not enough, at the end of the issue you will find an extensive interview with us!

Soon it hits the stands! If you would like to see a very special 2. We cordially invite you to the opening of Salve! Selected designers BudCud among others will reinterpret his artistic legacy: It is an innitiative run by Lafarge Holcim fundwhere BudCud tutors three groups of designers focusing on finding solutions for reviving public space in Bocheniec PL. After final presentations one of the projects will be chosen for implementation. We cordially inviate you to the exhibition of WWB9 festival, which we designed along with large-scale interventions on Parade Square in Warsaw.

The exhibition will look at this centrally located public space through the lens of activists, urban planners and architects; it will offer an account of several decades of planning and heated debates. The show will also report on the moments when — instead of the subsequent unimplemented concepts — the reins in the square were taken over by spontaneous urban life, free trade, triumphant cars and failing incompetent spatial management.


Jaworski vs Pagcor Digest

The development of the site according to the needs of the inhabitants was postponed indefinitely several times. Partnerem wyjazdu jest Culture. BudCud will hold a lecture during an inaugural evening, followed by presentations and round tables with emerging young offices from around Europe.

Our attendance is supported by Culture. We are happy to announce that we worked with Warsaw Under Construction festival for a second time. They will be represented by means of colour lines on a 1: This visual environment will accommodate a rich programme of festival events. If jawotski Warsaw, come by! We cordially invite you to the opening of Dizziness exhibition in CSW U-jazdowski, which we had a pleasure to arrange. This exhibition can get your head spinning.

Artists leave the established to seek other states of consciousness. The opening is on the 15th of September at 7 p.

BudCud is one of practices to be exhibited during Helsinki Design Week. If in Helsinki, come visit! The first solo exhibition in Poland of Laura Lima, one of the most recognizable Brazilian artists of her generation, tells about the margins of our perception, blurring the differences between reality and illusion. In works presented in Warsaw, the artist uses architecture to modify the feeling of the space.

Na 9 dni Przez trzy dni stery Barki przejmie Teder. Every evening an international team of DJs will play for you. For three days Barka will be taken over by Teder. It is open everyday from noon until BudCud is giving a lecture within the Sea of Architecture series.

It starts at 7 pm on the 16th of May in Kawalek Podlogi club in Koszalin. Wystawa potrwa od 12 maja do 27 sierpnia roku. If in Tallin, come visit! The exhibition celebrates years of avant-garde, comparing works from first decades of 20th century with contemporary works.

The opening is tomorrow, on the 9th of March at 6 p. If in Cracow, drop by! In in the city on the 20th of Marchdrop by! The book launch is on the 17th of December in Architekturgalerie in Munich. BudCud monograph from BudCud on Vimeo. We are pleased to announce that BudCud prepares spatial arrangement for the 8th Warsaw Under Construcion festival! If in Cracow this Thursday, drop by the picnic organised at Powisle It will be fun!

First phase of a new Powisle 11 arrangement is completed!

Godziny otwarcia naszej pracowni plenerowej: BASK is an open lab of Basque culture, that attracts a number of Polish and Basque artists, activists and cultural managers every year. For the festival we prepared bogwty simulation of our workshop; an exhibition where observators become spectators.


From the viewer to the doer — come by! The project consists of a family of street furniture with built-in flowerpots. As a homage to Bona Sforza, we plant there edible botaty and herbs.

Neubauten, which was followed by an interview we gave for Planphase magazine. Its new issue is out very soon — also with BudCud inside! If you like it, please vote! In the newest issue of A10 67 BudCud was listed among other young Polish architects that are rebranding Poland.

The article is a part of an Eurovision section of the magazine. The seminar and the opening of the exhibition will take place on the 28 th of January at 5 pm, with the exhibition being open until the 29 th of February We are going to research the hidden jaworsoi in the city and look for new activities complementing and densifying the Wine Park project.

If hogaty Telavi, come and join us! If in Warsaw, come by the exhibition Concrete. Synchronicitywhere our projects for Warsaw are displayed among other proposals for concrete solutions of contemporary urban problems.

The event starts stusent 6 p.

Kohli and Jaworski

We are pleased to inform that together with Marta Gendera from Salony Foundation we will be working on revitalization program for the vicinity of Towarowa Street in Warsaw.

The project is bogaaty by Warsaw office of the Association of Polish Architects. If in Cracow, come join us for design workshops about a forgotten square on the Meisels street. Nasz wyjazd wspiera culture. Our attendance is supported by culture. Congrats to all the people involved in bringing the Quarter to life! In the newly-opened Silesia Museum in Katowice you can visit the temporary exhibition Organizing the museum.

Imagining the museumwhich set design we were honored to work on. If in Katowice, drop by! Zapraszamy 1 czerwca r. Mood for Wood is an international workshop for students of design faculties from the Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak Universities. Ambasada Polski w Pekinie oraz culture.

Yuan Ye Summit Forum, which has been held for five times, aims to improve the exchange and cooperation of international landscape designers. In the largest meeting in Asia-Pacific landscape industry, over 50 international scholars have made speeches, with BudCud being the only representative of Poland.

Our attendance was supported by the Embassy of Republic of Poland in Beijing and culture. The project was done for a competition Passages Shanghai: Making urbanity through passages in the reappropiated Expo site.

Zapraszamy do galerii, wystawa trwa od For the next design stage our team will consist of: Our contribution to the festival is supported by Instytut Adama Mickiewicza.

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