June 15, 2020

Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, Front Cover. Dolores Hayden. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, Nov 4. Hayden asks hard questions about who has benefited from the suburban Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, Dolores Hayden. Dolores Hayden’s Building Suburbia: Greenfields and Urban Growth, chronicles “ years of metropolitan development in the United States” that.

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Apr 07, Margaret Wilkening rated it really liked it. Excellent overview of the forces of suburbanization. I could give you some excellent examples of my suburban cred-I’ll give you two: I had no idea.

Building Suburbia

After that several chapters examine in a more or less chronological fashion some historic patterns of suburbs in the landscape IImoving from borderlands 3 to picturesque enclaves 4to streetcar buildouts 5to mail-order and self-built suburbs 6 haydne sitcom suburbs 7to edge nodes 8 and finally to rural fringes 9. This book was intensely frustrating to read. I can roam the old cities I see and find the patterns from “borderlands” Ohio City in Cleveland to the Garden District in New Orleans”picturesque enclaves” oh my Lakewood for sure to “streetcar suburbs” my current neighborhood of MidCity New Orleans and so on.

There is no other book quite like this one because of its accessibility and breadth of scholarship. New housing tracts have moved even deeper into agriculturally and environmentally sensitive areas. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Yet amid all the academic criticism, Americans have invested in ever-larger suburban yayden, flocked to the Mall of America, made big-box Wal-Mart the nation’s buildinv retailer, and not only eschewed the streetcar and the bus but also traded in their fuel-efficient haydeb cars for oversized sport utility vehicles SUVs.


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This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Much of the discussion focuses on the stories of particular examples of the types of suburban pattern she describes. Her closing chapters talk poignantly about h One of the best books anywhere on anything. Reads more like a doctorate dissertation than a readable history book. Dolores Hayden is a former professor of mine from UCLA almost three decades ago, and her analysis of the built environment in the U.

Her closing chapters talk poignantly about how public history can help doores suburbs and honor the hard work creating community when those places were raw and new.

Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, 1820-2000

Beautiful and accessible writing. Citing articles via Google Scholar.

But unlike other academic and journalistic works, she suggests that the past suburbs are themselves the alternative solution to the problem of sprawl. Depressing to learn how manipulated the housing market has been since time immemorial.

Stay in Touch Sign up. I would ride my bike to y tiny side or back yard, and just leave it laying there til i wanted to ride it again.

Building Suburbia by Dolores Hayden | : Books

Oct 26, Jeremy rated it really liked it. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

Since this book was written inthe bibliography is chock full of RECENT books on urban studies that allow the student or casual reader to follow up in any number of directions.

Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Nov 04, Pages. Sep 04, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: Published November 9th by Vintage first published This is definitely written in that style.


Developers have cherished different dreams, seeking profit from economies of scale and increased suburban densities, while lobbying local and federal government to reduce the risk of real estate speculation. Hayden writes quick and crisp and lays out segments you’ll want to quote later. It is to this contested cultural landscape, where most Americans now live, that Dolores Hayden draws our attention.

An Environmental History since After reading this book, I was convinced that the world would likely be a better place if the author were flattened and macadamized to make a road to some greenfield suburb so that she could stop writing terrible books like this one. She explores the interplay of natural and built environments, the complex antagonisms between real-estate developers and suburban residents, the hidden role of federal government, and the religious and ideological overtones of hayyden “American dream” embedded in the suburbs.

An overall good and informative read, particularly moving past the first chapter on 19th century rich people’s houses. The historical roots of suburbia are helpful to understand the present configurations of buildimg systems, particularly the gendering of suburban landscapes. I agree with her conclusions about how to foster sustainable development in the future, and I think she’d be glad to see that they have been increasingly implemented over the decade or so since doloees book came out.

Few readers will see our ubiquitous suburbs in the same way again.

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