November 25, 2020

Complete summary of Stephen Vincent Benét’s By the Waters of Babylon. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of By the Waters of Babylon. The great river in the story “By the Waters of Babylon” is the Hudson River. The Hudson River is the river separating parts of New York from New Jersey. By the Waters of Babylon has ratings and 44 reviews. Corinne said: By the Waters of Babylon is a really well written story, with so many effects go.

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After that, I wished to tell all the people but he showed me otherwise.

He bade me look into the smoke of the fire and see—I saw and told what I saw. All in all, nothing special. The twist in this story is so great, and if you discover it on your own before the end of the story, the payoff is even better. This story focuses on the main character, and narrator, John, who goes on an journey to finally fulfill what he What else can be said about this amazing story by Stephen Vincent Benet. If you haven’t read any SS since high school or college, run to the library!

By the Waters of Babylon – Wikipedia

After being chased by dogs and climbing babyoon stairs of a large building, John sees a dead god. When the raft was made, I said the sayings for the dead and painted myself for death. There should have been the wailings of spirits and the shrieks of demons, but there were not. The story that follows is essentially a description of the journey from the man’s point of view as he encounters things that stepyen familiar to us, but about which he has no knowledge.


The current changed itself—I drew near to or Place of the Gods. Hard to believe it’s such an old story. My knowledge made me happy—it was like a fire in my heart. I tried to guide my raft with the pole but it spun around.

By the Waters of Babylon

It concerns a priest’s son in a primitive society who makes a journey into a forbidden area as part of a kind of self-imposed initiation rite. The great windows that looked over the city had not been broken at all though they were dusty and streaked with many years. I could feel evil spirits about me, I babyon swept down the stream.

It could eat all the streams we know and still be thirsty. We’ve taken some of the world’s best stories from dark, musty anthologies and brought them into the light, giving them the individual attention they deserve.

By the Waters of Babylon

No man of my tribe had seen it, not even my father, the priest. It was darkness over the broken city and I wept. You could see that he would have not run away. I went toward this god-road, keeping to the heights of the ruins, while the dog followed.

I thought to myself “This is strong magic” and trembled. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But the story is not logical nor particularly believable. They follow arbitrary rules, while John agrees with very few of them. When I sfephen, the fire had gone out and I was cold. Nevertheless, my knowledge and my lack of knowledge burned in me—I wished to know more.

After a time, I myself was allowed to hhe into the dead houses and search for metal. Then my father came out with the metal—good, strong piece. That’s right, a post-apocalyptic story made before the A-bombs were dropped and even before World War II even started. Putting that aside, the book wasn’t really that interesting. No trivia or quizzes yet. But this was not like that. It is not true either, what some of our priests say, that it is an island covered with fogs and enchantments.


It was like being on one side of the great river, at night, with no light to show the way. There was no smell of man left, on stone or metal. I have learned that, being a priest. Everywhere there were books and writings, many in tongues that I could not read. So I knew my magic was strong and my journey clean, in spite of the law.

I was very still—I could feel the sky above me and the earth beneath. There was a white fawn with them—a very great sign. His father allows him to go on a spiritual journey, not realizing John is going to this forbidden place.

I closed my eyes to beneg them out. And the magic tools are broken—but we can look at them and wonder. This book always had me wanting more because of all of the questions and cliff hangers it contained that I knew would be resolved later in the story. Aug 26, Mell rated it really liked it Watesr

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