October 17, 2020

Alex Ross on the influence of Carl Schorske and his book “Fin-de-Siècle Vienna.”. A Pulitzer Prize Winner and landmark book from one of the truly original scholars of our time: a magnificent revelation of turn-of-the-century Vienna where. Fin-de-Siècle Vienna has ratings and 49 reviews. Miriam said: This reads more like a collection of topical essays than a book — because, in fact.

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Schorske and published by Alfred A.

It is also a moving vindication of historical study itself, in the face of modernism’s defiant suggestion that history is obsolete. Schorske Fin-De Siecle Vienna: Complete list — — — The chapters on literature dealt with authors unfamiliar to me except as names and did calr particularly inspire me to seek them out.

For me, as someone who is not an expert in turn-of-the-century German or Hapsburg history, a lot of the references are obscure. Changing Places David Lodge.

Fin-De-Siecle Vienna

It was a very readable book, particularly for one that was assembled from various scholarly publications. I saw through their eyes, I dreamt through their minds, I felt everything. The empire itself was crumbling, and within 18 years of the beginning of the century wouldn’t even exist.

It was written by an academic for history students or other people with some background, so even though Schorske uses an engaging style, be prepared for some complex phrasing and references to canonical culture of the West.


His analysis is creatively approached, smoothly written, enthusiastic, and at times poetic. And what it means to a nation when the highly educated do not respect the thinking and the scjorske of the less fortunate. Both left their marks on architecture early, and luckily neither one took viennna vision to its full fruition as most their later and more radical designs never made it past proposal state.

Fin-de-Siecle Vienna by Carl Schorske

He is not an historian or by his own admission an expert on Austria; he is not an art historian or literary historian or literary critic – he is a “cultural historian” and that, I’m afraid to say, means that he has only a mish-mash of a method. I read this book in Prague and on a cruise down sievle Danube from Nuremberg to Budapest and during another stay in Vienna.

This is more plausible, but would still require more historical support than he gives it. Explosions in the Garden: It sort of ruins the concept of a progression towards tolerance and enlightenment in human society that was sometimes envisioned. Schorske’s work was one of the major references for Selden Finn ‘ The Little Book[4] and serves as the model for sschorske fictional book “Random Notes”, later edited and renamed Fin de Siecle written by one of the main characters, Arnauld Esterhazy.


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Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture

My library Help Advanced Book Search. It’s All in Your Head Dr. Aug 22, Alex Zakharov rated it really liked it. Schorske offers something for everybody: While I confess to a fixation on Vienna, I think that anyone interested in history, art, or cities would enjoy this book, or at least part of it.

Fin-de-siècle Vienna – Wikipedia

Explorations in the Passage to Modernism. An Austrian Trio IV. My own understanding of the period and the book grew in several contacts it.

That’s what I miss. Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction — Sigmund Freud carries much more currency today with social scientists than among siwcle scientists. He never abandons these values, but instead uses them as a foundation to create his own.

During a test for a sociology class I took at Truman Community College in Chicago, I encountered a question that asked whether and how the contemporary United States was comparable to the Roman Empire as it collapsed. Hygeia is ambiguity par excellence; accordingly, she is associated with the snake, the most ambiguous of creatures

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