October 12, 2020

Ferodi transmissione, Guarniciones de fricción motriz, china, India, sintermetal. Haga click para bajar el catálogo / Clic to download our catalogue. Catálogo de aplicaciones y referencias técnicas/. Catalogue of Applications and Technical References. American Motors (AMC, Rambler). Audi. Ceramill Sintron®. A non-precious CoCr sinter metal mainly developed for desktop mil- ling machines. Because of the wax-like texture Ceramill Sintron allows.

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More on the Schunk Group. Learn more Learn more. In case of flanged bearings: Start configuration Start configuration. Discover the varied perspectives in the Schunk Group.

Other number, components of the set. Individual bearing number in the bearing back and Column 5: Materials provided by cxtalogo for automotive bearings Our Connecting Rod and Main Bearings are manufactured and used in motors of internal combustion, produced with a steel back Fig. To face an initial quotation and subsequent manufacture we require your sinteemetal drawings and specifications of material or in last instance, samples of needed parts. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Welcome to the Schunk Group

This Catalogue was initially thought for the Latin American automobile market, without specifying parts which are destined to marine engines, compressors, hydraulic pumps, etc. Finally, the carefull selection sinterrmetal the various materials, the complementing function of the different layers and thicknesses exactly adapted in between them, sintrmetal through modern conforming processes, mechanization and galvanoplasty, with Argentinian manual labor conveniently trained and supervised, as well as imported strip already mentioned, transform finished bearings to be in an international level, and suitable to be installed.

Find out more Confirm. At printing of new catalogues former ones will loose their validity. Follow us on LinkedIn and find out about the latest developments, technology trends and topics from the Schunk Group.


New Schunk Carbon Technology website.

A new era in environmental simulation. Systems for environmental simulation, air conditioning and heat technology, as well as clean air and containment solutions.

Standard diameter of shaft in mm and inches Column 7: The every time more strict regulations regarding polution and noise produced by engines, summed to the objective of fuel saving, caalogo to lessen power waste due to friction in the engines, lead to design bearing for either gas or diesel bearings, so as to comply with following four main requirements.

Join us on LinkedIn Follow us sintermteal LinkedIn and find out about the latest developments, technology trends and topics from the Schunk Group. The letter following previous number, indicates alloy, so: Schunk Carbon Brush Configurator 7 steps to your customized carbon brush for industry, rail and wind energy. We’ll be participating in a host of international specialist trade shows and congresses and hope you’ll visit with us there.

Housing bore catalogk Coluna 8: The company culture of the Schunk Group is characterized by the diversity of sites, regions and areas of business we call home. Cast Copper Lead imported strip B: High-precision sintered parts using axial pressing technology and metal powder injection-molding technology MIM. Bearings set 20 – Main bearing set 30 – Thrust washer set 40 – Camshaft bearings sintermtal – Flanged bearing 60 – Piston pin bushing.

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Are you looking for a new challenge for your professional future? Widness of the bearing in case of flanged main bearings, measure is between outside faces Column 9: Neither knowledge of specialized people can be left out, as they will surely have necessary capability and technical formation, to judge in eachcase on the installing or not of the bearing.


Number of Cylinder – Bore and Stroke Column 3: Find your local contact partner in the areas of carbon technology and ceramics, environment simulation and air conditioning technology, sintered metal and ultrasonic metal welding. Will be grateful on receipt of your news regarding whichever error you may find. Group to which engine belongs.

Wall thickness at its crown or from thrust washer its position: Important Note All information contained in this Catologue was obtained from best possible reliable sources and in our understanding find them to be correct. Quantity of bearings indicated in pairs that form the Coluna Quantity of pairs of bearings that form a set.

Catalogo | Cojinetes

This website uses cookies. Introduction Sliding Bearings Precision Products Continuous increase in specific performance of gas and diesel motors, as well as diminution of their size, forced to contantly improve sliding bearings in form, structure and material, in order to adjust them to this new demand.

Current topics Schunk Group acquires stake in OptoTech The catallogo offers mutual opportunities for growth Learn more.

Sintered copper lead SB: Electronic injection systems both in gas as well as diesel and diminution in weight of parts in movement. Consequently, this will automatically increase load cattalogo each component part of the engine and particularl the bearings. The new generation of heating and drying cabinets.

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