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Importance of local skin treatments during radiotherapy for prevention and treatment of radio-induced epithelitis ; Interet des applications cutanees en cours de radiotherapie pour la prevention et le traitement defunicion epitheliites radio-induites. Radio- epithelitis represents a common problem, for which treatments are characterized by a great heterogeneity. Despite a real preclinical rationale, aloe vera and trolamine failed to demonstrate any benefit in the prophylactic settings.

In a prospective assessment phase III assessment, Calendula deifnicion was shown to be superior to trolamine for the prevention of radio- epithelitis.

In the curative settings, sucrafalte failed to demonstrate any benefit. The benefit of dermo-corticoids was suggested in terms of erythema and catamndsis. Promising clinical results are available with hyaluronic acid M. SD and Ialugen and silver leaf may reduce the intensity of catamnesiz radio-induced side effects. Data from the literature are conflicting, making real the difficulty to adopt from clinical trials any proof-of-principle strategy.

Considering these uncertainties, several strategies are allowed. New topics are under investigation. Present data from the literature highlight the need for further trials, in order to propose evidence-based treatments and to harmonize clinical practice. Importance of local skin treatments during radiotherapy for prevention and treatment of radio-induced epithelitis.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Full Text Available Primary biliary cirrhosis PBC is a chronic progressive autoimmune cholestatic liver disease characterized by highly specific antimitochondrial antibodies AMAs and the specific immune-mediated injury of small intrahepatic bile ducts. Unique apoptotic feature of biliary epithelial cells BECs may contribute to apotope presentation to the immune system, causing unique tissue damage in PBC. Perpetuation of inflammation may result in senescence of BECs, contributing to irreversible loss of bile duct.

In addition to the classic liver manifestations, focal inflammation and tissue damage are also seen in salivary glands and urinary tract in a significant proportion of PBC patients.

These findings provide potent support to the idea that molecular mimicry may be involved in the breakdown of autoimmune tolerance and mucosal immunity may lead to a systematic epithelitis in PBC patients.

Thus, PBC is considered a generalized epithelitis in clinical practice. Macular function and morphology in acute retinal pigment epithelitis. A year-old man applied with vision loss in the left eye. Right eye examination was unremarkable. Fundus examination revealed a few yellow spots within a round-shaped macular lesion. Autofluorescence imaging showed hyperautofluorescence in the lesion.

Central amplitudes in multifocal electroretinogram mfERG were depressed. The patient reported a rhinopharyngitis days before the visual loss. The patient was diagnosed as acute retinal pigment epithelitis.

A slight pigmentary distortion was the only residual fundus finding. Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of human radio-induced tumours.

After a brief recall of some fundamentals regarding radiobiology, this research thesis discusses some epidemiological aspects of radio carcinogenesis, based on epidemiological studies performed on people having survived to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl, but also eefinicion on people submitted to domestic or professional exposures to radon, or to medicine-related exposures.

The author highlights some predispositions to radio-induced cancers. Then, she discusses the genetic mechanisms of radio-induced carcinogenesis and the genetic alterations observed in human radio-induced tumours.


She discusses and comments the genomic instability, its mechanisms and some models observed on mice, and describes the various forms of radio-induced genomic instability. After a discussion of all these aspects, the author draws some perspectives for future research cayamnesis.

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Radio-induced sarcomas in survivors of Ewing sarcoma. Of cases of Ewing’s sarcoma recorded at the Bone Tumor Cafamnesis of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, 78 patients irradiated and with a follow-up of longer than3 years were considered ”at risk” for the development of a second radio-induced sarcoma RIS. Three of the 78 patients developed an RIS in the irradiated field.

Theoretical and statistical analyses were carried out considering different modalities of local treatment. Statistically, the only significant factor was related to the irradiation dose. Surgical resection seems to prevent RIS. Dynamics of synthetic activity of RNA and glycoproteins in epithel cells of endometrium in heifers after ovulation. Excisions from basal part A and functional part B of uteri were taken immediately after killing and were processed for autoradiographic analyses.

The endometrium samples catammesis incubated for 60 minutes, and minutes in isotonic medium with micro Ci L- H fucose with definicio activity 0. The samples were fixed, dehydrated and embedded in Epon after the incubation. They were developed in the developer ORWO D 19, stained with methylene blue and examined through the light microscope after one month exposition. We found out by the autoradiographic analysis that the activity of RNA synthesis in cells of the surface epithel is of rising tendency from 3rd to 9th day.

The intensity of RNA synthesis does not change in the functional zone during the early lutheal phase, it rises in the basal layer on 6th day, but on 9th day it is the same as on 3rd day. The autoradiographical analysis showed that the activity of RNA synthesis in cells of the surface epithel is of rising tendency from 3rd to 9th day The intensity of RNA synthesis in functional zone does not change during the early lutheal phase, it rises in the basal layer on 6th day, but on datamnesis day it is the same as on 3rd day.

The glycoproteins are synthetised mainly by the Golgi apparatus in supranuclear sphere in the cells of surface epithel and in glandular cells. The glycoproteins were not observed in apical regions of cells on 3rd day of cycle, however, they are intensively. Studies of natural and 60Co gamma radio-induced conduction in metaphosphate glasses and silica. A study of natural and 60 Co gamma radio-induced conduction in metaphosphate glasses and silica is presented.

Beneficial effects of a Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel on cervical epithelizationvaginal microbiota and vaginal health: Open-label, prospective pilot study conducted in asymptomatic women in daily practice.

Cataplasia | definition of cataplasia by Medical dictionary

Cervical epithelization was evaluated by colposcopy using an ectopy epithelization score from 5: In 21 women, a positive effect to improve epithelization of the cervical mucosa, with a mean score of 4. In 11 women, the Vaginal Health Index increased from The concentration of Lactobacillus spp. These encouraging preliminary results provide the basis for designing a randomized controlled study, and for potential use in human papilloma virus infection.

Radio-induced glioblastoma and myxoma after treatment of undifferentiated carcinoma of the nasopharynx. Radio-induced tumor have been known for a long time to occur after treatment of cancer during childhood. This entity is exceptional following radiotherapy of the cavum.

Skull and facial osteosarcoma were described after treatment of UCNT. We report two catanmesis of radio-induced defiincion arising respectively three and seven years after treatment of UCNT. The first one is a temporo-parietal glioblastoma and the second is a rhino- and pharyngeal myxoma.


The two patients are alive after treatment of the second tumor. The delay of appearance of these tumors, their situation in the field’s irradiated and dose received suggests their radioinduced nature.

However, the cytogenetic study is necessary to confirm the implication defimicion radiotherapy in the genesis of these cancers. In vitro and in vivo assay of radio-induced damage in Escherichia Coli, DNA cstamnesis on thymidilic fragment.

A technique of rapid assay for a particular and very important damage, N-formamido DNAis described. Using this technique, the importance of radio-induced DNA damage can be evaluated before the repair enzymatic system takes place [fr. Radio-induced malignancies after breast cancer postoperative radiotherapy in patients catamnessi Li-Fraumeni syndrome. There are no specific recommendations for the management of breast cancer definocion with germ-line p53 mutations, an exceptional genetic condition, particularly regarding postoperative radiotherapy.

Preclinical data suggested that p53 mutations conferred enhanced radiosensitivity in vitro and in vivo and the few clinical observations showed that Li-Fraumeni families were at a higher risk of secondary radio-induced malignancies.

We reviewed a cohort of patients with germ-line p53 mutations who had been treated for breast cancer as the first tumor event. We assessed their outcome and the incidence of secondary radio-induced malignancies.

Among 47 documented Li-Fraumeni families treated from to at the Institut Gustave Roussy, 8 patients had been diagnosed with breast cancer as the first tumor event. Three patients had undergone conservative breast surgery followed by postoperative radiotherapy and five patients had undergone a mastectomy 3 with postoperative radiotherapy.

Median follow-up was 6 years. Median age at the diagnosis of the primary breast cancer was 30 years. The histological characteristics were as follows: Among the 6 patients who had received adjuvant radiotherapy, the following events had occurred: In contrast, only one event had occurred a contralateral breast cancer among patients who had not received radiation therapy.

These observations could argue in favor of bilateral mastectomy and the avoidance of radiotherapy. Full Text Available Purpose.

Signal transducer and activator of transcription factor 3 STAT3 is involved in tumorigenesis, development, and radioresistance of many solid tumors. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of stattic an inhibitor of STAT3 on the radiosensitivity and radio-induced migration and invasion ability in hepatocellular carcinoma HCC cell lines.

Radio-induced migration and invasion ability in HCC cells were analyzed by wound-healing assay and transwell test.

Cloning formation analysis shows that stattic enhances the radiosensitivity of Catzmnesis cells. Wound-healing assay and transwell test show that stattic inhibits radio-induced migration and invasion.

Further study indicates that stattic promotes radio-induce apoptosis through regulating the expression of apoptosis related proteins in HCC cells. Stattic enhances radiosensitivity and reduces radio-induced migration and invasion ability in HCC cells probably through apoptosis pathway. Therapeutic use of human mesenchymal stem cells MSC for the treatment of radio-induced diseases. Ionising radiation can induce toxic effects on body. They provoke physiological modifications of tissues and organs which can be lethal.


Total body irradiation or local abdominal irradiation can induce serious complications. Intestine is the first tissue concerned by these side effects. Radiation induces malabsorption of the intestine and lost of it integrity.

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