July 9, 2020

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy CLARION DXZRUSB at Amazon UK. View and Download Clarion DXZRUSB owner’s manual online. CD/USB/ MP3/WMA/AAC RECEIVER WITH CeNET CONTROL. DXZRUSB Car Receiver.

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With a simple swipe of the fingertip, it provides precise control of the key features on the head unit.

This way, you can keep your eyes on the road while operating the source unit. This promotes safer driving. Colour-tuning the look of your audio system is easy.

Clarion UK | CLARION DXZRUSB: Best Sound Quality with Intuitive Using Comfort

Clarion also lets you fine-tune the look of your source unit with colour illumination. This way you can listen to music data downloaded from music stores on the internet in your car.


The ID3-Tag display feature simplifies ease of use for all three formats. Connecting an iPod ensures you enjoy all tunes in your iPod library through your car audio system.

As the unit recognises the connection automatically, it is possible to fully operate the iPod as if it is a part of your system. Hear your music the way it was meant to be heard. The result is clear and detailed sound.

To achieve optimum sound positioning, ideally each speaker should be located equidistantly from the listener. However, it is almost impossible to realise this clarioj the environment of a car. Digital Time Alignment works to virtually change speaker distances, thus creating a seemingly optimal sound field. Adjustment is possible from 0 to So turn it up, or down for easy listening.

Clarion UK | DXZRUSB

Furthermore, by adding gain adjustment HI, MID, LOW to the 3 equalising patterns, it is now possible to choose from 9 different equalising patterns to customise the flarion quality pattern so that it matches your speaker system or selected music source perfectly. Separates the sound spectrum into different bands so you can minimise peaking and phase cancellation, which can result in muddy sound when using a 2-way or 3-way speaker system.


X-over circuitry also optimises each output range, resulting in more natural and smoother transitions between ranges. The cut-off frequency, filter, slope and phase can be adjusted for each band, enabling precise clairon tuning.

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