June 20, 2020

The Cosmotheism Trilogy was put together in a series of pamphlets in the s and s by Dr. William Luther Pierce Founder of. Read “The Cosmotheism Trilogy” by William Luther Pierce with Rakuten Kobo. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Save. For Later. save. Related.

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But were you aware that author William Luther Pierce also invented his own religion to accompany his propaganda? Racism Books Conspiracy Theories and Theorists. I’m still waiting for Paul to announce his church and religion.

Cosmotheism Trilogy by Dr. William Pierce, Read by Alex Linder

Hallelujah and pass the sheets! I tried reading that drivel but got bogged down with the “Self-Creator” idea. I didn’t know that the Universe has an “Urge”. I know what I do when I have an “Urge”.

Can we urge you to tell?

Sometimes it involves tenuous gasses, flaming sensations and maybe passing a planet or two. Just read the wikipedia summary of “The Turner Diaries. I was more into Abbie Hoffman and his book: OK, I’ve taken a little time to look over the religious screed and the biography in Wiki.


It gives the impression that the guy was a second rate L. Ron Hubbard with a really bad attitude. What Expat wanted to know was the “Urge” on the other side. Did somebody say urges?! Seriously, just another bigot claiming to have God’s ear. God hears him alright but I wouldn’t count on His reaction being favorable.

The legacies of most men live after they die. It is a pity that author William Luther Pierce was not the exception to this rule. Sorry to burst your bubble Clint may I call you ‘Clint’?

Can I get an ‘Amen’? You’re looking for intelligent life on the internet and you come and dare cast aspersions on our group for being non-bias on our views of organized religions? You need to seek out some august body entombed within the hallowed halls of higher education if you dare aspire to such heights with such a poor offering of common sense you’ve, thus far, exhibited.

But, august bodies and common sense don’t quite fit together that well either so, maybe, my doubts about your acceptance are unfounded.

Talk:William Luther Pierce

I could not get his picture to load though? A Google – a measurement of time, larger than a nano but still too small a unit to be physically measured by humans. Now I won’t go looking for non-existent bugs in my system!


And again thanks for dealing with Cosmltheism. I sleep better at night Knowing that the “Grecian” is protecting the site from the meth induced rantings of Clint and his ilk!

His middle name tells the story, he is a second generation bigot.

Cosmotheism Trilogy – White Nations Forum

You know there were some parents in Ohio cosmptheism got their children removed from the home in part because their son was named Adolph Hitler Whatever their last name.

If you do not like the content then leave the sight you bigoted troll. We are all about having fun here obviously you are incapable of understanding humor. Give me a break, Patty! The war was over by ‘

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