October 28, 2020

CS Computer Networks Two Marks Questions With Answers Anna University, Chennai. Anna_University,_Chennai_logo. UNIT I. 1. Explain ISO/OSI . CS COMPUTER NETWORKS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK BY SELVAM COLLEGE OF. A Computer network is a number of computers interconn this is for 2 marks and 16 marks question papers for data communication. Copyright: Attribution CSComputer Networks – Anna University Engineering Question Bank 4 U. Uploaded Mobile Communication 2-MARK Questions and Answers. Uploaded .

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What are the two interfaces provided by protocols? Write the types of frame fields contained in HDLC.

The client has three components: Anna University – B. How to request Study Material?

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If the phone is involved in a call at the timethe call must be transferred to the new base station in what is called a hand off. One device controls traffic and the others must transmit through it.

For n devices in a network, what is the number of cable links required queetions a mesh and ring topology? An Area is a set of routers that are administratively configured to exchange link-state information with each other. In secret key, the same key is used by both parties. What are ds2302 steps followed in checksum generator? It is the popular mechanism for continuous transmission error control.


Permanent virtual circuits are comparable to leased lines in circuit switching. If there are no standards, difficulties arise. How are the guided media differing from unguided transmission media?

The secondary station sends responses.

One portion of the IP address indicates a networking and the other represents the host in a network. The switch moves answefs device to device at a constant rate and fixed order. This basic strategy is usually called hop-by-hop flow control. MAC sub layer resolves the contention for the shared media.

What are the responsibilities of data link layer? Why are protocols needed? Each receiving device has a block of memory called a buffer, reserved for storing incoming data until they are processed.

For one million users to communicate, only two million keys are needed. A CRC checker functions exactly like a generator.

CS – Computer Networks – 2 & 16 Marks with answers :Study Zone

A protocol is a set of rules that govern data communication. Explain the main idea of UDP? The node selects one of the access points, and sends that AP an Association Request frame. What are the properties in star topology? The system must deliver data in a timely manner. It is a system for sending messages to other computer users based on e-mail addresses.


The three keys for understanding the algorithm are Knowledge about the neighborhood. What is meant by congestion? So the simple strategy used by the hamming code answerw correct single bit errors must be redesigned to be applicable for multiple bit correction. How can the routing be classified? List out the user related attributes? State the two kinds of events trigger a state transition?

The criteria used to evaluate transmission medium are Throughput Propagation speed Propagation time Wavelength A logical circuit made between the sending and receiving computers. For each connection, the user can request a particular attribute each service class is associated with a set of attributes. Mention the advantage and disadvantage of stop and wait flow control.

It is used to forward the packets between shared media LANs such as Ethernet. What are the three fundamental characteristics determine the effectiveness of the data communication system?

List the various ways of station configuration.

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