June 16, 2020

BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Dacryodes edulis is a medium-sized, evergreen tree attaining a height of. m in the forest but not exceeding 12 m in plantations. Abstract Dacryodes edulis is a dioecious, shade loving, evergreen tree, indigenous to the Gulf of Guinea and widely cultivated in other tropical parts of Africa for. PDF | Dacroydes edulis is a plant with many trado-therapeutic seeds are used traditionally as a remedy for stomach problems like.

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Dacryodes edulis – Wikipedia

Dioecious, small to medium-sized tree up to 20 —25 m tall; bole up to 70 —90 cm in diameter, straight and cylindrical, often shallowly fluted and low-branching; bark yellowish- grey to grey, often shallowly scaly and with lenticels and fdulis folds, slash brownish-pink, exuding drops of translucent-whitish, aromatic resin; crown much-branched, dense; young branches with a dense indumentum of ferruginous stellate or dendroid hairs. Fruits significantly differed in mass, length, thickness of pulp and mass of kernel, but contained similar amounts of oil Seeds are oblong-ellipsoid, up to 5.

The flush is usually brought to an end by the sudden transition from normal leaves to severely reduced leaves dadryodes which only one or two basal pairs of leaflets are extended.

Cloning is to be greatly preferred, not only to obtain plants of known sex, but also because the species is very variable. Production and marketing of safou Dacryodes edulis in cameroon and internationally: The fruit pulp is thick, about 3. Safou fruit oil, when incorporated into foods can boost their nutritional value s, thus making them more marketable.


Its main constituents are: Royale de Belgique, These and other compounds such as phellandrene, cadinol, sabinene, p-cymene, dimethyl sulfide and hexanal were found to be responsible for various odours of the plant Jirovetz et al. Early growth is vigorous.

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It is also used as gargle and mouth-wash to treat tonsillitis Bouquet, The fatty acids palmiticoleicsteariclinolenic and linoleic acids and triglycerides compositions of oils of both cultivars were similar although cultivar 1 was richer in palmitolino-olein The leaves are the source of a dye[ ].

The fruit yields a high content of fixed and essential oils. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

At temperatures of exulis – 85c this is accomplished in a matter of minutes; at room temperature, it sdulis 7 – 10 days, with bruising and microbes reducing this period to 3 days[ ]. Study of Dacryodes edulis variation of the glyceridic fraction for safou pulp pear tree during ripening. The extracts and secondary metabolites have been found to show antimicrobial and antioxidant activities.

The unsaponifiable fraction of the oil was reported to contain sterols, triterpene alcohols and traces of tocopherols. The fatty acid compositions of fruit pulp oil of 2 cultivars of D.

Dacryodes edulis

No cleanup reason has been specified. Dacryodes edulis occurs naturally in the countries bordering the Gulf of Guinea. It can grow in semi-shade light woodland or no shade.


Much fruit is spoilt on the tree by birds. Showing 0 of 0 comments. The fruits are highly consumed and traded locally and internationally, conferring enormous economic value on the plant.

Dacryodes edulis – African Orphan Crops Consortium

Nectar from the flowers yields a much appreciated honey. It is a medium-sized, evergreen tree reaching a height of m in the forest but not more than 12 m in plantations Hutchinson and Dalziel, ; Burkill, ; Verheij,comparable with the tree of Coula edulis Adebayo-Tayo and Ajibesin, This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dacryodes edulis. It is also cultivated in Malaysia. Feticheurs et Medicines Traditionalles du Congo Brazzaville.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York, pp: Research carried out in the forest humid lowland of south Cameroon, showed that the peasant farmers use the tree as a good indicator of soils fertility[ ].

Ethnobotanical survey of akwa ibom state of Nigeria. Crown Agents for Overseas Government, London, pp: Publisher Royal Botanic Gardens; Kew.

Some trees flower early, while others flower late and may produce blossoms continuously eacryodes several months[ ]. Dacryodes edulis Dacryodes edulis – Bark of Canarium

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