June 20, 2020

Raymond Carver, De que hablamos cuando hablamos de amor. de Que Hablamos Cuando Hablamos de Amor by Raymond Carver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor has ratings and reviews. Edward said: I’ve read five stories so far in this book of short stories a.

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de Que Hablamos Cuando Hablamos de Amor : Raymond Carver :

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de Que Hablamos Cuando Hablamos de Amor

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Paperbackpages. Published May by Anagrama first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Being a writer of short stories myself, naturally I was interested in reading a master I had previously not known about. I had pretty high expectations. The time seemed right on this 4-day, holiday weekend. I read the next one and it was the same. John Lennon read the book and said something about not even understanding what the guy was talking about.

I would think any good writer must be able to do those things as requirements — but he has to go beyond that and maybe even have a point to the story. I was hablajos extremely annoyed with his speech attributions, telling one entire story with the narrator saying things like: I had to keep re-reading paragraphs to understand hablamoa the hell I was reading. Imagine if someone painted a toilet. And the critics raved about what a master painting it was.

And my god, just look at the shitstains! You can practically smell them. The guy has talent. Attenzione, reazione a caldo: Prendo congedo da questo libro con un “oh, finalmente. Di una noia mortale, dialoghi inverosimili che non hanno un minimo di spessore, di senso del reale e anche di senso in generale.

A me questi racconti non hanno comunicato nulla. Hablsmos coin Attenzione, reazione a caldo: Primo libro di Carver che leggo. Resta un libro che non consiglio, se non a chi soffre di problemi seri di insonnia. View all 5 comments.

I used to have no qualms about not finishing books I didn’t like until I got Goodreads. Now, I feel a strange sense of shame and peer pressure about leaving things unread. However, I have realized that you nablamos need to actually read all of the pages in a book in order to click the almost too-jubilant “I’m finished!

De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor by Raymond Carver (1 star ratings)

Let me be clear: I I used to have no qualms about not finishing books I didn’t like until I got Goodreads. I’ve been on the hold list at the library for months now and was so excited when it finally came in for me that I marched myself over there to pick it up right away.


I read the first story “Why Dd You Dance? I even excitedly told a friend to buy it too, as it seemed exactly like the kind of shit they’d be into a short story that is basically the plot of Superchunk’s “Driveway To Driveway”?

De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor

Fuck yeah, my dude. But then I kept reading. Story after subtle story about men cheating on their wives and using alcohol to cope with the unbearable melancholia of marriage and aging.

Sometimes I’d read a story and feel like I blinked cuxndo missed it completely, despite reading every word carefully “Mr. Still, I understand why this is a part of the literary canon, especially the “wannabe-writers-must-read-these-Real-Writers-in-order-to-Truly-Understand-Literature” one. In short, if you like stories about melancholy, grief, loss and despair in the contemporary world, you literally have a billion other options.

View all 3 comments. Jul 12, A. Realise that this may be controversial and alienate me a little but I honestly can’t identify with Carver’s spare, minimalist approach. I actually find his overt symbolism and naked prose annoying and overrated. If he loved his re or had wanted to tell a meaningful story, he would have fuando beyond this format and so shown that there is more to any life than soaking in booze, depression and mild insanity.

He condescendingly ripped open painful moments and let it lie there hablamls the reader to withdraw in nausea, or pity the fools. He didn’t exert the effort to flesh out these characters and let us see them without the degrading sparseness of language which blacks out every Untrue. He didn’t exert the effort to flesh out these characters hwblamos let us see them without the degrading sparseness of language which blacks out everything but misery.

These stories are caricatures with no true interest in their subjects and the point ultimately lies in the shock value of it all. And so they are untrue stories. I read this last night. It seems I have to stop choosing new books when I’m tired. This was a terrible choice. View all 8 comments.

Hablamoos read this because I was about to graduate with my MFA in creative writing and Cuanod was afraid they wouldn’t mail out my diploma when they found out I amir read Carver. All I can say is: What we talk about when we talk about drinking in every fucking story. What is the big fuss hsblamos this book? It is by far the worst short story book I have ever touched. No meanings, no feelings and definitely no accord between the stories.

I only have one word for it: I also think I need habblamos just give up on the short story genre. Reading the rave reviews of this book and the author being pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, my expectations were exceedingly high. But the book description is not sitting well with me. I found no point to most of these stories some were just four pages.


Chris Larkin, why did you recommend me this book?? Didn’t grip me, had to force myself to finish it hoping for something that’d make reading it worthwhile but, nothing. Couldn’t get through this in January And now, 4 years later haven’t been able to for the second time.

However, I happened to be reading it the same weekend I went to see Birdman, where there are more than references to the title of this book – it’s based on? So I was able to get through that.

Still can’t see what all the fuss is cuqndo Mr. Tried to be understanding with this book, but it was just frustrating. I unlike the lady in the above story was not interested. My opinion of this book can best be summarised in this text based exchange between me and a friend when I was at the halfway point: Oh FFS this book is stupid.

Not going to try Proust any time soon then? Three books of Realism with little plot. Then Proust can do one. For a genre that apparently replicates the way real people interact I have never read such stilted conversation.

If this is how Americans talk when they are alone then I have to assume all Americans are boring and emotionally constipated. Finishing this book was a real struggle and I am thanking God that it was a book of short stories as I think anything longer would have actually finished me off. I think that was mostly because the protagonist made me angry. It was genuinely the only story that made me feel anything at df, hence why I latched on to it.

Upon finishing I immediately gave my book to the friend I mentioned above. I have no doubt he will enjoy it more than I did. Which is not hard. I enjoyed Norovirus more. Not an enjoyable read, and never at any point felt hooked to read more.

Falling into the latter of the categories, this collection of short stories felt like reading the first 15 pages of a full-length novel over and over again. A lot of these could carevr boiled down to exactly the same thing, as the themes from one story to the next are identical.

With only a few aspects switched up here and there, it was mind-numbingly difficult at points to get through this book, as I felt like I had just read a similar variation to the story being told only a few pages before. If I could one day see what I liked about hablamls two in the other stories within this book, I could very well appreciate this work as a whole.

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