June 17, 2020

General Requirements; Start Date; Value and Duration of Award; Part-time Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship; Deferment of Award; Payment. NSERC – Professors – Summary of Changes – Tri-Agency The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Moving Equipment or an Unexpended Equipment Grant · Deferral of. Award holder: individual who has an active award from CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC . Deferment: a delay in the start date of the award beyond the available start.

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Recipients of SFU graduate awards are responsible for reviewing and abiding by the Senate regulations governing university awards outlined in the Graduate Student Admission Handbook pdf.

Graduate awards are paid through your go.

Award holders are expected to limit their number of hours of employment in order to excel in their graduate program. Note that, while internal awards are competitive, the eligibility and selection criteria are always taken into consideration.

Project Changes – Research Services – Simon Fraser University

A secondary review takes place with a university wide adjudicating committee. Although the committee is comprised of graduate program chairs, committee composition does change in the case of agency specific committees eg. nesrc


To ensure timely payment, the form should be submitted approximately 1 month before returning to your graduate program. Visit the Award Payments for further steps.

Two months before the start date of your nsdrc, you will need to print the “Confirmation of Commencement Form” available through your ResearchNet account and obtain proof of registration from the Registrar’s Office confirming your registration as a fulltime student. These two documents will need to be sent to support cihr-irsc.

Getting Paid & Maintaining Fellowship | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – McGill University

Reinstating Your Award after a leave: Award Payments Graduate awards are paid through your go. Employment Award holders are expected to limit their number of hours of employment in order to excel in their graduate program.

Failure to submit a progress report will result in award payments being suspended until a satisfactory progress report is received. Completed reports must be submitted to dgsaward sfu. Submit a one page outline of changes to dgsawards sfu. Deferring or Interrupting Award Internal SFU awards will only be deferred when a written request is received from the graduate program.


A copy of all documentation sent to the agency must be sent to dgsawards sfu. Withdrawal from Graduate Program All Graduate Award holders must maintain continuous registration during the tenure of their award.

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If you withdraw from your program, your awards are prorated to the effective date of withdrawal from a degree program. Leave from Graduate Program Award holders are not eligible to receive their award during academic terms in which they are officially on-leave from their program.

Students are asked to advise the Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows to arrange for the suspension of their award payments until their return from on-leave status. The hserc whether to re-initiate payment of any award requires approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies or designate. Roles and Responsibilities of Evaluation Committee Members It is the responsibility of the evaluating committee members to:

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