June 25, 2020

One of the most unique devices of , the ASUS Eee Note EA is an 8-inch shade grayscale slate that’s designed to focus squarely on. Hi All, I think the title speaks for itself. I am searching everywhere for the Asus Eee Note EA after it was recommended to me yesterday on. The Asus Eee Note isn’t a tablet replacement and it lacks some fancier features. However, what it does, it does well and it is priced.

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Great for ra800 in school or office, but not a full-fledged tablet pc. I have used it for a few weeks now and it has worked great for those purposes. Not the e-ink display of a kindle or nook but looks just as good to me. I haven’t used it long enough to judge eye strain. I imagine it’s not as good as the e-ink but better than an iPad since the ea080 is not backlit.

Review of the Asus EEE Note EA800 Tablet PC

Most importantly, it’s great for handwriting notes – no more paper notebooks for me. The six inch kindle is too small for me.

I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because I would prefer a larger, more comfortable stylus – something that felt like a real pen in the hand although the included stylus is perfectly usable. I also hate the touch controls at the bottom also hated them on the da800 drs They are easily disabled so you don’t accidentally touch them as you are writing or drawing but I would prefer push buttons on the sides like the kindle.


Overall do n’t regret the purchase at all.

ASUS Eee Note EA Note-Taking Tablet In-Depth Hands-On

I prefer to write stuff using a pen and paper ea8000 than type it out – this includes essentially scribbling quick notes during meetings, creating to do tasks for the day, shopping lists etc. Though i owned a tablet kindle fire 1 but storing lists on that, despite excellent apps was a chore that came in the way of, rather than suppliment, thinking. This device is an excelent note taking machine and more. The screen contrast, though not the greatest is more than passable for a man of average eyesight.

Please watch some jesse b anderson videos on youtube for more info on this device. It’s a nice product, not perfect but useful. Designers should put coil in the very tip of the pen so it would not be necessary to do calibration.

Calibration is not an easy task and causes poor accurate writing. Some magnets around the device also causes these problems. I’ll wait asue eeNote.


The device is very nice for scribble, and doing schoolwork. The text is a little coarse when assus is converted to pdf. Skip to main content. With 4GB internal memory, the Asus Eee Note e-Book reader allows you to store up to 20, handwritten notes or 10, ebooks.

ASUS Eee Note EA 4GB, Wi-Fi, 8in – Black | eBay

These 42 templates with customizable tag options in this Asus Eee E800 e-Book reader allow you to give a personal touch to your notes. The ultra-sensitive touchscreen of this Asus PDA makes your work easier and faster.

Product Key Features Storage Capacity. Show More Show Less. More items related to this product. Apple iPad 6th Gen. Apple iPad Pro 3rd Gen. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 You may also like. Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews. Replace your paper notebooks. Excellent product for taking notes and reading books.

Nice, useful, but not accurate It’s a nice product, not perfect but useful. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

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