August 2, 2020

I need to run several netlists in ELDO since the first netlist has Typical corner .inc netlist_tt) i need to change it for the second run for .inc. The spice simulator we will use to simulate Design Architect (DA) designs is called ELDO. ELDO is invoked by typing eldo, where filename is the file. pole approximation (DPA) to enhance simulation speed. An alternative built-in SPICE solver. Device model libraries fully compatible with Eldo and HSPICE.

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Fldo colleges are not as safe as they seem. Sexual assault is pervasive and the treatment of the victim by the adminstration is often as damaging as the assault: Campus SurvivorsCampus Survivors Forum.

Some of our other sites that you might find useful: AvendesoraInform and QuantiPhy. Pavel Senior Member Offline Posts: May 07 th, 3: Hello, How can I use Eldo models in Spectre simulator? Reply 1 – May 7 th, 4: Pavel, For the most part, they should work as is. Have you tried that? Just make sure that the file does not have a “. Reply 2 – May 7 th, 7: Andrew, First, thank you for zpice answer.

Yes, I already tried it. But it was not sufficient. In Eldo model there are functions for example trunc that are not recognized by Spectre parser. I searched for level 60 in Spectre Reference manual, but without success. Reply 3 – May 7 th, 8: If at first you do succeed, STOP, raise your standards, and stop wasting your time. Reply 4 – May 8 th, 5: Geoffrey, First, thank you for response.

There are quite a lot of differencies. As number of parameters is huge aboutit’s rather difficult or time consumming to establish correspondance.

Apart from this I’ve found in Design Kit file with extension. What is this spkce and can I use it? I’ve noted that when I run simulation in ADE, first 5 lines in log window are: Reply 5 – May 8 th, 5: Pavel wrote on May 8 th, 5: Reply 6 – May 9 th, 1: Reply 7 – May slice th, 1: Your kit uses an intermediate step between the actual transistor instantiation and the model parameter call.


So your problem is this intermediate step the. If you don’t care much for it at this step you could just remove it. Spectre has probably a totally different way to define a probability distribution for a simulation parameter, which in this case is not a model parameter, but simply a subcircuit parameter local to the subcircuit I’d skip this and just get the normal simulation to run, and study later how the ELDO way differs from the Spectre way.

It’s curious that they are being loaded at all, since you do not need those models in your circuit I don’t know if the CMI interface for Spectre is publicly documented, if that’s your question. Reply 8 – May 9 th, 4: Some question concerning your advices. Reply 9 – May 9 th, 4: Reply 10 – May 9 th, 4: Pavel wrote on May 9 th, 4: I didn’t really understand what is the contents of this file.

I’ve just founded it it Design Kit.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

Reply 11 – May 14 th, 3: Indeed, I would try to figure out how to get spic “nominal” simulation to run and then worry about mismatch later, as imd1 suggests. Reply 12 – May 14 th, 5: Previous error is corrected. Now problem is with model. Here is error message from spectre log window: Error found by spectre during circuit read-in.

Where is the problem? Reply 13 – May 14 th, 6: In spice format, it’s. Reply 14 – May 14 th, 6: Geoffrey, I don’t use leading “.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification | InnoFour BV

In any way I tried 2 options – with and without. Please Login or Register.


Please follow the Forum guidelines. I know every simulator adds a few special flags, but it should be just a few. For the moment I’ve problem with model syntax. At the begining of Eldo model there is following piece of code Code: It didn’t like function trunc. The Spice homologue of Eldo trunc is int.

When I replace trunc by intspice parcer gives error. Then I tried Spectre parser. PARAM by parameters and trunc by floor. For Spectre such syntax is uncomprehesible.

In which directio should I follow adaptation to Spectre or Spice sppice how could I circumvent problems mentionned above.

If I properly undestand you, the contents of this file is compiled models.

So, it should be spic way to use them? What does “intermediate step” mean? When using Spectre parser I, of course, suppress the point.

So where is the problem? But in this case another problem rises – trunc function. When I try replace trunc by intparser gives an error. I think you also need a license key.

Spice Eldo Aternating netlist and include files

It will automatically be loaded if it is needed. But the equations are useless without the appropriate parameters. I tried as you suggested – suppresed Monte-Carlo statements. I also changed parameter names to lowercase to be them compatible with Spectre bsim4 parameters. Then I tried to generate netlist for small test schema please, see on the picture. Results – parser passes without errors – nmos isn’t present in netlist – in Spectre log window I see following information: Notice from spectre during topology check.

Only one connection to the following 2 nodes: Advertise on this site.

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