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Published dstimate Oct View Download Camarines Sur ill Electric Co-operative Inc. Presented are the various parts of the distribution line construction showing the different accesso- 1 ries used eshimate serve as visual a. The second edition is the outcome of numerous suggestions prompting improVement of the first edition. Generally, no effort was spared to come out with a better edition. For this second edition, the.

Gil Mananzala who drafted most of the figures presented and to those persons who have.

Download Fajardo, Max, Jr. – Electrical Layout and Estimate (2nd Edition)

Series and Parallel Circuit S-4 Metal Halide Lamp. Contrary to some belief. On the elecrical haiid. The Neutron is that particle of an Atom which is not elec-trically charged and weighs slightly more than the prOton.

That, all matters are made up of moleculeS. That, atom contains neutrons, electrons and protons. It is neither positive or. That, the electron of an atom of ar.

Ion is the tenn applied to an atom or molecule which is not electrically balanced. It is an atom or molecule that.

Therefore, the presence of electi’Oris in uny organic or inorganic substance is a. In other words, voltage is the electronwtwe force. Comparatively, to have 12 volts is like having.

It is the amount of curreilt flow. When there is too much flow of electric ity in a small cimductor or wire, heat is produced which e”e. Watt – is the rate or measure of power used or consumed. It represents the equivalent heat volts and ampere consumed by lights, appliances or motors. A term comnwnly labeled on light bulbs or appliances, giving us ari idea of what kind of circuit would be installed. Watt a Sttish inventor. Circuit refers to the wire inStallations that supply cilrrCnt to light and convenient outlets.


Resistance – is the friction or opposition to the flow of cur. For direct cur-rent DC. Cross Sectional Area of Wire. The bigger the cross sec-tional area of. A cuxrent will only flow if a cir-cuit is foqned comprising a complete loop and contains all the ‘ following required components.

Source of voltage 2; A closed loop of wiring 3. An electric load,4. A means of opening and closing the circuit. The DC electricity, flows in one direction. The nonnal souree of a DC electricity, is-the drY cell or storage battery. The AC electricity constantly re-verses- its direction of flow. This type of curreilt is universally accepted because of its unlimited mimber of layoug with the following ad-vantages.

It could be transfonned into higher voltage. It cOUld be distribution to far distance with low voltage drop. It is more efficient compared with the direct cuncnt: Once a layyout controversy emued betWeen the propc: The AC advocates on the other hand, countered that.

Wersts itS polaritY oil eacll altematiori aild reverses its ditectian of flow for e8i:: The nuinber estijate times this cycle of plus and minus lOop oc-cur per second is called the Frequency of alternating current AC expressed in cycles per seCond normally referred to as Hertz hz nam: The voltage is constant and never changes in polarity.

A circuit operating at increased voltage, has a lower power loss, power voltage drop; aDd eixmOmically constructed for us-ing smaller copper wires. On transmission and distribr. This is the main reason why Alternating Current AC gained more fir. In thC USA, ail ordinary house current is described as volts 60 hertz. In the same manner. This is ed lm pedance, the electtical ‘tenn for Friction ‘in ‘AC electricity. Electtical a direct current DC electricsl, this Impedance is called Resistance.

Download Fajardo, Max, Jr. – Electrical Layout and Estimate (2nd Edition) –

However, both are expressed in the unit. Under the principles of DC electricity. Cal-culate the current and power in. Take note the difference betWeen volt-amperes and watts. The relationship between the current, voltage and re. Determine the current flow in a circuit having a resistaitce of 5 Ohms.


It can be concluded from the foregoing. Economy through the use of smaller wires. Smaller percentage of power drop. What is the current. When current rises-instantly tO a.

The voltage is directly proportional to the number of Windings or turns. The same ncmsfbrmer could be used. Power ax Energy is tOO ‘frequently interchangeably used: Power is the technical term for the common: The concept of power irivolve. Thus, multplying puwer by time gives energy. It is associated with. Power in Electric Circuit The measu. When multiplied bythe product is called Kilowatt. Thus, 1watts ‘is One Kilowatt. Po-wer has several fonns: An eleCtric heater produces heat or, theonal power, and light bUlb produces both heat and light that is measured in.

Watt is the power tenn. It is a measure of the power consumetl. The power input in.

Max Fajardo Electrical Layout and Estimate – Free Download PDF

D;ected to a socket witll’v. Calculate the power drawn. Where power factor pf in a purely resistive circuit, such as. A water heater draws I o amperes at volts cUrrent sup. Oetennine the monthly energy consumption 0′ the follow-ing appliances: Appliarlces Elec;tric I ron. If the average cost of energy not power is P5.

In a Parallel Circuit, the Voltage is the same, but the cur-rent differs. Take note that in a parallel arrangement; aU c-Urrent loads cumulativ. The power loss in. Comparatively, a watts appliance rating has l 0. For a volicurrent supply we have: This is the mahi reason for the almost worldwide use of volts current replacing the volts line for practical and eConomical reasons.

The advantages of us. The owner of a 5 kw. The owner Was given an optioh tO avail of either or volts service. What is ‘the good choice if the circuit line has a resis-tance of ‘. electrifal

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