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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Romance readers around the world were sad to note the Enchanting Samantha – Kindle edition by Betty Neels. Romance. Enchanting Samantha (Harlequin Romance #) [Betty Neels] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Samantha sympathized with the. Enchanting Samantha (The Best of Betty Neels) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Enchanting Samantha Paperback – Import,

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks enchantig telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Enchanting Samantha by Betty Neels. Enchanting Samantha by Betty Neels. Samantha sympathized with the problems of the elderly Dutch woman who was admitted to the hospital where she worked. But she beyty realize that her encounter with Juffrouw Boot’s employer, the striking Giles ter Ossel, would bring her so much heart-searching.

Enchanting Samantha: Betty Neels: : Books

Perhaps one shouldn’t get involved with one’s patients? PaperbackHarlequin Romance Published May by Harlequin Books first published December To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Enchanting Samanthaplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Oct 02, Kay rated it really liked it Shelves: The dear Dutch lady speaks no english and Samantha speaks no dutch, but they understand one another brilliantly. Unfortunately, the very handsome Dutch doctor who employs the woman as his housekeeper, has somehow rubbed up the wrong side of Samantha.

Giles is not part of the London hospital but as neelss friend of the hospital chief he’s convinced the doctors to all chip in to help the nurses out when the housekeeping staff are all out on strike.

He uses the strike to pay a lot of attention to her and soon, Sam has to samanttha that Giles is indeed charming and as it turns out very kind and considerate as well. After a few days off from the hospital, Samantah returns and is surprised to find she’s been transferred to the private ward and put in charge of a young dutch woman. Antonia is very beautiful and from a ennchanting to do nels, and much to Sam’s surprise Giles is a very good friend.

Enchanting Samantha

When Antonia is ready to leave the hospital, the family asks for Sam to accompany her back to Holland for a few weeks while she continues to recover. Giles is very persuasive, and Sam agrees with great reluctance. Sam’s fallen in love with him and knows the trip will only increase her heartache, as Antonia has bettty in many ways that she’s about to be engaged. Sam’s a very generous and caring young woman but she’s also very sensible. She knows she’s not a beauty and though she desires to some day marry and have children, she realizes that rnchanting her life will be a nursing career.

Enchanting Samantha – Kindle edition by Betty Neels. Romance Kindle eBooks @

Giles is very charming and at first she’s sure his attentions are only his way of having fun. In fact, he does come right out and tell her that she’s quite plain, but he calls her his enchanting Samantha. Of course, Giles fell in love with her at first sight, and is rather surprised that Sam doesn’t seem to like him. It was a very nice treat to visit again with them. I’ll have to make note of the characters in Betty Neel’s Holland books to see if there are other connections.


I adore stories with glimpses of past couples; it’s like a peek into their HEA. You wouldn’t think any girl with a lick of sense would even consider running away to Brazil with a man like this around. TGB must have hated a girl named Antonia because this younger sister of Rolf’s has been the cause of a misunderstanding in two of her books! I like a feisty, sassy heroine but Sam bordered on the rude and even worse, came across as a martyr.

That said, it was lovely visiting with Rolf and Sappha and the Baroness again. It is not as bad as I previously thought. There are some memorable bits. Giles, of course, is still just as wonderful as before. Antonia at least is blameless as to Samantha’s misunderstanding. I particularly liked the description of Baby Rolf with his miniature satyr’s eyebrows ha!

And of course, the part where Sam plans to run down a Brazilian mine. As one of the Betties put it, “Giles does everything but put up billboards and hire sky writers. Samantha stubbornly ignores it all.

As Giles is driving her to Schiphol, “Samantha knew now, deep in her bones, that he liked her. I’m glad I reread this. Jul 02, Leona rated it really liked it Shelves: Poor Giles, he has his work cut out for him.

Heroine was a bit too prickly for my taste and a bit dense when it came to people and relationships, but still an enjoyable story from Betty Neels. I don’t know if it’s just the mood I’m in, but I found this book really amusing. I couldn’t help smiling as I read about poor Samantha, a quite likable young woman, who is convinced she’ll have to learn to live without the man she loves. She keeps trying to tell herself it won’t be so bad When of course I know that he’s already already interested in her and eventually they’ll end up together.

I really liked Giles, a RDD who doesn’t mind picking up a dish mop and washing dishes. And any man I don’t know if it’s just the mood I’m in, but I found this book really amusing.

And any man who irons is a winner in my mind. The plot moved along well, and if there weren’t any surprises – well who reads a book like this to be surprised? It felt like a lovely visit with an old friend over their kitchen table – comfortable, friendly and fun.

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Feb 27, Fiona Marsden rated it really liked it. Giles is rather a lovely hero and we see right from the start that he is rather taken with Samantha. He thinks she is Enchanting despite admitting she is no great beauty. Samantha, like many Neels heroines takes against Giles at the start but he soon wins her over. So much so that she starts to think maybe he does fancy her.


Despite the oh so lovely Antonia who we met in her brother Rolf and Sappha’s story. It’s all about the misunderstandings in this book, though it doesn’t help when Samantha’s f Giles is rather a lovely hero and we see right from the start that he is rather taken with Samantha.

A nice romance with a pleasant visit with some old friends. Jul 08, Janie rated it liked it Shelves: A very sweet sqmantha.

Nothing really special about it. Not a favorite Betty but okay to read on a long car ride, came across this one on Scdbd and couldn’t remember reading it before.

The heroine usual plain but kind nurse was a bit too snippy and quick to jump and frankly got on my nerves – I wasn’t sure why betfy hero bothered with her!

Of course we’re supposed to figure it’s lack of experience with men but she didn’t have the usual calm, common sense and humor Betty usually gives her heroines at least the ones I like and re-read!

Still, light, Not a favorite Betty but okay to read on a long car ride, came across this one on Scdbd and couldn’t ssamantha reading it before. Still, light, fun brain candy after weeks of working my way through “Phineas Enhcanting and more than I ever wanted to know about passing a reform bill in the Victorian British parliament, so I enjoyed it! Feb 09, Deborah D. Betty Neels fans, light romance. A slight twist – the Dr. Otherwise this fits the Neels mold perfectly.

I enjoy these romances because they are so consistently pleasant, though I admit that the lack of women’s lib drive in the nurses a little disconcerting.

Mar 13, Helen Manning rated it it was amazing. One of her best. Great characters; Samantha and Giles, revisiting with old friends Sappha and Rolf. Typical misunderstandings pepper the landscape but Giles is a kind and patient man willing to wait for his HEA until Sam is brought up to speed.

My first Betty Neels. I can’t believe I am nwels discovering her now. Can’t wait to read more. Apr 13, Mudpie rated it liked it. So too did Sappha,s mother, and her sister-in-law and mother-in-law! Once again Antonia was made to seem the Other Woman, though it’s all a big nfels But someone asked, could it have been a verb instead?

Giles came across a bit sneering and mockingn the initial encounters with Enchaanting, and poor norma 3.

Giles came across a bit sneering and mockingn the initial encounters with Sam, and poor normally friendly and pleasant girl just could not help but dislike Giles!

He knew it too! Then began the ” enchanting [of] Samantha”. She was so prickly and grouchy! My burning question was always how did our heroines enchantign with laundry.

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