June 17, 2020

From the GL interface type drop-down list, select FundWare. transaction export files using AR/Cash > Process month-end procedures > Create GL Journal. The Year-End Post procedure creates a Closing trace report. This trace posts the Make a complete backup of all FundWare data files. 4. Using the list. You can go to Explorer, find your server drive, find FundWare, create a new Any files that cannot be addressed by the File Maintenance procedures will be.

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File reorgs are run through FileMaint. They can be run for a full division or for specific files. Verify there is a valid backup of the division. Have all users sign out of FundWare.

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You can go to Explorer, find your server drive, find FundWare, create a new folder under Fundware called Maint. Under Maint, create 2 new folders, one for Backup, and one for Results.

To help us in fundwars support of you and your use of FundWare, we suggest the following directory path: You are not required to use this suggested path. EXE file to open.

Error: Error occurred @ process Step:invalid procedure call or argument

The FundWare File Maintenance feature displays. The Options window displays. Select the check box to hide i. Type the Data directory path in the Data directory text box, or click the ellipsis to search for the directory. File Maintenance will enter a default directory based on your FundWare system. This is an optional step, but this will give a cleaner picture in case of error as to which files were involved in the current file maintenance.


You can either type in the file or use the search option. At Filter, choose either: If you select a division from the drop-down list, File Maintenance may display the search results without this step. All files in the directory that meet the filter criteria display in the detail pane below.

Any files that cannot be addressed by the File Maintenance procedures will be highlighted with a pink row color. L95, all the report files for division 95 will display, but these files are not data files.

Therefore, they are highlighted with pink and you will not be able to complete any of the File Maintenance tasks. If there are any questions on files with zero records or Error Messages in the Comment Column, please contact Blackbaud Fundware Support. This task is intended to provide you with a method of backup for small groups of files before completing other File Maintenance tasks.

It is not intended to replace more secure methods of backing up your data i. You should not prkcedures on this feature as fundwware only method of preserving your data. A confirmation message displays.

Error: Error occurred @ process Step:invalid procedure call or argument – Blackbaud Knowledgebase

Your files are backed up to the specified directory. This results directory acts as a temporary directory. From this directory, you can copy the results to your data directory. This is a precaution, allowing you to review the results of the reorg fundwae you commit to changing your data files. We strongly suggest that you complete a backup of your files before fundwarr the reorg process.


Review the results in the detail pane.

The numbers in the Rec Wrt column should match those in the Data Rec column and the comments should be Reorg Complete for any files that were not skipped. How to Reorg with FileMaint. Was this article helpful?

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