July 9, 2020

Lizenzantrag Audio | CD Vinyl Lizenzantrag Tonträger | GEMA-Formular → Jetzt herunterladen Lizenzantrag Eigenrepertoire | CD Vinyl Lizenzantrag. As soon as your licence application has been successfully examined, GEMA will send you Information relating to membership of an association (e. g. GEMA). GEMA Meldungen leicht gemacht & INSPIRED USB Stick „V5“ We can imagine that filling out GEMA / AKM / SUISA cue sheets for your TV and radio productions is not something you really love to do. Lizenzantrag.

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You can also send us the songs as an audio CD by post.

Tariffs & forms

If sending a master per post, please use a Jewelcase or similar packaging to minimise lizenzantragg risk of damage during transport. It is not a problem if one track flows into the next. Most CD players can read and gma this information.

If you import them with DPI, they will be in the original size and you can simply insert pictures, photos and text into the template. In that case you can get us to do the whole layout for you. In principal, just like you want it.

You can ask us for some sample designs or have a look in the tutorials where there are several layout examples. Lizebzantrag mail contains your account details. Large order or orders with additional option — like shrink wrapping — can take one or two days longer.

We use UPS which means your order will be lizehzantrag you within two days. You can pay either by bank transfer or by PayPal. Fine, we are really fast. We can produce and send out practically every combination of disc and packaging within 1- 3 days. Just choose the Lizebzantrag Option in the configurations and think about express delivery if you are not picking up your discs yourself. In any case please let us know when you want your discs to arrive.


There are two possibilities in this case: If we are looking after the registration we can send out the discs before the release form is there. Alternatively send us the signed licence application along with a scanned copy of the copyright agreement so that we can check the application and send it to GEMA. No problem, send us a mail or better still, call us.

You can reach us Monday — Friday from 9: Every company that duplicates discs, has to register every production run.

You still have to fill out the form even if you are not a member — fees are due on cover songs for example. GEMA checks whether fees are due or not based on the information on your licence application. If the composer is not a member of GEMA, then no fees are due.

Gema lizenzantrag

The charge covers our extra work. In this case you will receive an extra invoice directly from GEMA for the fees. Every service is meant as a flat charge per songs, you have to specify the number of tracks in your order. Some details of our services: Oizenzantrag intervention soundwise [e. If needed we also correct distortion, remove clipping, clicks as good as possible. It’s the last step of music production. Our studio – which meets international standards, already provides a selection of finest high-end equipment such as: Please check out some samples of his work on SoundSloud.


We also regularly publish examples of our latest work on Facebook. More about our Mastering Services. If you like, we’re more than happy to help you with all issues in terms of graphics. This ranges from just consultation to full layout service for your project. Here lizenzantarg some more details: Adaptation to our templates: We check your material and make sure that it fits our templates perfectly. Single pages will be matched to e. Of course we focus on checking that no important information touches the bleed so it won’t be in danger of getting accidentally cut off somewhere.

But on request we also take care of the text layout e. We make sure that everything is readable and that no logos, pics, etc. Basically as the above services. Intergrating all elements artistically into the whole piece of liizenzantrag and creating a look and feel of it all being from one designed piece.

Let our graphic designer surprise and hopefully convince you. Gma be amazed by what he is able to get out of your existing piece of artwork and designs. We design the entire artwork for you. Usually you would pay for a service like that per hour – however we offer it for an attractive flat fee.

Ilzenzantrag get an idea of what we are talking about – here are some examples created by our very talented and enthusiastic graphic designer Steve: More about our Graphic-Services.

CD CD manufacturing in small counts.

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