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Please Subscribe, Like, and Rate ****** This is a mini book review and demonstration on how I. Chicoro’s Grow It serves as a perfect example of experiential proof enough that Chicoro knows not only how to grow afro textured hair, but to. Meet Chicoro, Beautifying Women Bit By Bit on a Global Scale! I am the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, “Grow It: How to Grow Afro-Textured Hair to.

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Hair is my passion! There are two kinds of hair: With acceptance, patience, understanding and care, all textures of hair flourish and can become beautiful. I know this to be true from having worked with every hair texture imaginable, over the last 10 years. Although my name is Adrienne Tyson, I am known in the hair world as Chicoro. I was dubbed, Ms. Chicoro by those I have helped.

In I left behind everything that I have ever known and moved to Lyon, France. My plan was to study French for 1 year, get some in-depth training in England, then return to the United States. I let go of everything “hair”, or so I thought. My sole purpose for attending was to have the chance to meet my mentor, the world renowned Dr. Alan Swift, in person. He was the plenary speaker and the chairman of the planning committee for the symposium in Germany.

He considers himself a scientist, and has over 40 years in the hair care industry. I met him when I sent an email to get clarification about the cells on the hair structure that creates curl patterns on the strand. He then added that he thought I knew just as much about cosmetic chemistry as a professional cosmetic chemist. Two events made me realize that I was truly an expert in my field. I received a note from Dr.

He then said that in his lecture he would like to include in it mention of my approach to lengthening Afro hair by the process that minimizes damage. He added in his written message to me that, “[ hair is] a subject close to your heart and about which you are attaining global status! My poster was 6 feet by 4 feet.

Thus, even after the two expert defining incidents, I continued to live away from the hair world. I just figured that everyone knew what was in my books and that I was done. One night, I was at one of my favorite spots, a cozy French restaurant near the center of Lyon. Who would have ever thought simply acknowledging my birthday would thrust me back into the world of hair? He made me promise to come to his restaurant to have dinner, to share a glass of champagne on my special day.

The Grow It! Book Review (Part 1)

Gorw ordered my dinner as usual and he brought me a glass of the sparkling, golden elixir. We toasted and clinked glasses and he returned to the kitchen. To the left was an older couple and the wife asked me the reason for the champagne. She asked me how I got to France and my book came up. To my right was a ggrow who I noticed coming in. I could see her hair was broken off griw the front edges of her hairline.

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This woman overheard me talk about my book. After a few minutes, she asked me for some help. She invited me to her home. It was groow first VIP Day. I coached her on hair, products and tools and provided all that she needed to be autonomous and independent with her hair.

Her hair was glorious and she changed her clothes, put on makeup and had her husband record the moment by photographing her. She made about three calls to her family to talk about how happy she was with her hair. I literally saw her transform and change before my eyes in those few hours. She no longer felt cowered by her broken hair. Ut felt empowered from the knowledge I gave her.

She felt beautiful after I taught her how to apply the techniques to her hair, after just 1 time! Iy was a Moroccan woman with heavy, thick afro-textured hair that hung in long waves in its natural state. The same thing repeated over again. An Afro-Venezuelan woman, who wore clip-in extensions because she could never stop her hair chucoro breaking or get it to grow past her neck, was so touched by what I taught her that she made a video and sent it to her sister, cousin, mother and aunt who have since implemented the processes I taught her.

She flipped her hair back, pursed her lips as she put on a bright red lipstick, and smiled at her reflection. Now I see that I am beautiful.

Book Review: Grow it by Chicoro | People With Voices

I am known for teaching women how to rejuvenate their hair, so they can better appreciate it, using a process-based model that they can repeat. I realized that I had a calling and that I could no longer ignore it.

Fear and ignorance threatened to stop me from entering into this unknown zone. On a hair board I frequent a member posted a phrase about a woman who teaches how to launch businesses. From her I got the confidence I needed to overcome my fear and begin my professional journey and adventure! I have listened to the call. My doubts and fears have been allayed and provisions and preparations have been made.

I have completely and wholeheartedly committed to this adventure. Are you ready to join me for Acts 2 and 3 which always end in obtaining that magical outcome, this time specifically, for you hair? She provides high level training, coaching and mentoring for women who want to feel in control of their hair and beauty and who are ready to put in the work to make their hair goals a reality so that they can be their most beautiful, physical self from the inside out.

Her journey started when she was 14 and got her hair done for her 8 th grade graduation. The hair designer cut her hair up to her shoulders. She asked everyone she knew how grwo grow hair longer in an attempt to gain back the length that was cut. No one could ever answer the question. The final straw came when during class, while she was absently pulling on her pony tail, two to three inches of the ends broke off in the palm of her hand.

She started looking for how to gain length in hair books but was not satisfied with the information.


Most mainstream books excluded afro-textured hair or they stated the terrible threes: She began to read hundreds of articles and books, going from mainstream to scientific books related to hair. She if the information down to a very simple formula to be easily understood. It was through her research that she chidoro the key to growing afro-textured hair to longer lengths: The Grow It Process was built around this idea. She has been a teacher all her life, no matter what she does or where goes.

This helped move a young man from seeing himself as a high school drop-out, to having the confidence to go for and become a store manager. While in France, she coached a gentleman to help him realize his potential which enabled him to pursue and win a competitive, prestigious banking related 18 -month internship in New York. Chicoro has been mentioned in the New York Times and gave a lecture at the Black House, at Stanford University to an audience of 50 plus mostly, female students with afro-textured hair.

She is considered chidoro of the original Hair Gurus within the blogosphere and online. She has also been a guest on blogtalk radio and a contributor to numerous blogs and hair sites.

Chicoro loves learning foreign languages, visiting, and living abroad in foreign countries. She currently resides in Lyon, France. She speaks French with a strong American accent but has a weakness for chocolate croissants. She chiccoro also been a guest on blogradio and a contributor to numerous blogs and hairsites. Chicoro loves learning foreign languages, visiting and living abroad in foreign countries.

This book has now been translated into the French language and is available online. She is also the author of Hair Products She has helped women with afro-textured hair rejuvenate and appreciate their hair using a process based model. She provides training and coaching for women who are ready to put in the work to make their hair goals a reality so that they can be their most beautiful, physical self from the inside out.

She currently resides in France, beautifying afro-textured hair on the European continent! So, now you know why I love model-based processes! My very own mother thinks that I look a lot like the singer, Sade. I taught English in Japan for three years. I was born in a small town in the mid-western part of the United States and my godparents are Native American.

For a long time I was embarrassed, frightened and frustrated with this gift.

The Grow It! Book Review (Part 1)

An empath is a person who picks up information from emotions gros feelings and just knows information without having been told. Now I embrace and cherish this deeply spiritual, griw of myself. I speak English, Spanish, Japanese and French.

I coached a team of little girl cheerleaders numbering around 15, from the ages of 7 to I have received over 2, emails and notes from women, from all over the world, about their hair.

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