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(). Culture Matters. How Values Shape Human Progress. New York: Basic Books. Hejnicka-Bezwińska, T. (). Pedagogika Ogólna. (General Pedagogy) . Course title: General pedagogy, Name in Polish: Pedagogika ogólna General statements of pedagogy (T. Hejnicka – Bezwińska, M. Smith, J. Gnitecki, S. Polk . You can download any book by teresa hejnicka bezwinska in PDF for free at by Teresa Hejnicka-Bezwińska Release Pedagogika ogólna.

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The presentation of the theoretical basis of general education by focusing on the various proposals for its formal and content along with the elementary terminology and giving their sources.

Provide knowledge of the status of education in general, its historical background, anthropological, philosophical, scientific, metapedagogical, praxeological and methodology. Presentat the basic thematic units that make up the theoretical basis of general pedagogy current trends and ideologies of teaching, parenting philosophy, axiology of education, pedagogy methodological reasons; ontic basis of education and its social functions, language pedagogy and findings terminology, the identity of pedagogy; metatheory education, the relationship between theory and practice of education, place of education in the context of cultural change.

Show the different perspectives of specificity phenomena, events and facts educational and learning in the context of historical and cultural paradigmatic, narrative, transversal, discursive, holistic changes in the meaning of general pedagogy.

Show the impact of education on the development of general pedagogical knowledge subdisciplineseducational practice, together with an attempt to shape the course of education, such as pedagogy, in a society based on knowledge.

Present within the modern pedagogy and education of selected problems e. Improve the skills of precise formulation of their position orally and in writing through the use of a variety of sources and in a manner appropriate language to the intellectual capabilities of the addressee expression.

Reinforce the need for continued improvement and professional development and learning of these competencies that influence the development of personality. The aim of the lectures is to discuss and bringing different perspectives of education in general, by reference to the basic categories of education and pay particular attention to the “global” of course, that of education. Mastery of the material should help in understanding the essence and meaning of education pedagogy in general, as the primordial sub-discipline, and thus provide the basis for development of critical thinking, develop abstract thinking, indicating the basis of conceptual awareness of the nature of the model.


General pedagogy – Courses – Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu

The aim of seminars is to familiarize students with specific and general issues of pedagogy, with its theoretical foundations and its contemporary models and thematic complexes discourses. Issues to be covered include: Formal basis of general education – the project “suprapedagogy”.

Introductory information about general pedagogy definitions. General statements of pedagogy T. Basic education and education as a “generalized” subject pedagogy general. Categories shaping the scope of the structure of process pedagogy. Language education and establish terminology T.

The basic concepts of science and its sub- disciplines F. Subject pedagogy general where a plurality of strands and the concept of teaching J. The specific approach to the problems of general pedagogy and practice of educational theory M. In search of general – specificity pedagogical thinking and action D.

Association scientific theories of educational practice. Cognitive Perspective of modern pedagogy General T. Philosophical sources of formation of general pedagogy J.

Dyskursy o statusie bzwiska i dydaktycznym, Bydgoszcz Palka, Pedagogika w stanie tworzenia: Student can identify the theoretical basis of general education, sees its specificity. Student is able to recognize the different concepts of general education. Student is able to recognize the linkages general pedagogy and other disciplines.

Student can see the conditions shaping the form and content of education overall. Student is able to distinguish and classify the content of thematic units of general education.

Student can see bezwisks historical and cultural variability facts educational and parental influence on the understanding of general pedagogy.


Children’s Responsibility for Their Elderly Parents

Student is able to understand the impact of general education on the development of sub-disciplines and pedagogy as a matter of education. Student is able to demonstrate basic categories of pedagogy and general pedagogy. Student can demonstrate their skills, competencies and knowledge.

Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. You are not logged in log in. Faculty of Educational Studies. Education learning objectives of the program overall.

The tasks of general pedagogy. What directs teachers education program overall. Different understanding of education overall. What is the purpose reflection in the pedagogy of teaching general? General pedagogy as a search for regularity. Identity problems of education general.

How ultimately understand the general pedagogy? The terms hejjnicka the subject of educational research. The essence of modern pedagogy. Education as a fundamental tool for education overall.

The four pillars of education. Education, general and its key areas: Complexes of general education theme: Forms ledagogika general pedagogy: General pedagogy reduced to a science. General pedagogy reduced to philosophy.

General pedagogy reduced to a worldview. General pedagogy reduced to praxeology. Theory in education H. The first encounter with the subject of science F. The study by scientific knowledge J.

Building pedagogical theory K. Philosophical approach of general education R. Praxeological recognition of general pedagogy R. In search bezwiwka basic accuracy B. Nowak, Podstawy pedagogiki otwartej, Lublin Student can use the basic concepts of general pedagogy. Student can develop language skills.

Student can collaborate with colleagues in the group. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Methods of assessment lecture: This course is not currently offered.

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