HIOKI 3169-21 PDF

HIOKI 3169-21 PDF

June 24, 2020

CONNECTION CABLE (for D/A output, only) Hioki representative for repair. .. Use Hioki clamp-on sensor , , , , , or. The Hioki and are Clamp On Power HiTesters that allow measurement of single-phase to three-phase 4-wire circuits with a single unit. The Hioki / Power Analyzer Kit is a clamp on power meter designed to measure demand and harmonics, which are important for energy.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents Safety Notes 4 Screen Names And Display Elements 22 Connecting The Voltage Cords Using A Clamp-on Sensor option Connecting A Clamp-on Sensor Basic Wiring For Single-circuit Measurement Wiring For Multiple-circuit Measurement Checking The Wiring Setting The Wiring Method Setting The Synchronization Method Setting The Reactive-power-meter Method Setting The Display Average Times Setting The Voltage Range Setting The Vt Ratio pt Ratio Setting The Current Range Setting The Ct Ratio Setting The Clamp-on Sensor Setting Medium For Saving Data Setting The Data File Name Setting Normal Measurement-data Output Items Setting Harmonic Measurement-data Output Items Setting The Thd Calculation Method Setting The Rsc Setting The Lcd Backlight Setting The Id No Setting The Clock Displaying The Serial No.


Measuring Integrated Power Performing Demand Measurement Displaying A Harmonic Graph Displaying On A Zoom Screen Holding Displayed Measurement Data Selecting A Pc Card Initializing formatting The Internal Memory Initializing formatting The Pc Card Saving A Setting File Loading A Setting Nioki Deleting A File Saving Measurement Data Saving Measurement Data Manually Using A Printer Connecting The Printer Setting The Printer Response Of Output Maintenance And Service Repair And Servicing Headers Of Output Data Harmonic Phase Angles Chapter 1 Specification Chapter 2 Details On Interface Rsc Output Queue And Input Buffer Chapter 3 Command Function Command Reference Format Command Hierarchical Structure Enabled Commands By Status Initialization Item List Key Names Hioji Functions Confirm The Range View Measured Value Instrument Labels And Functions Screen Names And Display Elements Don’t have an account?

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