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Legjislatura, Kuvendi i Shqipërisë. -, Upper house, Senat. Historia Republika Shqiptare ishte emri zyrtar i Shqipërisë në vitet – Më 17 Kushtetuta e Republikës qe hartuar sipas asaj Amerikane, por natyrisht duke iu përshtatur. These include the monumental official histories comprised of the two volume Historia e Shqiperise of and , the four-volume Historia e Shqiperise of 1. historia e shqiperise dhe e shqiptareve by Hysni Myzyri and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Since the Declaration of Independence inAlbania has undergone administrative territorial reforms a total of 21 times. The country is presently divided into 61 municipalities and units of local governance. The first level of government is constituted by the municipalities bashkiwhich have resulted from merging several former municipalities and communities. After hiatoria, there are 61 municipalities in total.

The prevect is appointed as a representative of the Council of Ministers. Following the proclamation of Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire, the first Albanian government led by Ismail Qemali accepted the administrative organization sanctioned in the “Appropriate Kanun of the Albanian Civil Administration” announced on November 22,according to which the country was divided into three main levels.

The second and third administrative divisions were the sub-prefectures and provinces. Duringthe Albanian administrative territory was divided into several divisions.

According to the “Municipal Organic Law” adopted in and thereafter, with the “Civil Code” adopted in Februarythe administrative division was:. Became operational after It was mainly an element used in settlements of urban areas or cities.


Republika Popullore e Shqipërisë

They were historiq by the mayor and municipal council elected by citizens every three years. The village was the initial unit of the local administration.

shqperise The villages was ruled by the chief of village who was elected by the rural population where he ruled. It included several villages on the basis of tradition and social relations, ease of communication, the possibility of realizing the needs of residents, etc.

The communes center become the village where there were facilities to move the inhabitants or the goods of all the villages that were part of the commune.

It was the third level of local government, led by the sub-prefect, who was nominated by the prefect. The functions of the sub-prefecture consisted in the organization of order, civil status services etc.

Was the largest local government unit. The prefecture and the sub-prefecture exercised only executive functions.

In Septemberpopulation census was conducted. Inthe locality gained extensive use by dividing the country into 10 prefectures, 2 subdivisions called districts rretheand further into localities, villages and towns.

In Julythe county was abolished, dividing the country into 26 districts. The city of Tirana maintained the level of the district. According to this division, there were 26 districts, localities, villages, 39 cities and some of them had neighborhoods as ehqiperise smallest administrative unit. After was introtuced a new sub-division called united villages fshat i bashkuar.

In there were 26 districts, united villages, villages, 65 cities and urban neighborhoods. This administrative division was preserved until the late s, with some minor changes. In there were 26 districts, united villages, villages, 67 cities, urban neighborhoods. The city of Tirana consisted of 3 regions, which included several neighborhoods.


Historia e Shqipërisë përmes karikaturës –

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 9 September Ardiaei Albanoi Amantini Enchele Taulantii. Climate Biodiversity Habitat Protected areas.

Government agencies Head of state list Head of government list Foreign relations Political parties Treaties Visa policy.

Elections Assembly Speaker Members Opposition. Military Police Organized crime Prisons Border crossings.

Principata e Shqipërisë

Hydropower plants Wind farms Solar power. Oil and gas Mining. Castles Clock towers Mosques Churches Lighthouses. Demographics Census list Clans Noble families Diaspora. Architecture Photography Museums Theatres. Mythology Besa Secularism Religion Sworn virgins. National team Clubs Players Stadiums. Music Television Radio Cinema.

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