June 18, 2020

Grasscutters are easy and very cheap to rear. They can easily be reared at home, and it is a business venture that can be started on a small. And moreover, if you know how much you will be making from rearing grasscutter , then you look at every grasscutter you see with a precious. For us who love Agriculture, the expression of this passion is seen in the things we either grow, rear or trade. Starting on a Medium scale.

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The sweetened lemon juice, grasscuter it by adding sugar to lemon juice?. And what type of concentrate do I give the grasscutter. You can get concentrate feeds are livestock feed stores. List ho some of our products. We supply Nationwide ho your farm, shop or doorstep at an affordable price of NGN 1, per 25kg bag.

We sell vital feeds, hod feeds, hybrid feeds, animals care, and catfish feeds per 15kg and 25kg at an affordable price. We also ducks, bush birds, dogs of different types and breeds and many more. Sokoto farm is located i in Aliu, Sokoto South, Sokoto. River State branch Address: As is known to all, catfish has quite high nutritional value due to its good taste, delicate meat quality and its better dietary therapy function for those ill nourished people.

With the sweet flavor and warm in property, catfish is in favor of urinating and ho edema, becoming good item to promote lactation and essential food material for women to nourishing after childbirth. Among the cost of aquaculture, catfish feed makes up a large proportion due to the high price of fish feed, so Amisy suggests fish farmers to produce catfish by own through nutritious catfish feed production formulation, advanced catfish feed production technology and high performance fish feed machine.

Catfish Feed Formulation From the countless experience, if catfish farmers want to get more profits, they must attach great importance to catfish feed quality, not only focusing on feed price because high quality feed can greatly increasing economic benefits much higher than feed cost.

Then, it is very significant for those making their own feed to learn about catfish feed formulation knowledge and master the scientific and nutritional formula. Taking the below test for example: Catfish feed ingredients with percentage by weight in this formulation: Catfish feed production method: Weigh all feed stuffs – fully grinding all raw materials via fish feed grinder machine – pass through 50 mesh for screening – mixing – extrusion. Feeding conditions of this catfish feed: Feeding amount should be adjusted according to fish eating situation.

Feeding three times per day, and feeding time is respectively 9: We have very cheap quality local catfish feeds available for sale at N4, per 15kg bag. We offer FREE nationwide delivery. Agriculture is a very lucrative profession; everyone needs food because food is one of the basic needs of life; if I say food, not just any food but quality food. This is what the body needs to serve us better. This is why farming is the profession for all and sundry, we are just pretending.

Animal protein is very grassvutter to the body, there grxsscutter many sources of animal protein, poultry bird is the common source but there are other sources.

How to Start a Portable Grasscutter Farm.

Grasscutter is another good source, this micro livestock has turned many to million air es over time. What is a grasscutter? Gtasscutter, botanically called Thryonomys swinderianus and commonly called the Greater cane rat, is a micro livestock widely found in the grasslands, wet or marshy areas in Africa.


They used to be widely hunted but they can now be domesticated for commercial purpose. They are easy to manage and grow faster under intensive system with the production of quality protein. For you to start up a grasscutter business or any livestock business, housing reear the first factor you must consider.

Housing is key to grasscutter business. The type of house to keep grasscutter must be safe and able to protect the animals for adverse weather, external threats like flood and predators. The house must be well ventilated. Too are best raised under intensive housing system, this increases their growth rate. The capacity of the house depends on the size and numbers of the animals to be reared. The space requirement for a group of reproductive grasscutters comprising one adult male and four females is 1.

Rgasscutter for construction of the pen. To construct a pen that is conducive for the growth and well-being of the animals, the building should be well ventilated and facilitates enough light to enhance rearing activities.

The long sides of the structure are made of a low wall of about 1. The grsscutter can be made out of corrugated iron, straw or any other kind of waterproof material. The layout of the pens depends on the type of material used for their construction. Metal pens can be moved around, whereas brick pens will be fixed. It is not recommended to use materials such as straw, bamboo, wood or matting because they can easily be eaten away by the grasscutters.

There are basically two types of grasscutter farming cage; they are: There is an opening in the side that gives easy access to the farm and animals.

These are pens that are covered with appropriate roofing material, and may be divided into different compartments. The floor inside the building should be smooth and free from holes and crevices.

Also, there is reqr particular cage designed for easy handling, it’s called the squeeze cage. The squeeze cage is a compacted cage used to handle the animals more easily.

Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

The cage is designed such that its dimension is almost the same as the animal to be handled. The farmer can design this cage by building a rectangular cage with fine meshed screening. The size of the cage should base on the average weight of the animals in question. The squeeze cage should be built in such a way that the animal cannot turn around inside the cage.

Feeders and drinkers are component of any animal pen; feeding and drinking troughs can be made of cement or clay, and should be heavy enough so that the grasscutters grrasscutter displace them. These are easy to make; all that is needed is to make a mould out of wood or other scrap material.

Design rearr trough per three grasscutters. Growth and maturity are quite crucial in this venture because it aids reproduction processes and planning. A male grasscutter is sexually matured at 8 months reaching a minimum weight of 2. By nature, female animals mature rapidly.

How the poor can invest in grasscutter farming

A grssscutter grasscutter is sexually matured at 26 week with a minimum body weight of 1. During stocking, a male is enough to serve 10 females as the presence of male triggers the ovulation of the female.


The gestation period of a grasscutter is approximately 22 weeks, meaning that a grasscutter can gtasscutter reproduce twice in a year. A Grasscutter reproduces at least four offsprings per reproduction. These young animals suckle for 49 days before weaning. It is crucial to select good breeds for stocking; breed selection should not be done at random.

The selection should be made on the basis of weight; the male should be 0. Male and female that are closely related should not mate, but females of the same parent can be bred alongside with a male of another parent. Animals in good conditions should be stocked, animals with rough coat or skin should be avoided, so also animals with weepy eyes.

The male grasscutter can mate with several females in a single period.

The male, who can be identified by his wrinkled and brown genitals, is placed first in the pen so that it can mark his territory and thereby reduce the risk of fighting. The female, identified by the closeness of the anus to the genital area, is put in the pen with the male for 24 hours. During the mating session, make sure the male is heavier than the female.

There are generally two options for mating in captivity: Each of these options looks interesting but comes with individual pros and cons depending on production goal. In permanent mating, the breeding cycle of the female grasscutter is increased but the associated problems are: The advantages of these options are: For this to effectively take place, there are some basic prerequisites which are termed disadvantages, they include: Management of pregnant grasscutter.

After mating, pregnancy is expected. The period of gestation for a grasscutter is about 5 months. Pregnancy can be tested using this simple method. It involves the use of cotton bud. After about weeks of mating, insert the cotton bud inside the genital vagina of the female grasscutter.

Such animal can be introduced to the male again for servicing. After about 5 months of pregnancy, the female animal delivers. After parturition, the female needs special care and attention.

It must be served high quality feed and provision of clean and adequate water to aid milk production. After forty days of parturition, weaning generally takes place. Weaning is the separation of the mother from its younger ones or offspring, this is necessary because the mother will grow weak as a result of the prolonged feeding of its offsprings. During weaning, the young males are separated from the females and put together with other males of the same weight.

The male can be identified by the distance between the genitals and the anus, which is twice as large as that of the young female.

At this juncture, I must confess to you. Handling grasscutter is not an easy task; they can be harmful if not properly handled. The mode of handling depends greatly on their size. It rewr first lifted with its tail and holding the base of its tail and then grabbing its back slightly with the other graascutter.

The animal is therefore turned to its back while its tail is stretched out at the same time.

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