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Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Technical Data Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 year warranty. Our staff have extensive backgrounds in T&M, totalling over OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL PART NUMBER Instruments Covered by this Manual. HP Model A Signal Generator with .

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of manuual HP: Please note that Hewlett-Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis businesses are now part of Agilent Technologies.

We have made no changes to this manual copy. About this Manual We’ve added this manual to the Agilent website in an effort to heip you support your product. This manual provides the best information we could find. It may be incomplete or contain dated information, and 8656v scan quality may not be ideal.

If we find a better copy in the future, we will add it manuql the Agilent website. Support for Your Product Agilent no longer sells or supports this product.

This manial may be reproduced by or for the U. Hewlett-Packard Company will at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective.

For warranty service or repair, this product must be returned to a service facility designated by HP. Buyer shall prepay shipping charges to HP and HP shall pay shipping charges to return the product to the Buyer.

However, Buyer shall pay all shipping charges, duties, and taxes for products returned to HP from another, country. HP warrants that its software and firmware designated by HP for use with an instrument will execute its prop’amming instructions when properly installed on that instrument. HP does not warrant that the operation of the instrument, or software, or ftrmware will mamual uninterrupted or error free.

The results can cause degradation of device performancet early failure, or immediate destruction. These charges are generated in numerous ways such as simple contact, separation of materials, and normal motions of np working with static sensitive devices.

When handling or servicing equipment containing static sensitive devices, adequate precautions must be taken to prevent device damage or destruction. Only those who are thoroughly familiar with industry accepted techniques for handling static serisitive devices should up to service circuitry with these devices.

In all instances, measures must be manusl to prevent static charge build-up on work surfaces and persons handling the devices. It calls attention to a procedure, practice, or the like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in personal injury. It calls attention to an operating procedure, practice, or the like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in damage to or destruction of part or all of the product.

HP 8656B Manuals

Grounding one conduc- tor of a two conductor outlet is not sufficient protection. Whenever it is likely that the protection has been impaired, the instrument must be made inoperative and he secured against any unin- tended operation. If this instrument is to be energized via an autotrans former for voltage reduction make sure the common terminal is connected to the earth terminal of the power source.


Servicing instructions are for use by service trained personnel only. To avoid dangerous elec- tric shock, do not perform any seruicing unless qualified to do so. Adjustments described in the manual are per- formed with power supplied to the instrument while protective covers are removed.

Do not use repaired fuses or short circuited fuseholders. Receiving the Local Lockout Message Unless otherwise stated the information applies to all three Signal Generators.

Section 1 General Information, describes the instruments documented by this manual, it covers instrument description, options, accessories, spemfications, and other basic information. Section 2 Installation, provides infonnation about initial inspection, preparation for use including time base selection, and HP-IB address selection for remote operationand storage and shipment.

Section 3 Operation, provides information for local and remote operation. This section also includes User Confidence Tests. Section 4 Performance Tests, describes the procedures required to check the performance of the instrument against the specifications listed in Tables through Section 5 Adjustments, describes the adjustment procedures required to enable the instrument to meet the specifications listed in Tables through These specifications are the performance standards or limits against which the instrument may be tested.

Supplemental characteristics are also listed in Tables through Supplemental characteristics are not warranted specifications, but are typical characteristics included as additional infonnation for the user. The instrument and all related documentation must be reviewed for familiarization with safety markings and instructions before operation.

Refer to the Safety 8656bb page found at the beginning of this manual for a summary of the safety information. This is stamped on the serial number plate attached to the rear panel of the instrument. The first four digits and the letter constitute the serial number prefix, mnual the last five digits form the suffix.

The prefix is the same for all identical instruments. It changes only when a change is made to the instrument. The suffix is different for each instrument.

Full text of “HP: B B final”

An instrument manufactured after the printing of this manual may have a serial prefix that is not listed on the title page. Hewlett-Packard offers a Documentation Update Service that will provide you with further updates as they become available. If msnual operate or service instruments of different serial prefixes, we strongly recommend that you join this service immediately to ensure that your manual U kept current.

For more information refer to the Documentation Update Service reply card included with this manual. A 10 MHz crystal reference for increased frequency accuracy and stability is installed. You can add Option after you have received your instrument by ordering: Pulse Modulation Option For information about factory retrofitting Option after you have received your HP B, contact your nearest Hewlett-Packard sales office. Front Handle Kit Option Ease of handling is increased with the front-panel handles.

Order HP part number Rack Flange Kit Option This kit contains all necessary hardware and installation instructions for mounting the instrument in a rack with This kit is not simply a hpp handle kit and rack flange kit packaged together. The combinatioo is made up of unique parts which include both functions. Provides an additional copy of the Operation and Calibration Manual and two copies of the Service Manual.


Add Service Manual Option Provides a copy of the Service Manual. The Service Manual contains information to enable qualified service personnel to troubleshoot and repair the Signal Generator.

Provides 2 additional years of return-to-HP hardware service support for 2nd mwnual 3rd years The Critical Specifications column describes the essential requirements for each piece of test equipment.

8656B Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.1 to 990 MHz

Other equipment can be substituted if it meets or exceeds these critical specifications. Table lists alternate test equipment that can be used. Alternate models may be suggested for additional manuaal that would make them a better choice in some applications.

For example, some reasons for recommending an alternate model might be: The carrier frequency, output amplitude, and modulation functions can be remotely programmed via the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus. The unique modular design and incorporated service features permit rapid and easy calibration and service.

Frequency resolution is 10 Hz. An 8-digit LED display of the carrier frequency in MHz is provided Pushbutton keys permit coarse 856b, fine tuning, and incrementing of the carrier frequency. Frequency accuracy manuql stability are dependent on the reference source being used, either the internal 50 MHz reference oscillator or an external source that operates at I, 5, or 10 MHz. An optional 10 MHz crystal reference is available for increased accuracy and stability Option Output amplitude resolution is 0.

Pushbutton keys permit coarse tuning, fine tuning, and incrementing of the carrier frequency. Frequency accuracy and stability are dependent on the reference source being ho, either the internal 50 MHz reference oscillator or an external source that mmanual at i, 5, or 10 MHz, An optional 10 MHz crystal reference is available for increased accuracy and stability Option Its output amplitude is leveled and calibrated from – to Frequency resolution is 1 Hz.

Frequency accuracy and stability are dependent on the reference source being used, either the internal 50 MHz reference oscillator or an external source that operates at 1, 5, or 10 MHz. With Optiona 10 MHz crystal reference is available janual increased accuracy and stability. A 3-digit display of AM depth or FM peak deviation is provided with 12 LED annunciators used to display internal or external modulation source information. The resolution 8656 the FM peak deviation depends 8656 the frequency of the carrier signal.

Option adds the capabilty to generate Pulse Modulation using an external signal source. Sams as time base 8656bb. Residual PM in CW mode: Level Flatness kHz to MHz: Protects the signal generator from applications of op to 25 watts of RF power from a 50Q source to MHz into generator output; DC voltage cannot exceed 25 V.

Carrier Center Frequency Frequency Accuracy 0. Internal modulating signal is provided at the front panel BNC connector at normnaliy 1 volt peak into a Cl resistive load.

Furthermore, RF leakage of less than 1. Dimensions; H x W x D mm 5. HP System II module size: Typical total FM distortion harmonic and non-harmortic is less than 1.

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