July 19, 2020

HT12E Encoder IC can be used only with its pair HT12D. These two ICs together form an Encoder and Decoder pair. The capa- bility to select a TE trigger on the HT12E or a. DATA trigger on the HT12A/B/C further en- hances the application flexibility of the 2. The content and copyrights of the attached material are the property of its owner. Distributed by: ✦

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Gone are the days when we used to use wires to connect two devices to establish a communication path.

HT12E Datasheet(PDF) – Holtek Semiconductor Inc

This is an CMOS logic integrated circuit encoder. Basically found in applications of remote control systems. Used for interfacing RF circuits generally MegaHz.

This IC hasmany applications in short range remote controlling. HT12E IC has four bit parallel data inputwhich it then converts to serial data output.


HT12A/HT12E – Product Details – Holtek

In additional to itit also has 8 address lines which can generally be grounded along with the pin number 9. Whenever an active low signal is applied at its TE pin then only the parallel data gets datasheeet serially at the output, otherwise the IC is in high impedance state. At low signal data is transferred via antenna and received by Receiver IC which then decodes it to original parallel data.

These pins are generally shorted by a resistor.

Generally a resistor of value 51 KOhms can be used. Thus this helps in setting up oscillations in the IC.

This pin outputs the parallel data serially. An LED can also be connected across this terminal to indicate output.

After one complete cycle of data transfer the pin TE goes in high impedance state, thus indicating 1 cycle of data transfer. Skip to content Gone are the days when we used to use wires to connect two devices to establish a communication path.


I am now going to tell you about to control a certain robot wirelessly rather than using wires. Now first of all let me acquaint you about these two integrated circuits: This IC has a total of 18 pinsnine on either sides: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their datasehet. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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