October 5, 2020

One of the masterworks of Pavese and a real treat. For more info about one of Italy’s greatest writers: Il Diavolo Sulle Colline [Cesare Pavese] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Il diavolo sulle colline [Cesare Pavese] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Romanzo.

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His work probably did more to foster the reading and appreciation of U. Kratko stivo za procitati ali nista sto prirasta srcu. In perfetta sintonia con lo stile di vita dell’epoca ma, alla lettura, un po’ pesante. Shortly after receiving the Strega Prize for it, Pavese committed suicide in his hotel room by taking an overdose of pills. I kept thinking of three things while reading the beginning of this novel.

There they meet his wife Gabriella, and learn their relationship is an untypical one. Personalmente ritengo che la scrittura di Pavese non abbia retto, come invece accade per altri scrittori, alla prova del tempo.

Cesare Pavese: Il diavolo sulle colline / The devil in the hills / Der Teufel auf den Hügeln

Dlavolo evocative in terms of place and time, Pavese uses the sweeping hills, vineyards, and small villages of northern Italy to create a very outdoor, wide open feel, from wildlife and insects buzzing, to the hot dazzling sun during day, and a big glowing moon at night looking down on the characters. View all 5 comments.

The story didn’t really develop in the ways I’d hoped, and one could argue it kind of runs into a brick wall, but in terms of the pleasures and apprehension faced with young men of this era it works pretty well. I only mention my obvious disdain for hipsters am I a hipster, well obviously no, almost no one will admit to being one, but while my tastes border along the tastes of aging hipsters at times I just have nothing positive going for me that would make me at all ‘hip’, but feel free to think of me as one if you would like and I might be thinking of you as one too because this book is basically a hipster novel, except that it’s from Italy in the ‘s or early 30’s I’m too bored to look up exactly when, let’s just say before Mussolini, or before WWII.


The novel starts with the sickening observation about how cool the narrator and his friends are because they stay up allnight and talk about important things that no one else in their provincial little town could understand.

To ask other readers questions about The Devil in the Hillsplease sign up. Sicuramente vengono descritti egregiamente le ambientazioni ed i personaggi, si respira un’aria di altri tempi. The narrator along with Pieretto, his sardonic friend, and the more passionate Oreste, end up staying with Poli, a wealthy dilettante, larded with cocaine and ennui.

Yeah, towards the end there are some interesting parts to the novel, but all in all it’s just the same as reading any novel that’s primary raison d’etre seems to be to show how ‘cool’ the characters are in a hipster-ish note, when other hipster-ish characters arrive in this book, the main hipsters immediately feel like the out of towners are poseurs, see hipsters have never liked other hipsters and can feel the inauthenticity immediatelyit’s just a matter of substituting different activities for different time periods.

Partly through the influence of Melville, Pavese became preoccupied with myth, symbol, and archetype. Pavese also felt a little like an on form Scott Fitzgerald in places, so I’m all for that. One was a friend of mine when I was about the age of the characters here, and how much he was like them and how even then his affectations annoyed me, the second thing were the scenes in The Subterraneans where the Kerouac and Co.

His first volume of lyric poetry, Lavorare stanca ; Hard Labour,followed his release from prison. L’ho trovato a tratti noioso, ripetitivo e con dei dialoghi spezzettati che poco aggiungono alla definizione dei personaggi.

Between and he lived with partisans of the anti-Fascist Resistance in the hills of Piedmont. Likovi plitki i neshvatljivi. Do you know whom I along with just about every other person in the civilized world hate? Ma la trama non mi ha particolarmente coinvolta, l’ho trovata “lenta”. It is testament to Pavese’s skill that I found myself empathising with the characters, precisely the sort of idle student types that normally wind me up with their ignorance and self-absorption.


They run into the wealthy and debauched Poli slumped at the wheel of his car, a man slightly older than them, who is one for excess, drugs, and high living, and even though they think him a collien of a fool, in the way he carries himself with profanity, somehow they are fascinated by his ways, and start to linger in his uneven world, ending up eventually at his plush villa in the hills, a place of parties and heavy drinking with wild Milanese socialites.

Mar 04, Andrew De Sousa rated it really liked it. The Devil in the Hills by Cesare Pavese.

Il diavolo sulle colline : Cesare Pavese :

colllne Books by Cesare Pavese. Even hipsters hate hipsters! Several other works are notable, especially La bella estate ; in The Political Prisoner, Somewhat forgotten now, Pavese was the most “Americanized” of Italian novelists, having translated Hemingway, Faulkner and others. Leaving aside all historical shit, this novel is basically just a me and my cool friends that are so misunderstood do some stuff that we think is cool and so much above what the ‘squares’ do or understand.

Elif Mehtap Pelit rated it really liked pwvese Oct 16, An initial novella, Paesi tuoi ; The Harvesters,recalled, as many of his works do, the sacred places of childhood.

Dec 03, Steven Godin rated it really liked it Shelves: Valentina Giunta rated it it was amazing Jul 17, His prose is simple, fiavolo, and a little turbulent in places I’m simply putting that down to the translationbut what I liked about the novel overall is that he never gives too much away, and in the three friends Pavese puts them in moments of boastful self confidence, and uneasy tension when dealing with certain situations, that made them feel like children again.

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