July 15, 2020

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Intrans Publishing and Malang Corruption Watch, Following the resignation of president Soeharto inIndonesia entered the dawn of democratization phase with Reformasi.

Thus, the struggle for an accountable and well-performing government is an act that is still ongoing. In that context, Ilusi Demokrasi Lokal offers an interesting narrative on the anti-corruption campaign and advocacy for over the last fifteen years to The setting is Malang regency which encompasses kota Malang, kabupaten Malang, and kota Batuthe second biggest city in the East Java province, with a population close to one million.

The book is arranged into six parts, including a prologue and epilogue.

The composition of authors is testament iulsi the extensive network that MCW has nurtured over the last 15 years. In its formative years MCW would exhibit a confrontational advocacy style towards the government. Public outreach was also conducted in a formal way; its activists only conferred with the public during formal events arranged by the organization.


MCW realized that this approach had drawbacks and they gradually learned how to improve their ways of garnering attention both from the local government as well as the public. They began to understand that confrontational approach was not an all-season strategy. There are moments when dialogue, facilitation and negotiation can become the strongest weapon to convey the anti-corruption message with local government.

What makes MCW prominent in its anti-corruption activities and campaigning in the local Indonesian setting is its commitment to cooperate with around 25 civic communities across the Malang Raya area.

This cooperation is surely a culmination of years cemokrasi cultivating involvement with the public.

There are abundant examples of its commitment that mark MCW from a self-centric, elitist non-profit organization in anti-corruption issue into an organization which embraces membership from all walks of life: Most importantly, MCW works as a community-orientated purpose in demorasi functions, while at the same time, its core work on anti-corruption remains intact.


Although the book records a number of major corruption cases in Malang, it does not provide detailed information on the scope of these cases.

Ilusi Demokrasi by Zaim Saidi

Readers may assume that MCW as one demokrasii the prominent anti-corruption advocacy machines in the city must have abundant information pertaining to the issues. Aside from that, readers could also see how MCW has performed its activities, far from serving its self-interest or supplying a one-sided narrative. After a journey of fifteen years in safeguarding, committing to and defending transparency and ddmokrasi, MCW has developed into a very robust institution in its anti-corruption struggle.

Ilusi Demokrasi Lokal is an important record for students of law, political science, sociology and also the public in general, to grasp better the dynamics of local corruption and local resistance, especially in the Indonesian contemporary context. Local Corruption, Local Resistance: English Only, Please

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