April 6, 2021

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz – Chapter 7: “Invierno” summary and analysis. ‘Invierno’ by Junot Diaz. Alex Clark. From Diaz’s second collection, This Is How You Lose Her – unsurprisingly, men in foundering or vanishing. JUNOT DÍAZ riverhead books a member of N ilda. Alma. Otravida, Otravez. Flaca. The Pura Principle. Invierno. Miss Lora. The Cheater’s Guide to Love. 1. 27 .

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The short story was packed with emotions. At first, she stayed silent and then she stepped out of the house, symbolized that she breaks free from the control of her husband. They would have functioned as her natural support group. They really do have a dilemma. Jesus Bautista August 14, at 1: He has bought books for a large book retailer, for warehouse clubs, for a major book wholesaler, and has led a book club. Once the father has been in a bad mood the little brother decides to behave but the narrator has been mistreated by his father but wasn’t able to say anything.

When he lived on the Island he was usually an animal. But Diaz describes the neighborhood terrain as if it was as alien as a lunar landscape. You have to find a way in which you can be happy, even if that means standing up against someone you respect or care about. The white families desert the neighborhood before long.

This Is How You Lose Her – Chapter 7: “Invierno” Summary & Analysis

It would go along with the story because both Yunior and his mother want to invifrno back to their island. Moreover, the author was good at creating images. Yunior might some day rank with Philip Roth’s Nathan Zuckerman or John Updike’s Harry Angstrom as an enduring American literary protagonist who embodies the peculiar struggle men face as they make their way through their lives and the lives of the women they implicate in their folly.


Although Yunior knows the consequences of what is actions could bring he does not change. They are hoping to go back to the Islands, and away from the winter snow.

Did any characters change during the course of the book?

From a laundry facility supervisor and the freshly emigrated employee looking to grift her way into the American dream to a family negotiating the decline of a charismatic son’s health, each story is merciless in its treatment of the heart’s desires and defenses.

Usually the narrator’s brother would act like a wild animal but ever since they moved his brother changed and started to act like a good boy. This is a fascinating thing. Ujnot behavior towards one another could be described as cold. This is a positive change because she is trying to be free little by little. While the kids and the father adapt to the state, the mom was having difficulties adapt to the new environment.

However, as she realize she will never has the chance to join the conversation of her husband and his friends, she feel more alone than ever. Rafa, Yunior and their mother are stuck in the cold apartment isolated from everyone.

The mom can only obey to the Dad because he was more culturally adapted.

TV jubot considered the ticket to acculturation, to learning the language, and the more you watch of it the better. Rafa is trying to become the perfect son or like Yunior says “Number One Son. The author helps paints a picture of what is happening.

She does this once her husband leaves to work so she won’t get in trouble. I agree with you, Invierno is a perfect title for the story. Papi looked at his watch.


An unannounced competition for empowerment is taking place in the family. He talks about how is was such a change for them in a new place that they have never been before.

Although the title story’s ending falls flat, nearly every story exemplifies the beauty of Diaz’s minimalist and voice-driven writing.

Eventually she cried at the top of Westminster, marks the end of the story. What life lessons did you duaz or take away from reading this book?

Invierno by Junot Diaz

Another person that changes in the story is the mother. All three of them do as the father says so they would not get in trouble. The author invidrno placed the emotional highlight at the end, when the dad announced that he won’t be able to get back home due to the snowstorm. Emotions were brought out when the narrator said that he wants his father to like him to.

They feel really depress about their situation, and feel weak about the rules set by their father. Explain why or why not.

The CCNY Summer Writing Workshop: Response to “Invierno”

Newer Post Older Post Home. Normally the narrator would behave but he disobey his father and goes outside and interact with gringos. The mom became depressed and lonely, “she had no friends, no neighbors to visit. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

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