June 18, 2020

Just import your favourite teaching materials into iTunes U — documents, annotation is available on iPad (3rd generation) or later, and iPad mini 2 or later. 2. Project management (eBook). This unit is based upon a case study scenario Part of Apple’s iTunes store, iTunes U is a vast learning resource offering free. Definition from — iTunes U is a dedicated section of Apple’s iTunes Music Store that features more than educational audio and video files from .

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Build assignments in minutes and immediately share the details with your class. You save time, they stay on track. Engage every student with rich learning materials like apps, books, videos, podcasts, and primary sources from across iTunes. Homework stays at the top of their to-do list instead of the bottom of their backpack. Now students can easily hand in their assignments directly through iTunes U. And built-in grading lets you track the progress of your entire class at a glance.

From videos to polished presentations, students can submit their work directly from supported apps to an assignment in iTunes U.


iTunes U Reviews and Pricing –

Learn more about iTunes U Security and Privacy. Continue conversations beyond the classroom or pose a debate that gets everyone talking. You can even answer individual questions with a one-to-one chat. Push notifications keep you and your students in the loop.

When you itknesu an assignment or respond to a question, your students get instant updates. Create a course on your iPad.

Create a course on your Mac. Learn how to plan your own course.

iTunes U: In Depth Upload Files for Posting to iTunes U

K — 12 school districts, colleges, and universities can distribute courses and collections of education content by signing up for Public Site Manager. We believe in the power of technology to transform classrooms. Innovative teachers, inspired learners. How to Buy Apple products for education. Post all the details.

Collect and Grade Now students can easily hand in their assignments directly through iTunes U. Go paperless A better homework handoff Go paperless.

Annotation tools 1 give students the option to use a stylus or their finger to easily mark up a PDF — without leaving iTunes U. A better homework handoff.

Stanford on iTunes U

When their projects are complete, students can hand-in their homework from any Apple creativity app and dozens of third-party apps. Grade as you go. Class Student Get a snapshot view of how your class is doing on a specific assignment itujesu across the whole semester. Use the student view to offer privacy for quick check-ins or parent-teacher conferences.


iTunes – Wikipedia

Stay Connected Continue conversations beyond the classroom or pose a debate that gets everyone talking. Individualized attention made easy Keep the discussion going Individualized attention made easy.

Give extra help or offer feedback on an assignment with private messages. Keep the discussion going. Every student can contribute to group conversations that keep the class engaged long after the bell rings. Start using iTunes U today. Create a course on your iPad Create a course on your Mac. Enroll as an Institution.

Mac Powering the classroom since Special Education Possibility is built right in. Real Stories Innovative teachers, inspired learners.

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