August 1, 2020

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Aux Éditions Robert Laffont, Jean Raspail a publié, entre autres, La Hache des steppes, Le Jeu du roi, Qui se souvient des. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: French The Camp of the Saints () – Kindle edition by Jean Raspail. THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS By Jean Raspail Originally published in French as Le Camp Des Saints, And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will.

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Forty years ago, the French author, Jean Raspail, wrote a confronting novel about a third world invasion of Europe.

The camp of the saints (part II)

His chilling book, Le Camp des Raspaik The Camp of the Saintstells the story of a motley armada of clapped-out vessels transporting hundreds of thousands of people from the Ganges, via the African Cape, eventually landing in Southern France. Their journey presages the overturn of western civilization. Dismissed as bizarre, far-fetched and racist by the political, media and academic elite that Raspail criticised, his novel was consigned to the dustbin of eccentric curiosities by the literary establishment.

Fast-forward four decades and Sainnts has been invaded. By unarmed thousands, sailing by boat, and then trekking across borders.

The Camp of the Saints can be read as an allegory about Europe. Today the West is at war. The war has been declared many times: It is not a traditional war, but a war it is.


Jan of obfuscation and appeasement are hollow. Politicians who continue to mouth platitudes while appearing to wring their hands are unworthy of the trust placed in them.

Yet many of the European elite subscribe to a caricature of their civilization — a multicultural, borderless world, welcoming of everyone, for whom any residual problems can be treated by a sanctimonious dose of post-Christian kumbuya.

The answer in Brussels to any problem is to prescribe more rules, more regulation and more process.

The Camp of The Saints – Jean Raspail – Free PDF Download | Wrath of The Awakened Saxon

None of this has prevented the Belgian capital becoming the breeding ground of terrorism in Europe. The birthrate in much of Europe has fallen to dangerously low levels.

Without immigration, countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal will see their population halve each generation. These low levels are almost impossible to recover.

They have a significantly adverse impact on economic growth. And they create a demographic vacuum that others will seek to fill. A decade ago, the European nations could not agree to the recognition of their Christian heritage in a proposed constitution. Most European nations could iean defend themselves without considerable assistance from others. Is it any wonder that the nation that produced Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and the other deconstructionists, for whom shared meaning is an anathema, is now in the firing line from sections of an immigrant population that has a clear and contrary ideology?


The Camp of the Saints

Unless Europe recovers raepail belief in the foundations of its own culture, a preparedness to articulate it, and a willingness to defend it, militarily when necessary, it is doomed to a gradual but inevitable decline. Kevin Andrews 5 December 9: How could Europe be invaded: Kevin Andrews is the federal member for Menzies and a former Defence Minister.

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Full text of “Camp Of The Saints by Jean Raspail”

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