June 17, 2020

Feb 13, Explore Doré Laas’s board “Joseph Mengele” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about See more. ▷ Angel Of Death-Joseph Mengele-In Search of. . Los experimentos del “ángel de la muerte” – El pensante. Joseph Twins. Josef Mengele, el ángel de la muerte Guerra Total, Luftwaffe, Gestapo, Experiment Nazi Josef Mengele, the notorious Angel of Death, who killed or mutilated. After the Second World War, Nazi doctor Josef Mengele fled to South America. He returned to Europe once as a tourist – and came to.

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Josef Mengele was born, March 16,in Gunzburg Germany. Mengele was born into a family of five. He had two younger brothers: Karl and Walhurga Mengele were memgele of a machine tools business. Mengele was part of the upper middle class.

Josef Mengele

As a child Mengele was a good student. He was sent to Munich in ‘s where he was attracted to the racial theories of Alfred Roseunberg, the “Philosopher” of National Socialism. As he became an adherent of the National Socialist ideology.


He moved to Frankfurt were he received his medical degree studding under Otmar Von Verschuer, the director of the Institute for Racial Hygiane at the University of Frankfurt. The main emphasis of his research was the importance of heredity within the context of Nazi ” race science”.

Mengele was a fanatic anti-Semite and hated the Roma and the Sinta Gypsies even more than he hated Jews. Mengele serviced as a medical officer with several units in the invasion of the Soviet Union, receiving four medals for his actions.

After being wounded, Mengele was declared to an lx for active service as lq physician at Auschwitz on May Mengele was not chief Physician at Auschwitz. The chief physician was Edward Wirths.

Mengele. El ángel de la muerte en Sudamérica

Muerge had his own lab block. Independent financing and a staff of inmate physicians whom he supervised. Mengele fled from Auschwitz on January 17, as the Soviet army advanced across the crumbling German Reich towards Berlin.

During the first few years of the post – war era, Mengele remained in hiding on a farm near Gunzburg.


He assumed a fake identity, and worked as a farm hand. Incredibly Mengele at first aspired to continue his career as a research scientist, but it became increasingly apparent that the Allies were searching for war criminals.

Mengele. El ángel de la muerte en Sudamérica by Jorge Camarasa

Finally he decided that he was no longer safe in Europe, even though Neo – Nazis offered and provided protection. Mengele escaped through Italy to an ocean liner bound for Argentina.

He spent the next 30 years on the run from international authorities. Josef Mengele died in a drowning accident on Feb. Mengele after the war.

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