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Breviario de Los Politicos: Julio Mazarino: Books – No le muestres sus vicios y no le reveles los que se le reprochan, cualquiera que sea la manera en que te lo pida. Y si insistiera con demasiada vehemencia. Breviario de Los Politicos (Spanish, Hardcover) / Author: Julio Mazarino ; ; Politics & government, Social sciences, Books.

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Breviario de los políticos

Many frondeurs were unhappy with the compromise reached in Mazarin, as the de facto ruler of France, played a crucial role in establishing the Westphalian principles that would guide European states’ foreign policy and the prevailing world order.

Como si, por ejemplo, escribieras a alguien que te hubiera pedido dirigirlo, etc. Views Read Edit View history. The Queen was at this time pregnant with her second child, and it was already anticipated that she would be the regent when King Louis XIII died. One of reasons for Fouquet’s rapid rise was his willingness to lend very large sums to Mazarin for his various projects.

Twenty-seven agreements were made with bankers, who loaned the government 98 million livres to supplement the money collected through ordinary taxes. The most valuable legacies of all, including a set of eighteen diamonds known as the “Mazarins”, worth two million livres, were given to the young Louis XIV. He received a message from Rome informing that his mother was seriously ill. He decided it was wisest to resign his position and leave France while he could.

The occasion she chose was the celebration of a major victory of the French Army over the Spanish at the Battle of Lens in Belgium on 26 August ppliticos Before Mazarin, Italian opera was very little known or appreciated in Paris. No habites cerca de un pantano ni sobre todo de un curso de agua.


A majority appeared at the meeting. He also had the moats of the chateau turned into a kind of zoo, with lions, tigers, bears and other exotic animals, for the amusement of the young King. This marriage and accompanying agreements ended, at least for a time, the long and costly wars between the Hapsburgs and France. Ante todo, escucha las razones alegadas por quien defiende una causa, y mira si son buenas.

Please enter recipient e-mail address es. The education he gave Louis was purely practical, not theoretical. When he was twenty his poliitcos decided mwzarino send him away from the bad influences of Rome.

With their assistance, he established himself as a guardian of French interests at the Vatican, and then of Vatican interests in France. Chief Minister to the French Monarch — The King had specifically instructed that his wife, Anne of Austrianot rule in his place as regent.

The bust of Richelieu arrived in August Mazarin recommended to the Queen that she listen to the Parlement and modify her decrees, but she was furious at their opposition. Si tienes que vengarte, utiliza a un tercero u obra en secreto.

Julio was the oldest of six children, two boys and four girls. Jullio debes abandonar un cargo, evita que los que te sucedan sean hombres demasiado visiblemente superiores a ti.

Mazarin immediately adopted a stricter tone: While in Rome, Mazarin sent regular gifts of flowers, perfumes and delicacies to the women of the French court, and more valuable gifts, including statues and Renaissance paintings, to Richelieu. Louis XIV, now of age to claim his rbeviario, re-entered Paris in Octoberaccompanied by his mother and by Turenne.

Thirty-seven percent of his fortune was in easily transportable jewels and cash. An apology for the conduct of the present administration: Fouquet began as a master of receipts at age twenty, then an intendant to the army, then Procuror-General for the Parliament of Paris at the age of thirty-five.


Cardinal Mazarin – Wikipedia

The Prince of Palestrina, who was also a member of the Colonna family, commanded a new regiment of the Papal army, and invited Giulio to become politixos lieutenant in the regiment. Si se te ordena cometer un crimen, gana tiempo y busca un pretexto para zafarte: Once back in Paris, Mazarin soon made an alliance with his old enemy, the Cardinal Gondi. This became, throughout his career, his standard method of diplomacy; traveling continually, getting to know and win the trust jluio as many decision-makers as possible.

Home About Help Search. Olympe Breviariooby Pierre Mignard. On 14 March Mazarin accepted many of the reforms demanded by the Parlement. Mazarin continued Richelieu’s costly iulio against the chief rivals of France in Europe, the Hapsburgs of Austria and Spain.

In his last months, Mazarin mostly resided in the Louvre Palace, A large fire broke out in the Gallery of Apollo, the breeviario picture gallery of the Louvre, and destroyed many pictures, greatly upsetting Mazarin. His acquisitions included the famous Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione by Raphaelwhich had belonged to Charles I of Englandand had been bought by Richelieu.

The goal was to create a combined fleet of the ships of Christian nations to seize the Turkish ports around the Mediterranean. Giulio knew little of military discipline.

No confieses a nadie tus inclinaciones, tus repugnancias, tus timideces.

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