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kłyszejko-stefanowicz – – ćwiczenia z Uploaded by. B. Parafialna w S Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can. Author: Lipińska A, Journal: The International journal of biochemistry[]. Skrypt z biochemii Leokadia Kłyszejko-Stefanowicz Biochemia, studia medyczne Ćwiczenia z biochemii Wydawnictwo naukowe PWN Wydanie 1 by.

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Structure of ubiquitin refined at 1.

Synthetic, structural and biological studies of the ubiquitin system: Isolation of a polypeptide that has lymphocyte-differentiating properties and is probably represented universally in living cells.

Amino-terminal sequence identity of ubiquitin and the nonhistone steffanowicz of nuclear protein A Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Isopeptide linkage between nonhistone and histone 2A polypeptides of chromosomal conjugate-protein A A soluble ATP-dependent proteolytic system responsible for the degradation of abnormal proteins in reticulocytes.

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ATP-dependent conjugation of reticulocyte proteins with the polypeptide required for protein degradation. Ubiquitin is the ATP-dependent proteolysis factor I of rabbit reticulocytes. Sequential 1H NMR assignments and secondary structure identification of human ubiquitin. Two-dimensional 1H NMR study of human ubiquitin: Thermal versus guanidine-induced unfolding of ubiquitin.


The body composition and enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism of Varroa destructor

An analysis in terms of the contributions from charge-charge interactions to protein stability. Cold denaturation of ubiquitin. Thermodynamics of ubiquitin unfolding.

Heteronuclear three-dimensional NMR spectroscopy of a partially denatured protein: Dissecting the structure of a partially folded protein. Circular dichroism and nuclear magnetic resonance studies of peptides from ubiquitin.

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Autonomous folding klhszejko a peptide corresponding to the N-terminal beta-hairpin from ubiquitin. Cooperative assembly of a nativelike ubiquitin structure through peptide fragment complexation: Early hydrogen-bonding events in the folding reaction of ubiquitin. Wydawnictwo Admantan Warszawa. Wydawnictwo Adamantan Warszawa. In vivo half-life of a stefanosicz is a function of its amino-terminal residue. The degradation signal in a short-lived protein.

Ubiquitine pool modulation and protein degradation In wheat roots during high temperature stress. Interferon induces a kilodalton protein exhibiting marked homology to ubiquitin. Selective presence of ubiquitin in intracellular inclusions. The yeast ubiquitin genes: Ubiquitin is stwfanowicz in the in vitro insertion of monoamine oxidase B into mitochondrial outer membranes. Immunosuppressory activity of ubiquitin fragments containing retro-RGD sequence. The complete amino acid sequence of ubiquitin, an adenylate cyclase stimulating polypeptide probably universal in living cells.


Ubiquitin is a component of paired helical filaments in Alzheimer’s disease. Folding and stability of a tryptophan-containing mutant of ubiquitin. Cytobiochemia, PWN Warszawa. Mechanism and role in protein-ubiquitin conjugation.

Profesor Leokadia Kłyszejko-Stefanowicz in SearchWorks catalog

Identification of ubiquitin as an immunophilin. Design and synthesis of two new immunosuppressants. Authors would like to thank prof.

The special thanks are due to kkyszejko supervisors prof. Piotr Stefanowicz and dr. Alicja Kluczyk for their support and fruitful discussions.

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