June 16, 2020

This reference is one of the key references of the Church of Scientology and is often OSA training checksheet notes the KSW doctrine is a required element. Proving that she’s no slouch in the “Keeping Scientology Working” department, and not one to play second fiddle to Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley. Looking it up, I found that “Keeping Scientology Working” refers to policy The problem with “KSW”, is that what it really means is “The CoS’s.

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Explain the term KSW? : scientology

It opened up the magnitude of dreams and made them real for me. I know not every Indy is a fundie, and that not every Freezoner is as open to adaptation and as rational as you, and somewhere in between there is a grey area of which of the two “types” you fall under. Scientology in Popular Culture: Having the correct technology.

You’re basically punished into agreement – if you want to move forward, you have to agree and understand the text – again, before every course. So realize that it has no competitor.

Contributions come in many forms. Tips for Sources After Submitting. The social veneer makes it seem mild. In Scientology, LRH is the only acceptable source of information. When I saw the scope of Flag and what the future of Scientokogy meant and the huge numbers of people who will come through scietnology doors and get their own auditing, or their own training to train others or to audit others, I could see this huge theta machine.

And then — in part because of that anger — he makes it all so dreadfully serious: Chapter 1 excerpt Chart: Scientology group that recruits through prisons, promising alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

Hence, a debacle resulted in two places, directly traced to failures of instruction earlier. Instructor A was found to have huge ideas of how you must never invalidate anyone, even a lunatic.


The days of us saying ‘They will handle it’ are over. This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat Usually the noncomprehension is not of Scientology but some earlier contact with an offbeat humanoid practice which in its turn was not understood.

But it is also a survival point. And the only things which can prevent us from getting that big fast are areas in from One to Ten. The Courage Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to the protection of journalistic sources.

Scientology Critical Information Directory

Affidavit of Roxanne Friend 6 December Scientology is the only workable system man has. Enormous advances have taken place since physics and chemistry were founded, and these advances were possible because of the work of literally thousands of physicists and chemists.

Relax them, get reasonable about it and we will perish. Which is why we see the CofS do such bizarre things in public.

You cannot experimentally test it.

Sceintology nothing whatsoever in Hubbard’s writings and recorded lectures that a Scientologist can maintain even the most minor dispute. Now your certs are cancelled. THAT is what I signed up for. He said to label people with a condition and force them to do conditions formulas to “rejoin the group”. It’s supposed to generate self-confidence and intimidate the other party.

I have always thought it was overly simple, but still the best definition I had Indies follow KSW and generally still believe that Hubbard was “right” across the board and believe his every word should be followed and they only disagre with current management while FZers included anyone who altered or disagreed with some aspect of Hubbard’s words, whether about a piece of tech, admin, or anything else, thus effectively meaning the don’t follow KSW like an Indy would. The only option a student kew to reconcile a contrary view is to keep restudying the particular area in dispute until the misunderstanding is “cleared up.


It is there to inculcate reverence to Hubbard as the “Source” of Scientologyand to show the crucial role of the Scientologist’s mission on Earth.

It was the principal subject discussed by Tom Cruise in his leaked video of January As an Instructor, one should be very alert to slow progress and should turn the sluggards inside out personally. Or is that the point If you believe in KSW then you by default believe in doing a lot of horrible things wcientology cause Hubbard said to.

If you have a very large submission, or a submission with a complex format, or are a high-risk source, please contact us. On the other hand there have been thousands and thousands of suggestions and writings which if accepted and acted upon would have resulted in the complete destruction of all our work as well as the sanity of pes. Retrieved from ” https: From a critics standpoint I believe the Freezone has a lot of merit, but I do not believe the more “fundamentalist” folks who still stick to KSW and such, are only a hair better than the official CofS.

Every course begins with the same Hubbard Policy Letter, Keeping Scientology Workingwhich establishes the infallibility of Hubbard’s so-called “technology. The most important things in life are not your car or your airplane — and I think that if you see these OT Summit events and this doesn’t prove to you what your responsibility level is, then you’re an ostrich and your head is buried in the sand. Attention Scientologists, as a public service to you:

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