August 25, 2020

Design IDs, , Set Number, Item No’s, , BOID, Year Released, Instructions Pages, Instructions. LEGO Instructions Set Number Ferrari GTB – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. Find complete inventory of pieces and free instruction manual scans for LEGO Ferrari GTB Fiorano at the ToysPeriod online toy guide.

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I have a small present for you all. I did the time-consuming job of making instructions for my latest creation: The instructions consist of 3 books with 48 pages of building instructions and 1 4-page addendum with a parts-list for the complete model.

More information, pictures and a video of the model can be found here. The instructions can be downloaded from my website www.

For those of you interested in the software I used: Some new parts which weren’t present in the official Library like the new-style panels were downloaded from the LDraw Parts-tracker. The different steps were created in MLCad. It makes the images for all the diferent steps, it makes Parts-list-images for each step and makes a parts list for the complete model.

As last step, all these images were imported leto a Word-document, to produce the final instructions. Although I had some great help from these programs, and the tutorials found at Ldraw. I will study your techniques as your work is very impressive. You did a tremendous job on this!

The car looks great and as complicated as any official Ferrari set. I will surely have leto go at building this model. The model looks stunning.

Im not a Technic builder, but I can appreciate an excellent design, this project instruchions like a great deal of work, and I totally admire the way you have decided to share instructiona. Yes, a video can be found on my MOC-page: I think it’s complicity is great. Well, i would love to give this mac a try.

Could you send the files to my email: Thank you very much for putting in all this effort. I will certainly be building it. If you are interested, I would be happy to make a PDF of the instructions for you. Sorry, I can’t send them to your e-mail adress, the files are too big over 10 MB.

Lego Technic Ferrari Gtb Fiorano Instructions

But I don’t have too, you can download them from my brickshelf folder: The problem is getting them online, I haven’t had any help from Brickshelf on this subject Instfuctions you could help with getting the PDF’s online, then I would really appreciate it. I have never had a problem. The biggest file I have uploaded is 65 Mb. I have looked through your instructions and they are very, very well done. Kudos again on your work. I first modded which worked but instruftions was unreliable, and gave me similar results.

  ASTM D2938 PDF

I eventually decided that it’d be easier to build a car from scratch than to convert as I couldn’t get the motor to work reliably. As you say in your E. I watched the video and I was quite impressed how well it runs. I’ll be downloading the instructions to see if I can learn some better techniques!

If you download the LDraw file which he has posted on Brickshelf and open it in LDView, you can export a parts list which has the names and pictures of all the parts. Alternatively, use Brickstore to generate a wanted list for Bricklink.

LEGO Ferrari GTB Fiorano Instructions , Racers

I can only imagine insttuctions the work it took to make the instructions for it. And the car is RC too. Blakbird, there is a problem with using Brickstore http: I imported the LDraw file named littled. When I legi looking up those parts instryctions Bricklink’s Catalog function, it said that the items could not be found i.

So, I “skipped” all 32 parts by “deleting” them from the Brickstore parts inventory list. After the now incomplete parts list was displayed inside the Brickstore program, I selected all of the elements and tried exporting the list to an XML file. However, it “bombed” and went to an Internet Explorer “Page could not be displayed. So, I just printed the list directly out of Brickstore but I have absolutely no idea what the missing 32 different parts are.

I’d really appreciate it; thanks. I added in the parts that Brickstore couldn’t import, and was careful to capture all 1, parts. Legoman and Blakbird, an e-mail is on its way to you.

The car functions are further explained on Jurgen’s MOCpages site http: It’s pretty common for Brickstore to choke on some of the parts. Mostly there are parts which are unofficial, synthesized, or have different part numbers on Bricklink and in LDraw.

You can see that the synthesized parts are wrong, but the rest of it is pretty good. I use this as a guide when I import into Brickstore so I can tell what the discrepant parts are supposed to be.

For anyone who actually wants to order the parts for this model, I’ve posted the actual Brickstore file. You can use this file to upload directly to a Bricklink wanted list. I do it regularly and it works great.


Cheaper to buy them from Shop Home or bricklink? Coz bricklink has mutiple sellers and means you’ll need to pay more postage.

You can’t buy the parts from Shop home. They only have a very limited number of Technic parts available leo and they tend to be very expensive. Your options are parting out sets or using Bricklink. Bricklink part orders will be the cheapest, even with insructions sellers, because you will get exactly what you want.

By the way, one other thing I noticed while doing the parts list concerns the colors. The car was obviously built using the light and dark bluish grays, not the old grays. However, one part in particular Technic Rib does not exist in the new gray. If legoo look carefully at the photos, you can see that the gray on these parts does not match the engine. In my parts list, I changed these to leog. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Already have an account? Posted February 12, edited. More information, pictures and a video of the model can be found here The instructions can be downloaded from my website www. Hope you like it!! Edited October 31, by Jurgen Krooshoop. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 12, I am not too fond of the wheels used though, and don’t even have these. Your effort to build and document the design has to be praised.

Any videos showing the car driving? Posted February 13, edited.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – 8145

Posted February 13, What size are those wheels? Posted February 14, Posted February 15, BTW, what’s the part count? Instruuctions no technic expert but this blew my mind! Thank you for letting us have these docs, I instrhctions hopefully make your model: Anyone know if it’s possible to make it using black parts?

Posted February 15, edited. Posted February 16, Posted February 16, edited. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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