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Katherine Pancol (born 22 October ) is a journalist and bestselling French novelist. Published in , her novel Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles) was a huge success in France, where it sold more than. Buy Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature) by Katherine Pancol from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases. Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature française) (French Edition) eBook: Katherine Pancol: : Kindle Store.

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Iris is four years older, and married to the extremely successful lawyer Philippe; they have a ten-year-old son, Alexandre. None of the married couples are faring well in their relationships: Antoine has a mistress, Iris hears rumors about Philippe which she’s more inclined to believe, given how little of a physical relationship is left between themand Marcel has long been “taken for a ride by Henriette”, katherinee is head of his company’s board of directors, meaning he apparently has to get approval for every major business decision from her.

Antoine takes off for Kenya with his mistress to run Croco Park, a Chinese-owned crocodile farm where he rules over 70, crocodiles and Marcel begins an affair with Josiane — hoping to get the one thing he really wants, a baby. But even Iris is not entirely satisfied with the superficialities wealth allows her, and at a dinner where a publisher is present she claims to be writing a novel.

The publisher is interested, and so Iris feels compelled to do something about it. But this is only a small part of the sprawling story that is The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles — albeit the most prominent one. One problem with many of the other storylines: So there’s Philippe, planning something very elaborate. There’s Marcel — trying to make a baby, but also planning a big coup. There’s Shirley, whose mysterious background turns out to be a pretty big deal that she has good reason to keep secret even as she doesn’t do so particularly well.

When they go on a date and she asks whether he’s ever been married or ever wanted to have kids he replies: And, of course, teenage occasional vixen Hortense wants to keep everything from her cellphone to her shockingly inappropriate boyfriend to the fancy clothes she gets on the sly secret from her mother.


Among the few storylines that are presented relatively straightforwardly is Antoine’s crocodile farm misadventure. There’s actually probably enough of Antoine and his Kenyan adventures as well as his mistresses more successful one — and the yellow eyes of the crocodiles of the title certainly are a nicely haunting image — but where Pancol fails, here and almost everywhere else, is in any sense of these relationships.

Dialogue-heavy though the novel is, there’s little proper communication, and there doesn’t seem to be much to many of these relationships. Pancol insists Philippe begins to devote himself to his son, spending a great deal of time with him, but even there we largely have to take her word for it, getting little sense of a true father-son relationship.

Katherine Pancol

There’s also exceptionally little romance, and even Marcel’s affair with Josiane — the one truly enthusiastic relationship — is tinged with some cynicism: Pancol is incredibly lazy with many of her plot-points too: Many of the figures seem little more than afterthoughts: Other characters and relationships are underdeveloped: For years he’d been obsessed with Iris, wanting only to please and impress her.

He wanted to be the best corporate lawyer in Paris, dss in France, then a player on the international stage. He began collecting art, buying rare manuscripts, underwriting ballets and operas, starting a foundation — all to make her proud of him.

Where has this Philippe — or any evidence of any of this — been for panncol entire novel?

Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles – Wikipedia

Other than his busy, successful legal career there’s not a hint of it. If much isn’t sufficiently fleshed-out see also belowthe biggest problem with The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles remains how excessively busy it is. There are too many ideas floating kathernie, too many far-fetched plot points straining the story Hortense befriends Henriette is only half the loving mother one would wish for Pancol heaps much too much on.

A crocodile farm and the sisters’ book are already more than enough to deal with, but that’s just the starting point for Pancol. Unpleasant too is the focus on the superficial — and appearances, especially. Her girls crocodipes shift pncol and forth — perhaps a bit lex easily — between what they value and the life-lessons they learn, with even Hortense coming, more or less, to her senses, but a lot of what is said and goes on here is unpleasant and disturbing — not helped by the fact that Pancol shows no interest in exploring anything in depth.

Keeping up appearances isn’t just a girlie thing: Pancol also seems to have difficulty with age-appropriateness, her depictions of — and what she does with the — children veering wildly between the infantile and excessively mature.

One anecdote even has Shirley’s son, Gary, having seen the film The Night of the Hunter — a film that would surely traumatize any pre-teen and that still shocks most adults see Simon Callow’s book on it — at age eleven.


Meanwhile, Hortense un comfortably goes from the lap of her grand-father at fourteen to letting herself be taken for rides in the sportscar and be otherwise pampered by a man whose only interest is in getting in her pants that he doesn’t is small consolation. The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles is the first of Katherine Pancol’s works of fiction to be translated into English — despite the fact that she has, for at least a decade now, consistently been among the bestselling French authors in France.

Penguin claims here that this book alone: In her Acknowledgments at the beginning of the book Pancol mentions how pleased she is that the book is finally available in English — noting pointedly that the book has previously: Shockingly, however, as the publishers acknowledge — in tiny print, on the copyright page From the looks of it, ‘chopped’ is the proper word, too, and it would explain a lot — especially the gaps in some of the myriad storylines and the woefully underdeveloped characters and relationships.

William did more than translate jajnes book. He immersed himself in the French text, characters, kkatherine plot, and then recreated them in English.

This is the work of a true writer, for which I am enormously grateful. Readers may note, however, that Rodarmor shares equal translation-billing with another translator, Helen Dickinson — dss by Pancol.

It’s unclear what exactly happened to the book in its transformation from a fat French novel to a slimmed-down English one, but it does not appear to have been something good. The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles is a somewhat frustrating, very light read, with too many storylines too many of which are underdeveloped bouncing around. Beyond that, the messages and stories in the novel are rather unpleasant too, with a fixation on the superficial and an unwillingness by almost anyone to share much of anything, with so much here steeped in often silly secrecy.

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles has some elements of a fun read, but in this English form there’s really almost nothing to recommend about it. Orthofer24 December Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. The Crcodiles Eyes of Crocodiles – Canada. Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles – Canada.

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles – India.

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles – Katherine Pancol

Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles – France. Die gelben Augen der Krokodile – Deutschland. Gli occhi gialli dei coccodrilli – Italia.

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