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Download Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis APK Latest Version Free for Android. Coleccionismo – Laminas, Programas y Otros Documentos: Antigua libreta de nivelación de topografia. Compra, venta y subastas de Laminas, Programas y. Cargado por Claudia Elizabeth Ramirez. modelo de llenado de la libreta topografica. Guardar. Libreta Topografica (Nivelación, Triangulación). para más tarde.

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Facilitates the calculation of reinforced concrete in T beams, under any conditions using the Aci code.

Foundations Analysis and Design 1. Allows settings for angular measure grads or degrees dec or hms and features a number of tools such as a triangle solver, horizontal and vertical curve solvers, linear regression tool and more.

Grupo Acre Panamá

Cross-section properties program which can calculate properties of elastic cross-sections. For an irregular polygon, this program takes a matrix from the stack and calculates the centroid, area, second moments of area, radii of gyration, principal moments of area, principal axes, and provides a graphical outline of the section indicating the origin and centroid.

Calculates the moments in beams of variable section or beams acarteladas.

This program calculates the principal and normal stresses in three-dimensions. Calculo de la adherencia Acero – Concreto 1.

Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis

This program helps you to find the forces actuating on ditch supports. Also includes a section wizard. By Michael Ruiz and Herbard Young. Metrados en Edificios 1.


Written in Nivepacion RPL includes source code with some assembly language and includes a comprehensive manual in Word format.

Obras de Toma Obras Hidraulicas I 1. Verifies if the section requires compression armor and determines the amount of armor to nive,acion and compression.

Handles both English and metric units.

Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis APP Discussion Group | APKPure Groups

Pliop is a simple program which references the more important operational amplifier with the scheme and the formula. Hardy Cross for Water Supply 0. Adds look back Add view forward Team height Elevating level and finally calculates the elevation of the unknown point. Also, it can find the right diameter of the pipe to satisfy flow requirements. Structural Engineering Tools 1.

The maximum response of a shear building calculated from the Response Spectrum. Topograficq Plus Twitter Facebook Reddit. Rigidity matrix program for structural engineering. Surveying program capable of performing common survey calculations. This is a program for make a mass diagram from the progressives and the cut, fill and topogrqfica areas in each X-section of the alignment.

Good program for flow analysis in rectangular, trapezoidal and circular channels. It uses the Euler equation for elastic buckling of columns slender columnsand for inelastic buckling of columns it use Engesser’s theory. Compatible with all 49 models. Since a multi-lane highway has not one curve but several, this program reframes ‘n’ curves that can exist in the highway which you are going to reframe.

ACRE PANAMÁ | Venta, asesoría técnica y comercial en topografía

Curva Circular Cimples 1. Performs conversion between the UTM coordinate system, geographical coordinates and Cartesian, both forward and inverse. Excellent for students and professionals in civil engineering.


Facilitates the calculation of corbels. Program nivrlacion calculating and dimensioning rectangular beams. Structural steel design software with equations and help to design structural steel members. Completely written in SysRPL. Free version; commercial version available for purchase from the developer.

Compilation of useful programs like: This program calculates the factors of transport, absolute rigidity, and embedding moments in beams of variable section. With this program you will be nivelaciin to easily calculate structures with the methods Matricial and Cross with the 49G. Liberta program to calculate curved circular and hairsprings with several options and with 4 connections and graphics.

The calculation is made using the method of linear and nonlinear equations. Facilitates the calculation of walls under shear stress, determining the amount of necessary vertical and horizontal armor. It is fast and easy to use. Transforms projections with a north and east coordinate in relation an origin and an axis baseline. Allows the conversion between the UTM libreha system the and geographical coordinate system.

Also calculates pressure in the final node. Directory of programs in Spanish dedicated to the analysis and design of channels of varied sections:

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