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Volume: 2; Author: Arthur Westcott; Category: Biography and Autobiography; Length: Pages; Year: Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D., D.C.L.: Sometime Bishop of Durham, Volume 2. Front Cover. Arthur Westcott. Macmillan and Company, Limited. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more.

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He was an early riser, it being his rule to be up at 5 A. But if we continue our present plan, perhaps both objects are compatible.

I pray the Lord that you may each and all have but this one object in view. Of the work of the textual critic others must judge westcptt of the work of the theologian, the teacher, or the preacher it is hardly for his children to speak.

Westcott June 17, – i?

Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D., D.C.L.: Sometime Bishop of Durham; Volume 2

I do think even my father was in the horrors. I went neither to the concert nor to the breakfast. You may indeed believe me that when the University Marshal appeared in my letterrs, just as I was reading your note, yesterday afternoon, I was speechless.

Go to school again. I owe more to that book almost than to any other certainly that I have lately read. I will write to-morrow. He preferred to lfe Church rather than the College Chapel on Sunday evenings, because he deemed the Chapel service to partake too much of the nature of a musical performance. Page – God, our heavenly Father, who hath given you a good will to do all these things; Grant also unto you strength and power to perform the lethers that he accomplishing in you the good His younger schoolfellows regarded him with a certain awe as one altogether above themselves, and his influence over them was as good as it was great.

It is to my view a day for repentance, a day for prayer and humility, not for mirth, innocent though it be, or more boisterous amusements, a day on which we may reflect on our past conduct, weep over our past sins, and earnestly resolve by Beooke s gracious help to lead a new life.

It is perhaps unfor tunate that the conventions of the press have required that the putty should be displayed in the larger type, 1 Vol. You are fosss that it will be the last for some years at which I shall personally be present, though I trust I may have reason still to offer lftters the same prayers for your welfare, though at a distance. After Hall go to D. We go to Society of Artists.


Louis bestowed on her father by the ” martyred king ” Louis XVI. Whittard, and remember me kindly to Emma.

Full text of “Life and letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D., D.C.L., sometime Bishop of Durham”

At school to-day I am almost reduced to despair, and what shall we say of public schools in general? Hamilton, but I westcot refrain from telling, as it just occurs to me, of his unselfish interest in giving up time to assist an old lady friend of ours, who, late in life, had set herself the task of learning Greek, in order to read the New Testament in the original.

These showed us new regions, and stirred in us that generous wonder which is the condition of the highest wisdom. Do not forget your architecture, for boroke pleasure to be derived from knowing the westcltt and style of a building when you see it is very great. From a Photograph by Goshawk, Lifee, May God bless all my future efforts to His service! She then said there was probably some mistake, as there was another Porcher in the street. EDITOR S NOTE As my brother has explained the circumstances which caused the writing of this work to devolve on me, and has set forth the general character of my work, it only remains for me to express our gratitude to the many friends who have furthered our endeavour by their generous assistance.

This success was more than brrooke had dared to hope, and he was proportionately delighted. I should have written you long since, but Lie knew not your direction, since when your father left I fancied you were going on his journey, or perhaps going to return to Cambridge, so that I was in a state of dubious hesitation a beautiful phrase!

When my father last visited Erdington he lamented that almost all the landmarks of his childhood s memory had disappeared.

Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D, D. C. L

First Edition Wewtcott May we then take part in such festivities? When I desire to express my best and loftiest wishes for the Foundation to which I owe the preparation of my life s work, it is natural I should look back to my own master, James Prince Lee superior, as I believe, among the great masters of his time for the guidance of my thoughts.


He owed very much to his hon oured teacher, and always delighted to acknowledge the debt.

True Method of Reforming the Church: The day is extremely warm. Paperbackpages. How I looked and stared! But I will finish my note to-morrow. The question of Apostolical Succession comes strikingly before me to-day. Devout people on the small scale are thank God! In Westminster they were still stronger, and I, even I, the cold and unmovable, could have shed tears, aye, of bitterness, of helplessness -and yet why should we?

Even Plato would, I flss sure, have admitted Keble. Lettrs thing on which I can speak with unmixed pleasure is the fact that the anniversary of your birthday happens on a Sunday.

The other was practice with the leaping-pole, and this, in the small yard behind the house, which served as our only recreation -ground, was once attended with an accident that might have brought to a premature close a life that was destined to be so useful and so great.

I managed to get westcottt on Tuesday far better than I expected, and walked backwards from the Queen and Brpoke, after receiving my medal from him, with tolerable facility.

Three immense squares of buildings two Gothic and one Italian it is magnificent ; and then the Hall itself is a very nice old building with a fine roof of about James the First s reign but more of this at some future time. The only place I went into was the Painted Hall, which contains some very good pictures and a few relics, and then hastened back to visit the British Museum and now I must tell you that I have had the good fortune to recover my pocket-book from the railway station, so that the essay will still be able to be finished, and I have had no drawback on my pleasure here.

He even later disapproved of his father s fishing excursions, because his sympathies were so entirely on the side of the fish.

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