April 6, 2021

(Italiano) Liothrips oleae. Il Tripide dell’Olivo, conosciuto anche come pidocchio nero o liotripe dell’ulivo (Liothrips oleae (Costa)) è un insetto. Liothrips oleae scorecard. Species: Liothrips oleae. Contributor(s). Larry Godfrey · Evan Goldman. Impact. Spread, Notes, Score. Spread Rate, Good fliers . Approx. , including: L. brevitubus · L. floridensis · L. oleae · L. piperinus · L. sambuci · L. urichi · L. vaneeckei · L. varicornis · L. wasabiae · Diversity. species. Liothrips is a genus of thrips with almost described species. They are ordered into three.

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Information Center for the Environment. Causes minor impact to agriculture e. Infrequent or inefficient dispersal beyond existing populations. Infrastructure Includes benefits to roads and bridges, buildings, water conveyance and quality, flood and fire protection, utility rights of way, and other infrastructure. Requires a minor investment of human and financial resources. Taxon remains localized, and often do not persist. Liothripw damage to one or more major infrastructure components.

Taxon and propagules are fairly accessible, can be killed with moderate efforts, and propagules have limited persistence.

Liothrips (Liothrips) oleae

Causes minor impact to physical infrastructure e. Includes damage to roads and bridges, buildings, water conveyance and quality, flood and fire protection, utility rights of way, and other infrastructure. Provides minor medicinal benefit e. Potential to render parts of infrastructure unusable, liotbrips replacement costs that would be extreme.

Ecological Includes ecological services such as pollination, forage, and structure for native species. Also includes pets and ethnic uses. Liotjrips Scientific classification Kingdom: Entry Tools Degree to which regulatory barriers to prevent entry into and transport within California are in place.

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Recreational resources affected include especially camping, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, and wildlife watching.

Provides major medicinal benefit e. Strict legal prohibition of taxon or its hosts is in place, with infrastructure in place for interception e. Liothrips oleze Liothrips claripennis Liothrips comparandus Liothrips extractus Liothrips fumipennis Liothrips heptapleuri Liothrips heptapleuricola Liothrips ingratus Liothrips jacobsoni Liothrips latro Liothrips litoralis Liothrips macropanacis Liothrips maximus.

Local mandates for control in place, or informal mandates established through non-governmental organizations.

Liothrips – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Elimination, possibly irreversibly, olwae one or more major cultural resources e. Ecological Includes damage to ecosystem processes e. Increased insecticide usage would result to manage this pest if it established – this could threaten environmental quality. Taxon and propagules are fairly visible and are found and spread through known, accessible locations and pathways e.

Control Includes taxon persistence, accessibility, and susceptibility to available control measures. In other projects Wikispecies.

Some education materials exist and passive outreach occurs e. Efficient dispersal occurs locally but population remains within a natural boundary such as a particular water body or natural area surrounded by human development. They are ordered into three subgenera, Epiliothrips 2 speciesLiothrips species and Zopyrothrips 25 species. Outreach Tools Degree to which outreach campaigns for the taxon within California are in place. Provides a tool that helps in restoration. Essential to major cultural activities e.

Causes detrimental impact on one or more cultural resource e. Taxon are hard to get to, very difficult to kill, and propagules persist for a long time e. Cultural Includes damage to tribal, historic, archaeological, aesthetic, or recreational resources. Taxon and propagules are readily apparent and are spread only through limited, known pathways e. Requires a major, long-term investment of human and financial resources.


Liothrips oleae scorecard | Invasive Species List and Scorecards for California

The taxon has broad habitat requirements, and can occupy a wide range of ecotypes or ecological niches found in California, and invades high-value habitats or agricultural commodities.

Views Read Edit View history. Provides exceptional benefits to one or more major infrastructure components. Populations can rapidly increase in size.

Not much data on this species but based on other thrips — several moderately effective approaches for management; limited host range and reproductive potential will make it easier to control. Health Includes benefit to public health through medicinal uses. Provides additional ecological services, increasing the habitat value of invaded areas. Essential for function of infrastructure, with replacement costs that would piothrips extreme.

Mandatory containment of taxon where regionally established and mandatory control of taxon where not yet established.

Provides significant medicinal benefit e. Causes significant impact to agriculture e. Causes low level physical injury e. Provides replacement ecological services comparable to those provided by native species it replaces, maintaining the habitat value of invaded areas. Includes damage to ecosystem processes e.

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