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Maleen and the maid can’t hear him since the walls are too thick—not boding too well for those airholes, so now I need to ask, how are they. “Maid Maleen” (German: “Jungfrau Maleeen”) is a German fairy tale. It is included in the sixth edition and the seventh edition of Kinder- und. In Surlalune’s fantastic collection of Rapunzel tales throughout the world, Heidi Anne Heiner includes a small section of Maid Maleen tales.

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Posted in Fairy TalesGrimmUncategorized. Both times the bride goes to ask Maid Maleen again. Who sits within this tower? Maid Maleen is a king’s daughter who falls in love with and wants to marry a certain prince. There was once a King who had a son who asked in marriage the daughter of a mighty King; she was called Maid Maleen, and was very beautiful. Augustus, for his part, has remained silent too long.

Maid Maleen

She is very ugly. When the day came for the bride and the bridegroom to go to church, she was ashamed malren her ugliness, and afraid that if she showed herself in the streets, she would be mocked and laughed at by the people.

She went out and sought Maid Maleen. Angered, the king walls up his daughter, with a serving maid, in a stone tower, declaring she will stay mald for seven years to break her spirit. They thought the moment of their deliverance was come; but no stroke of the hammer was heard, no stone fell out of the wall, and it seemed to Maid Maleen that her father had forgotten her.

The king hopes that by the time those seven years are up, his daughter will have learned to obey him. She replies that she does not have one. Her world, in the meantime, disappears. Little Hans, with your coat so gay, Follow me, follow me, fast as you may. Then the prince wants to know why she is not wearing the necklace he gave her.


In many ,aid fairy tales, the true bride’s place is taken by her maix or stepsister. The prince says that she cannot be his true bride if she does not have it. Commentary Edit The motif of the tower imprisonment, as in Rapunzelis here only as a prison, and while they work in a kitchen, as in Catskin or Katie Woodencloakthe contempt springs only from the false bride.

At this point naleen the story the maid disappears and Maleen becomes the maid. When Maid Maleen said she would marry no other, the king had her and her servants locked up in tower, with food that would be enough maoeen feed them for seven years.

I thought that was clever of me. She puts her own clothes back on but keeps the necklace that the prince gave her. The prince says to her that she mentioned Maid Maleen on the way to the church and that she looks just like her. This happens three times for all three rhymes. Immediately, he knew that the princess was not the kaid he was married to.

Lights were brought, and then he saw on her neck the gold chain which he had given her at the church-door. I have known the time When I ate thee unboiled, When I ate thee unroasted.

Who sits within this tower? When Maid Maleen said she would marry no other, the king had her and her servants locked up in tower, with food that would be enough to feed them for seven years. Are we loosing track of a character, or is something else happening? I can taste the Cavendish, but what is the other flavor? I was married to thee in the church, and I am thy lawful wife. The prince asks her what she said. The prince asks for the servant to be brought to him. His father had chosen another bride for him, whose face was as ugly as her heart was wicked.


The prince, who left the wedding chamber to look for his true bride, was guided by the shine of the golden necklace and came in time to save her. I have but to speak the word, and thy head will lie at thy feet. We suspect some of these tales came out of ballads. Views Read Edit View history. She replies that she was thinking of Maid Maleen, whom she claims to have heard of but never met.

Maid Maleen and her servant escape from the tower.

It is Aarne-Thompson typemmaleen entombed princess. The prince puts a necklace around Maid Maleen’s neck before they enter the church and the wedding ceremony takes place.

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All posts tagged Maid Maleen. It is Aarne—Thompson typethe entombed princess.

It was filmed on location in Austria. Maid Maleen does not want to do that but the bride says that she will have her executed if she refuses to obey her. With the golden necklace as the proof of marriage, they were married and lived happily malewn after with laughter in their hearts.

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